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Words to use instead of very! Here is the list of  200+ words to use instead of very. It is very boring to use Very very very. So, use these words instead of adding very to every word. Using very again and again makes your conversation informal. You can DOWNLOAD PDF of the words to use instead of very.

Instead of very

Words to use instead of very

Very zealous <<<>>> Driven
Very young <<<>>> Undeveloped
Very worried <<<>>> Distressed
Very worried <<<>>> Distressed
Very wise <<<>>> Sagacious
Very windy <<<>>> Roaring
Very willing <<<>>> Eager
Very wild <<<>>> Untamed
Very widespread <<<>>> Extensive
Very wide <<<>>> Vast
Very wicked <<<>>> Evil
Very wicked <<<>>> Villainous
Very wet <<<>>> Saturated
Very well <<<>>> Superb
Very weak <<<>>> Feeble
Very wary <<<>>> Skeptical
Very warm <<<>>> Stifling
Very visible <<<>>> Conspicuous
Very violent <<<>>> Abusive
Very valuable <<<>>> Precious
Very valuable <<<>>> Precious
Very useful <<<>>> Expedient
Very upset <<<>>> Distraught
Very unusual <<<>>> Abnormal
Very unlikely <<<>>> Improbable
Very unfair <<<>>> Unjust
Very ugly <<<>>> Hideous
Very treacherous <<<>>> Traitorous
Very traditional <<<>>> Conventional
Very tired <<<>>> Exhausted
Very tired <<<>>> Exhausted
Very thin <<<>>> Gaunt
Very thin <<<>>> Gaunt
Very terrible <<<>>> Dreadful
Very tense <<<>>> Overwrought
Very tempting <<<>>> Irresistible
Very tasty <<<>>> Delectable
Very tasty <<<>>> Delicious
Very tame <<<>>> Docile
Very tall <<<>>> Towering
Very tactile <<<>>> Touchable
Very sweet <<<>>> Syrupy
Very suspicious <<<>>> Skeptical
Very sure <<<>>> Positive
Very suitable <<<>>> Appropriate
Very sudden <<<>>> Unexpected
Very successful <<<>>> Lucrative
Very substantial <<<>>> Considerable
Very stupid <<<>>> Idiotic
Very stupid <<<>>> Idiotic
Very strong <<<>>> Muscular
Very strong <<<>>> Unyielding
Very strict <<<>>> Stern
Very strange <<<>>> Weird
Very stinky <<<>>> Putrid
Very specific <<<>>> Precise
Very sour <<<>>> Acerbic
Very sorry <<<>>> Remorseful
Very soft <<<>>> Malleable
Very smooth <<<>>> Flat
Very smooth <<<>>> Sleek
Very smelly <<<>>> Pungent
Very smart <<<>>> Intelligent
Very small <<<>>> Tiny
Very slow <<<>>> Sluggish
Very simple <<<>>> Easy
Very similar <<<>>> Alike
Very silky <<<>>> Sleek
Very significant <<<>>> Key
Very shy <<<>>> Timid
Very shy <<<>>> Timid
Very short <<<>>> Brief
Very short <<<>>> Stubby
Very shaky <<<>>> Tremulous
Very sexy <<<>>> Seductive
Very severe <<<>>> Acute
Very serious <<<>>> Solemn
Very scared <<<>>> Terrified
Very sassy <<<>>> Impertinent
Very same <<<>>> Identical
Very safe <<<>>> Harmless
Very sad <<<>>> Desolate
Very rude <<<>>> Vulgar
Very rowdy <<<>>> Boisterous
Very rough <<<>>> Coarse

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words to use instead of very words to use instead of very (2)

Other words to use instead of very

Very roomy <<<>>> Spacious
Very roomy <<<>>> Spacious
Very risky <<<>>> Perilous
Very risky <<<>>> Perilous
Very risky <<<>>> Perilous
Very rich <<<>>> Wealthy
Very responsible <<<>>> Dependable
Very religious <<<>>> Spiritual
Very relevant <<<>>> Germane
Very recent <<<>>> The latest
Very reasonable <<<>>> Equitable
Very realistic <<<>>> Genuine
Very rare <<<>>> Scarce
Very quiet <<<>>> Noiseless
Very quiet <<<>>> Silent
Very pure <<<>>> Unadulterated
Very presentable <<<>>> Shipshape
Very practical <<<>>> Realistic
Very powerful <<<>>> Compelling
Very positive <<<>>> Optimistic
Very popular <<<>>> Trendy
Very poor <<<>>> Destitute
Very pleasant <<<>>> Satisfying
Very persuasive <<<>>> Convincing
Very pale <<<>>> White
Very painful <<<>>> Excruciating
Very optimistic <<<>>> Enthusiastic
Very opinionated <<<>>> Dogmatic
Very old <<<>>> Grizzled
Very often <<<>>> Frequently
Very occasionally <<<>>> Seldom
Very obvious <<<>>> Apparent
Very numerous <<<>>> Abundant
Very noisy <<<>>> Deafening
Very nice <<<>>> Enjoyable
Very nice <<<>>> Kind
Very new <<<>>> Novel
Very nervous <<<>>> Apprehensive
Very negative <<<>>> Pessimistic
Very necessary <<<>>> Essential
Very neat <<<>>> Immaculate
Very neat <<<>>> Orderly
Very near <<<>>> Handy
Very musical <<<>>> Melodic
Very much so <<<>>> Of course
Very much <<<>>> Plenty
Very moody <<<>>> Morose
Very lucky <<<>>> Charmed
Very loved <<<>>> Adored
Very loud <<<>>> Deafening
Very long-term <<<>>> Enduring
Very long <<<>>> Extended
Very lonely <<<>>> Isolated
Very logical <<<>>> Rational
Very lively <<<>>> Energetic
Very little <<<>>> Tiny
Very likely <<<>>> Expected
Very light <<<>>> Buoyant
Very light <<<>>> Luminous
Very lazy <<<>>> Indolent
Very lavish <<<>>> Excessive
Very large <<<>>> Huge
Very large <<<>>> Huge
Very juicy <<<>>> Succulent
Very jealous <<<>>> Envious
Very interesting <<<>>> Fascinating
Very intense <<<>>> Severe
Very intelligent <<<>>> Brainy
Very informal <<<>>> Casual
Very inebriated <<<>>> Intoxicated
Very impressive <<<>>> Extraordinary
Very important <<<>>> Crucial
Very immoral <<<>>> Depraved
Very immature <<<>>> Childish
Very ill <<<>>> Infirm
Very hungry <<<>>> Starving
Very hot <<<>>> Burning
Very honest <<<>>> Candid
Very helpful <<<>>> Supportive
Very heavy <<<>>> Leaden
Very healthy <<<>>> Hale
Very hard <<<>>> Inflexible
Very happy <<<>>> Ecstatic

instead of very

Other words for very

Very happy <<<>>> Ecstatic
Very hairy <<<>>> Hirsute
Very greedy <<<>>> Gluttonous
Very graceful <<<>>> Flowing
Very good <<<>>> Excellent
Very good <<<>>> Superb
Very glad <<<>>> Overjoyed
Very funny <<<>>> Hilarious
Very full <<<>>> Overflowing
Very frustrating <<<>>> Exasperating
Very friendly <<<>>> Gregarious
Very fragile <<<>>> Tenuous
Very fond <<<>>> Devoted
Very fluffy <<<>>> Downy
Very fizzy <<<>>> Effervescent
Very firm <<<>>> Solid
Very fierce <<<>>> Vicious
Very few <<<>>> Meager
Very fertile <<<>>> Prolific
Very fat <<<>>> Obese
Very fat <<<>>> Obese
Very fast <<<>>> Rapid
Very far <<<>>> Distant
Very famous <<<>>> Renowned
Very familiar <<<>>> Common
Very faithful <<<>>> Loyal
Very fair <<<>>> Equitable
Very expensive <<<>>> Costly
Very exciting <<<>>> Exhilarating
Very evil <<<>>> Wicked
Very enthusiastic <<<>>> Zealous
Very emotional <<<>>> Demonstrative
Very embarrassed <<<>>> Mortified
Very efficient <<<>>> Competent
Very educational <<<>>> Enlightening
Very easy <<<>>> Effortless
Very eager <<<>>> Impatient
Very dubious <<<>>> Suspicious
Very dry <<<>>> Arid
Very dry <<<>>> Parched
Very dramatic <<<>>> Theatrical
Very distinct <<<>>> Clear
Very dismal <<<>>> Miserable
Very disagreeable <<<>>> Contrary
Very dirty <<<>>> Filthy
Very difficult <<<>>> Complicated
Very different <<<>>> Unusual
Very determined <<<>>> Resolute
Very desperate <<<>>> Frantic
Very delicate <<<>>> Subtle
Very deformed <<<>>> Twisted
Very deep <<<>>> Abysmal
Very decent <<<>>> Civilized
Very dear <<<>>> Cherished
Very dark <<<>>> Black
Very dangerous <<<>>> Perilous
Very cute <<<>>> Adorable
Very cute <<<>>> Adorable
Very curious <<<>>> Inquisitive
Very crunchy <<<>>> Crispy
Very critical <<<>>> Vital
Very creepy <<<>>> Unnerving
Very creative <<<>>> Innovative
Very creamy <<<>>> Velvety
Very corrupt <<<>>> Fraudulent
Very conventional <<<>>> Conservative
Very contrary <<<>>> Belligerent
Very consistent <<<>>> Constant
Very conscious <<<>>> Deliberate
Very confused <<<>>> Baffled
Very confident <<<>>> Poised
Very concerned <<<>>> Worried
Very competitive <<<>>> Ambitious
Very colorful <<<>>> Vibrant
Very colorful <<<>>> Vibrant
Very cold <<<>>> Freezing
Very cold <<<>>> Frigid
Very clever <<<>>> Astute
Very clever <<<>>> Brilliant
Very clear <<<>>> Transparent
Very clean <<<>>> Spotless

instead of very (3)Other ways to say very

Very clean <<<>>> Spotless
Very civil <<<>>> Polite
Very caring <<<>>> Compassionate
Very careful <<<>>> Meticulous
Very capable <<<>>> Efficient
Very bright <<<>>> Brilliant
Very boring <<<>>> Tedious
Very bony <<<>>> Skeletal
Very bloody <<<>>> Gory
Very beautiful <<<>>> Gorgeous
Very basic <<<>>> Rudimentary
Very bad <<<>>> Awful
Very aware <<<>>> Conscious
Very anxious <<<>>> Dismayed
Very angry <<<>>> Furious
Very amazed <<<>>> Astounded
Very aggressive <<<>>> Forceful
Very afraid <<<>>> Fearful
Very afraid <<<>>> Terrified
Very accurate <<<>>> Exact
Very accurate <<<>>> Exact
Very accurate <<<>>> Precise

instead of very (2)

Download PDF

You can DOWNLOAD PDF of other words to use instead of very.

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