Learn 20 Ways to Say “Sometimes”

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Language is versatile, offering numerous ways to express frequency, probability, or occasional occurrences. “Sometimes” is a common adverb we use to indicate that something happens now and then, but not always.

Exploring different expressions to convey this can add variety and nuance to our conversations and writings. Here are 20 alternative ways to say “sometimes,” each with a brief explanation and a simple example to illustrate its use.

Ways to Say Sometimes

1. Occasionally

Meaning: From time to time.

Example: She occasionally goes for a walk.

2. From time to time

Meaning: Now and then.

Example: From time to time, I read a novel.

3. Every so often

Meaning: At intervals; sporadically.

Example: Every so often, he visits the city.

4. Now and again

Meaning: Occasionally.

Example: Now and again, I enjoy a good movie.

5. Periodically

Meaning: At regular intervals.

Example: He checks his email periodically.

6. Once in a while

Meaning: Not very often.

Example: Once in a while, we eat out.

7. On occasion

Meaning: Occasionally; not regularly.

Example: On occasion, she bakes cookies.

8. Sporadically

Meaning: Irregularly.

Example: His visits are sporadic.

9. Infrequently

Meaning: Rarely; not often.

Example: They meet infrequently.

10. At times

Meaning: Sometimes; on some occasions.

Example: At times, I feel overwhelmed.

11. Intermittently

Meaning: With pauses or breaks.

Example: It rains intermittently here.

12. Every now and then

Meaning: Occasionally; from time to time.

Example: Every now and then, I go jogging.

13. Once or twice

Meaning: A few times; not often.

Example: I’ve seen him once or twice.

14. Not always but often

Meaning: Quite frequently but not always.

Example: Not always but often, I drink tea.

15. Here and there

Meaning: In various places or situations; occasionally.

Example: Here and there, you’ll find wildflowers.

16. Off and on

Meaning: Inconsistently; now and then.

Example: She’s been working on the project off and on.

17. On and off

Meaning: Similar to off and on.

Example: It’s been raining on and off all day.

18. At intervals

Meaning: Periodically.

Example: He publishes articles at intervals.

19. Randomly

Meaning: Without definite aim, reason, or pattern.

Example: He randomly selects a book to read.

20. Unpredictably

Meaning: In a way that is not able to be predicted.

Example: Her moods change unpredictably.

Ways to Say Sometimes

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