100 Most Common Phrasal Verbs list with Meanings

Phrasal verbs are like magic keys that can open up a whole new world of English. They mix a normal verb with a small word to make something new and exciting. Think of them as special word pairs that dance together to make your English sound better.

This list of 100 common phrasal verbs will help you understand and use them easily, making your English journey fun and interesting. Let’s start exploring these word pairs and see how they can add sparkle to your sentences!

Phrasal Verbs with Meanings

  1. Close up: Heal a cut or other wound
  2. Pick at: Eat unwillingly.
  3. Sump up: Summarize
  4. Be away: Be elsewhere; on holiday, etc.
  5. Add up: To make a mathematical total.
  6. Lie down: Assume a reclining position
  7. Spell out: Explain in clear and simple terms
  8. Account for: Be the primary cause of
  9. Be after: Try to find or get.
  10. Dig into: Reach inside to get something.
  11. Count up: Add to get a total
  12. Do for: Doom; to bring about the demise of
  13. Pull ahead: Overtake, move in front.
  14. Pack out: Fill a venue.
  15. Finish off: Finish completely
  16. Bear upon: Be relevant to
  17. Let off: Not punish.
  18. Play around: Be silly.
  19. Drink to: Raise one’s glass as a toast
  20. Do up: Redecorate
  21. Bone up on: Study hard for a goal or reason.
  22. Do up: Execute a task or performance
  23. Auction off: Sell something in an auction.
  24. Lie around: Be in an unknown place
  25. Shut in: Lock in
  26. Do in: Exhaust, to tire out
  27. Make of: Understand or have an opinion.
  28. Step on it: Act quickly
  29. Chew up: Chew so as to make something pulpy
  30. Roll over: Cause a rolling motion or turn
  31. Keep around: Keep something near you.
  32. Shut out: Hide from sight
  33. Hand in: Give something to a responsible person
  34. Aim at: To target.
  35. Attend to: Diligently work on; to pay attention to
  36. Pin on: Attach the blame to someone.
  37. Pass by: Go past without stopping.
  38. Draw up: Come to a halt
  39. Play up: Behave badly.
  40. Burn down: Burn completely, so that nothing remains
  41. Find out: Uncover a weakness (in someone)
  42. Clock in: Be measured at
  43. Peg out: Put washing outside to dry.
  44. Black out: Fall unconscious.
  45. Get ahead of: Move in front of.
  46. Bear with: Be patient.
  47. Rule out: Make something impossible
  48. Clear away: Leave, disappear
  49. Key to: Plan things to fit or suit people or situations.
  50. Knuckle down: Get to work; to focus on a task
  51. Believe in: Have confidence in the ability or power of
  52. Bear out: Confirm that something is correct.
  53. Back into: Enter a parking area in reverse gear.
  54. Stick it out: Persist or continue
  55. Book in: Check in at a hotel.
  56. Shake off: Rid oneself of a malady or its symptoms
  57. Jack up: Increase sharply.
  58. Shut down: Close, terminate, or end
  59. Stay up: Maintain an erection
  60. Stick to: Persist; to continue (to use, do, etc.
  61. Cross over: Die
  62. Head off: Begin moving away
  63. Shut down: Turn off or stop
  64. Boil up: Cook or prepare by boiling
  65. Roll around: Postpone
  66. Bear on: Be relevant to
  67. Stay up: Remain in a raised or upright position
  68. Pack in: Stop doing something.
  69. Lie around: Do nothing in particular, to be idle
  70. Die out: Become extinct or disappear.
  71. Allow for: Take into account when making plans
  72. Read off: Dictate from a list
  73. Pop off: Talk loudly, complain.
  74. Stick with: Follow or adhere to
  75. Bail out: a business
  76. Boil off: Be removes by boiling
  77. Bail out: Rescue, especially financially
  78. Believe in: Ascribe existence to
  79. Log on: Enter a computer system.
  80. Bear down on: Move towards.
  81. Count off: Count (a series of numbers) aloud
  82. Quiet down: Become quieter
  83. Stick with: Persist in using or employing
  84. Beat down: Strong sunshine.
  85. Patch up: Fix or make things better.
  86. Stick up: Be prominent; to point upwards
  87. Point out: Tell, remind, indicate
  88. Stick up for: Defend or protect
  89. Keep at: Continue with something difficult.
  90. Cancel out: Neutralize the effect of something
  91. Bash about: Mistreat physically.
  92. Beat up: Attack violently.
  93. Knock off: To stop working or doing something, especially at the end of the day.
  94. Hang on: To wait for a short time; to hold onto something.
  95. Blow out: To extinguish something (like a flame) by blowing on it; also used to describe a sudden tire burst.
  96. Drop off: To deliver someone or something to a particular place, typically by car.
  97. Pull through: To recover from an illness or difficult situation.
  98. Put out: To extinguish a fire or to publish something.
  99. Set up: To arrange or establish something, such as a business or an event.
  100. Break in: To use something new until it is comfortable or works properly; also, to enter a building unlawfully.

Most Common Phrasal Verbs list with meaning PDF

100 Most Common Phrasal Verbs list with meaning PDF

You can download pdf of phrasal verbs.


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