Explore 20 Ways to Say “Approximately”

When discussing figures that aren’t exact, or when making estimates, it’s crucial to convey that the numbers are not precise. This is where the word “approximately” comes into play, along with its various synonyms. These words are especially useful in writing and conversation when precision is not the goal, but a ballpark figure is. In this blog post, we explore 20 different ways to express “approximately,” each with its meaning and a straightforward example to help you use them correctly and with ease.

Ways to Say Approximately

1. Roughly

Meaning: Close to the number but not exact.

Example: Roughly 200 people attended.

2. About

Meaning: Near or close to a figure.

Example: It costs about $50.

3. Around

Meaning: In the vicinity of a number.

Example: There were around 30 guests.

4. Close to

Meaning: Almost at a number.

Example: We have close to 100 chairs.

5. Nearly

Meaning: Very close to a number but slightly less.

Example: Nearly 10 students were late.

6. More or less

Meaning: Slightly more or slightly less than a number.

Example: More or less 15 people came.

7. Just over/under

Meaning: Slightly higher or lower than a number.

Example: Just over 50 cars were sold.

8. Almost

Meaning: Not quite but very close to.

Example: Almost everyone agrees.

9. Circa

Meaning: Used with dates meaning around that time.

Example: Circa 1920s styles are back.

10. Rough estimate

Meaning: A guess that is not exact.

Example: A rough estimate would be 300.

11. Somewhere around

Meaning: In the general area of a number.

Example: Somewhere around 40 people showed up.

12. Plus-minus

Meaning: Could be slightly more or less.

Example: Plus-minus three participants.

13. In the neighborhood of

Meaning: Similar to ‘around’ or ‘about.’

Example: It’s in the neighborhood of $200.

14. In the ballpark of

Meaning: Roughly in the range of a certain number.

Example: In the ballpark of 500 viewers.

15. Or so

Meaning: Approximately, give or take a few.

Example: 20 minutes or so.

16. Thereabouts

Meaning: Around that number or time.

Example: 100 pages thereabouts.

17. On the order of

Meaning: Similar to ‘in the range of.’

Example: On the order of $1000.

18. Thereabout

Meaning: Similar to ‘thereabouts,’ indicating approximation.

Example: We’ll need 15 volunteers thereabout.

19. Something like

Meaning: Similar to an approximate amount.

Example: It was something like an epic journey.

20. Give or take

Meaning: Could be a little more or less than the stated number.

Example: It’s 50 miles, give or take.

Ways to Say Approximately 2

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