20 Ways to Say “Talk About”

Discussing various topics in English can be enriched by knowing different expressions for “talk about.” Whether you’re in a casual conversation, a business meeting, or writing academically, these phrases can add variety and precision to your language. This blog post explores 20 alternative expressions to “talk about,” each with a concise meaning and example to help you understand and use them effectively in your daily interactions.

Ways to Say Talk About

1. Discuss

Meaning: To talk about something in detail.

Example: We will discuss the project tomorrow.

2. Mention

Meaning: To briefly talk about something.

Example: She mentioned the meeting in passing.

3. Cover

Meaning: To deal with or include something in discussion.

Example: The lecture will cover the basics of finance.

4. Address

Meaning: To formally speak about a specific issue.

Example: He will address your concerns in his speech.

5. Describe

Meaning: To give details about something.

Example: Can you describe how the accident happened?

6. Speak of

Meaning: To talk about, often in a formal or literary manner.

Example: They speak of changing the policy.

7. Go over

Meaning: To review or explain something in detail.

Example: Let’s go over the plans once more.

8. Review

Meaning: To look back on or examine something discussed.

Example: We’ll review the terms of the agreement.

9. Debate

Meaning: To discuss opposing views on a topic.

Example: They debated the merits of the proposal.

10. Examine

Meaning: To analyze or consider something in detail.

Example: We need to examine all possible outcomes.

11. Explore

Meaning: To discuss or think about something thoroughly.

Example: We explored various options during the meeting.

12. Confer about

Meaning: To discuss something important to reach a decision.

Example: We will confer about the budget tomorrow.

13. Deliberate on

Meaning: To think about or discuss very carefully.

Example: They are deliberating on the best course of action.

14. Touch on

Meaning: To mention a topic briefly.

Example: He touched on several points in his talk.

15. Report on

Meaning: To give information about something.

Example: She will report on the market trends.

16. Comment on

Meaning: To make observations or remarks about something.

Example: He commented on the unusual design.

17. Reflect on

Meaning: To think deeply or carefully about something.

Example: We took some time to reflect on our successes.

18. Argue about

Meaning: To express differing or opposing views.

Example: They often argue about politics.

19. Negotiate about

Meaning: To discuss something to reach an agreement.

Example: They are negotiating about the terms of the contract.

20. Elaborate on

Meaning: To give more details about something.

Example: Could you elaborate on that point?

Ways to Say Talk About

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