Explore these 20 Ways to Say “It’s Easy”

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Sometimes, the simplest tasks need the simplest expressions. Whether you’re trying to encourage someone who’s learning a new skill or just want to express how straightforward something is, there are plenty of ways to convey that something is easy. This blog post will explore 20 different expressions you can use to communicate simplicity and ease, each with a clear meaning and a concise example to help you incorporate them into your everyday language.

Ways to Say It’s Easy

1. Piece of cake

Meaning: Very easy to do.

Example: This puzzle? It’s a piece of cake!

2. Walk in the park

Meaning: Something that is very easy to accomplish.

Example: The exam was a walk in the park.

3. Easy as pie

Meaning: Extremely easy.

Example: Learning to use this app is easy as pie.

4. Child’s play

Meaning: Very simple, like a task a child could do.

Example: Fixing this leak is child’s play.

5. No sweat

Meaning: No difficulty involved.

Example: I can fix that for you, no sweat.

6. A breeze

Meaning: Something that is very easy to achieve.

Example: The drive home was a breeze.

7. Nothing to it

Meaning: Requires very little effort.

Example: Just push the button, there’s nothing to it.

8. Easy peasy

Meaning: Very straightforward.

Example: Setting up your profile is easy peasy.

9. Cinch

Meaning: Something very easy or certain.

Example: Winning the game was a cinch.

10. As simple as ABC

Meaning: Extremely simple.

Example: Using this software is as simple as ABC.

11. Duck soup

Meaning: Something easy to do.

Example: Organizing these files is duck soup.

12. Smooth sailing

Meaning: Easy progress without impediments.

Example: Once you get the hang of it, it’s smooth sailing.

13. No problem

Meaning: Not difficult to handle.

Example: Fixing this will be no problem.

14. Like falling off a log

Meaning: Very easy.

Example: Riding a bike is like falling off a log once you learn.

15. No brainer

Meaning: Very obvious or easy decision.

Example: Choosing this option is a no brainer.

16. As easy as falling off a log

Meaning: Extremely easy.

Example: Playing this level is as easy as falling off a log.

17. Plain sailing

Meaning: Easy and without trouble.

Example: The installation process was plain sailing.

18. As easy as 1-2-3

Meaning: Very easy and simple.

Example: Following this recipe is as easy as 1-2-3.

19. Can do it with one hand tied behind my back

Meaning: Very easy, capable of doing it with a significant handicap.

Example: I can solve these types of puzzles with one hand tied behind my back.

20. It’s a snap

Meaning: It’s very easy or quick to do.

Example: Getting tickets online was a snap.

Ways to Say It's Easy

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