20 Ways to Say “Look Forward To”

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Anticipation can be a delightful feeling, especially when it comes to upcoming events, opportunities, or experiences. Expressing this sentiment in English can be done in various ways, adding subtlety and variety to our conversations and writings.

Whether in formal emails, casual chats, or important announcements, knowing different ways to say “look forward to” can enhance your expression. Here, we explore 20 alternative phrases that capture the essence of anticipation with clarity and brevity.

Ways to Say Look Forward To

1. Await eagerly

Meaning: Expect something with excitement.

Example: I await eagerly your next visit.

2. Anticipate

Meaning: Expect or predict.

Example: We anticipate good results.

3. Can’t wait

Meaning: Very excited about a future event.

Example: I can’t wait for the weekend!

4. Counting the days

Meaning: Eagerly measuring time until an event.

Example: I’m counting the days until graduation.

5. Look to

Meaning: Consider the future with expectation.

Example: We look to the new year with hope.

6. Eagerly anticipate

Meaning: Look forward to something with great eagerness.

Example: I eagerly anticipate our reunion.

7. Excited about

Meaning: Feeling enthusiasm about a future event.

Example: I’m excited about the new project.

8. Keen on

Meaning: Having a strong or enthusiastic interest.

Example: She is keen on seeing the new exhibit.

9. Enthusiastic about

Meaning: Showing enthusiasm or excitement.

Example: They’re enthusiastic about the upcoming seminar.

10. Anxious for

Meaning: Eagerly desirous.

Example: He is anxious for the tour to begin.

11. Psyched

Meaning: Extremely excited.

Example: I’m psyched for the concert next month!

12. Pumped for

Meaning: Very excited or enthusiastic.

Example: We’re all pumped for the team outing.

13. Thrilled about

Meaning: Extremely pleased or excited.

Example: I’m thrilled about your visit.

14. Cannot wait for

Meaning: Impatiently excited for something.

Example: I cannot wait for your book release.

15. Looking ahead to

Meaning: Thinking about and planning for the future.

Example: We’re looking ahead to a busy quarter.

16. Hopeful for

Meaning: Having hope about a future event.

Example: She is hopeful for positive feedback.

17. Optimistic about

Meaning: Expecting the best in the future.

Example: I’m optimistic about our chances.

18. Geared up for

Meaning: Prepared and excited for something.

Example: He’s geared up for the marathon.

19. Set sights on

Meaning: Focus one’s expectations or hopes on.

Example: She has set her sights on a successful career.

20. Buzzing about

Meaning: Very excited about something that is going to happen.

Example: Everyone is buzzing about the upcoming festival.

Ways to Say Look Forward To

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