20 Ways To Say “Expensive”

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Describing something as “expensive” can often feel a bit straightforward or plain. Whether you’re writing, speaking, or trying to articulate a subtler nuance about cost, there are numerous ways to express the concept of being high-priced. In this blog post, we explore 20 different expressions you can use to describe something as expensive, each with a brief meaning and a concise example to help you incorporate them into your everyday vocabulary.

Ways To Say Expensive

1. Costly

Meaning: High in price, valuable.

Example: That watch is quite costly.

2. High-priced

Meaning: Very expensive.

Example: It’s a high-priced area to live in.

3. Pricey

Meaning: Informally expensive.

Example: That restaurant is pretty pricey.

4. Overpriced

Meaning: More expensive than it should be.

Example: That handbag is overpriced.

5. Steep

Meaning: Excessively high in cost.

Example: The rent here is steep.

6. Lavish

Meaning: Luxuriously expensive.

Example: They went on a lavish vacation.

7. Exorbitant

Meaning: Unreasonably high in price.

Example: The fees are exorbitant.

8. Premium

Meaning: High quality and, hence, high priced.

Example: It’s premium real estate.

9. Upscale

Meaning: Associated with high cost and sophistication.

Example: It’s an upscale neighborhood.

10. Priced at a premium

Meaning: Indicating something is expensive.

Example: This brand is priced at a premium.

11. Opulent

Meaning: Richly and often expensively decorated.

Example: The hotel was opulent.

12. Princely

Meaning: Extremely high-priced, fit for royalty.

Example: The sum was a princely amount.

13. Splurge

Meaning: To spend a lot on something.

Example: I decided to splurge on a new car.

14. Valuable

Meaning: Worth a lot of money.

Example: That painting is quite valuable.

15. Luxurious

Meaning: Expensively comfortable.

Example: They stayed at a luxurious resort.

16. High-end

Meaning: Denoting high-quality and high cost.

Example: She buys high-end makeup.

17. Gilded

Meaning: Wealthy, luxurious.

Example: The gilded interior screamed luxury.

18. Top dollar

Meaning: Highest end of a price range.

Example: He paid top dollar for that apartment.

19. Platinum

Meaning: Exceptionally high quality, hence expensive.

Example: She uses a platinum credit card.

20. Cost an arm and a leg

Meaning: Very expensive, implying a sacrifice.

Example: That surgery cost an arm and a leg.

Ways To Say Expensive

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