20 Ways To Say “Hurry Up”

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In our fast-paced world, time is often of the essence, and encouraging someone to pick up the pace can be crucial in various situations. Whether you’re running late, in a rush to meet a deadline, or just impatient, knowing different ways to express “hurry up” can add both urgency and variety to your communication. This blog post will explore 20 alternative phrases to “hurry up,” providing their meanings and examples to help you convey urgency without repeating yourself.

Ways To Say Hurry Up

1. Move faster

Meaning: Increase your speed.

Example: Could you move faster? We’re late.

2. Step on it

Meaning: Go faster, usually when driving.

Example: Step on it, or we’ll miss the flight!

3. Let’s go

Meaning: Encourage someone to leave now.

Example: Let’s go, the show starts in 20 minutes!

4. Chop-chop

Meaning: Hurry up (informal).

Example: Chop-chop, we haven’t got all day!

5. Shake a leg

Meaning: Hurry up, often used playfully.

Example: Shake a leg! Breakfast is getting cold!

6. Time’s ticking

Meaning: Reminds that time is running out.

Example: Time’s ticking, we need to leave!

7. Pick up the pace

Meaning: Increase your speed of movement or action.

Example: Pick up the pace, or we won’t finish on time.

8. Snap to it

Meaning: Start working quickly and efficiently.

Example: Snap to it! The boss is coming.

9. Get a move on

Meaning: Start moving or be quicker.

Example: Get a move on, or we’ll be late!

10. We’re burning daylight

Meaning: Wasting time during the day.

Example: Come on, we’re burning daylight!

11. Let’s make tracks

Meaning: Start moving or leave.

Example: Let’s make tracks, it’s getting late.

12. Hustle

Meaning: Move quickly or get busy.

Example: Hustle! We need to set up before guests arrive.

13. Look lively

Meaning: Be active or energetic quickly.

Example: Look lively! We need this area cleared.

14. Get cracking

Meaning: Begin working hard and fast.

Example: Get cracking, there’s a lot to do.

15. Get the lead out

Meaning: Go faster, stop delaying.

Example: Get the lead out, we’re going to be late!

16. On the double

Meaning: Do something quickly and immediately.

Example: Send help on the double!

17. Speed it up

Meaning: Increase your speed or efficiency.

Example: Speed it up, the deadline is approaching.

18. Push on

Meaning: Continue or proceed quickly.

Example: Push on, we’re almost there.

19. Make haste

Meaning: Hurry (formal or old-fashioned).

Example: Make haste, the ceremony begins soon.

20. Can we fast-track this?

Meaning: Make something happen quicker.

Example: Can we fast-track this meeting?

Ways To Say Hurry Up

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