20 Words and Phrases to Use for Summarizing

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Mastering the art of summarizing is essential in writing, where conveying key points succinctly is paramount. This blog post will introduce you to 20 invaluable words and phrases that can elevate your summary skills, ensuring clarity and conciseness in your communications.

Words and Phrases to Use for Summarizing

1. In conclusion

Meaning: Ending a discussion

Example: In conclusion, we need further research.

2. To summarize

Meaning: Begin a summary

Example: To summarize, the results were positive.

3. Briefly

Meaning: In short form

Example: Briefly, the plan was approved.

4. In essence

Meaning: The core point is

Example: In essence, it’s about efficiency.

5. Ultimately

Meaning: The final point

Example: Ultimately, we must decide today.

6. Overall

Meaning: Considering everything

Example: Overall, the project was successful.

7. In short

Meaning: Summing up briefly

Example: In short, we won the bid.

8. To put it simply

Meaning: Explain in a simple way

Example: To put it simply, we failed.

9. In a nutshell

Meaning: Summarized very briefly

Example: In a nutshell, we’re outpaced.

10. Essentially

Meaning: Fundamentally

Example: Essentially, it’s the same concept.

11. To condense

Meaning: Reduce to simpler form

Example: To condense, it’s about priorities.

12. To encapsulate

Meaning: Enclose in summary

Example: To encapsulate, the theory works.

13. In summary

Meaning: Begin a brief statement

Example: In summary, we’re on track.

14. To boil it down

Meaning: Reduce to essentials

Example: To boil it down, costs rise.

15. Summarily

Meaning: In a summarized manner

Example: Summarily, the idea is viable.

16. Concisely

Meaning: In a concise manner

Example: Concisely, he explained the process.

17. In sum

Meaning: Adding up all points

Example: In sum, we face big challenges.

18. To wrap it up

Meaning: Conclude succinctly

Example: To wrap it up, we agree.

19. Lastly

Meaning: Final point to mention

Example: Lastly, we thank everyone involved.

20. To recap

Meaning: Summarize the points again

Example: To recap, the meeting was long.

Words and Phrases to Use for Summarizing

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