20 Ways To Say “In Order To”

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In writing and speaking, variety is key to maintaining the reader’s or listener’s interest. The phrase “in order to” is a common way to express purpose or intention, but relying too much on this phrase can make your language seem repetitive. This post explores 20 alternative expressions that you can use to diversify your language and add sophistication to your communication.

Ways To Say In Order To

1. To

Meaning: Indicates purpose.

Example: I study hard to pass.

2. So as to

Meaning: Similar to “in order to,” slightly more formal.

Example: He spoke softly so as to not wake her.

3. With the intention of

Meaning: Highlights the intention behind an action.

Example: She saved money with the intention of buying a car.

4. For the purpose of

Meaning: Specifies the reason for the action.

Example: He went early for the purpose of securing a good seat.

5. Aimed at

Meaning: Indicates the goal or target of an action.

Example: They offer courses aimed at improving skills.

6. So that

Meaning: Introduces purpose; can require different sentence structure.

Example: He left early so that he could catch the bus.

7. With the aim of

Meaning: Emphasizes the goal of an action.

Example: With the aim of losing weight, she joined a gym.

8. To ensure

Meaning: Indicates an action taken to guarantee an outcome.

Example: Lock the door to ensure safety.

9. In pursuit of

Meaning: Suggests an action taken to achieve something.

Example: He traveled the world in pursuit of happiness.

10. For the sake of

Meaning: Indicates something done for a specific reason or outcome.

Example: For the sake of clarity, please speak slowly.

11. To facilitate

Meaning: Indicates making an action easier or more likely to happen.

Example: To facilitate understanding, he used simple words.

12. As a means to

Meaning: Introduces a method or way to achieve something.

Example: He used negotiation as a means to resolve conflicts.

13. With a view to

Meaning: Suggests looking forward to an intended result.

Example: With a view to expanding, the company hired more staff.

14. Toward

Meaning: Suggests direction towards an aim.

Example: She works hard toward her goals.

15. Leading to

Meaning: Indicates an action that results in a specific outcome.

Example: He studied nightly, leading to high grades.

16. Geared towards

Meaning: Shows an adjustment or orientation towards a particular purpose.

Example: This program is geared towards beginners.

17. By way of

Meaning: Indicates a method or path taken to achieve something.

Example: He expressed his feelings by way of a letter.

18. Designed to

Meaning: Shows that something was planned to fulfill a specific function.

Example: The course is designed to enhance your skills.

19. Seeking to

Meaning: Shows an attempt or effort to achieve something.

Example: They are seeking to improve their customer service.

20. With the goal of

Meaning: Focuses on the objective behind an action.

Example: With the goal of reducing costs, they switched suppliers.

Ways To Say In Order To

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