100 Examples of Synonyms with Sentences PDF

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100 examples of synonyms with sentences pdf

100 examples of synonyms with sentences

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100 examples of synonyms with sentences pdf 100 examples of synonyms with sentences list examples of synonyms with sentences

  1. She is not Determined/Sure about her tactics.
  2. He is Cruel/Mean to his servants.
  3. The criminal made a Fake/Artificial proposal to fraud.
  4. I am very Careful/Watchful to my thinking.
  5. This material is very Dense/Thick to use.
  6. He was Fiction/Fantasy to take a step.
  7. Finally the politician Condemn/Denounce
  8. Her success story Excite/Arouse him to enroll.
  9. I am not addicted to Extravagant/Luxurious
  10. You have to Compress/Crush all these papers and glasses.
  11. I will not Defy/Resist if you want to take him with you.
  12. I know how to Defend/Protect my self-respect.
  13. Our school teacher is a Good/Nice
  14. The Exterior/Outside of this house is very perfect.
  15. After the refining of two hours Immaculate/Pure brings out.
  16. His writing is Legible/Readable.
  17. Her father will Die/Expire if he does not take precautions.
  18. This business modal is Feasible/Possible but very costly.
  19. Her plan seems Concrete/Real to apply action.
  20. The wind was Ferocious/Fierce when we reached in desert.
  21. The process to solve this Complex/Intricate problem is very lengthy.
  22. This boy provides Logical/Sensible
  23. The victims are Minor/Lesser in number.
  24. This chubby boy is very Daring/Bold.
  25. He shows Gratitude/Thankfulness to his teacher.
  26. That moment was Hospitable/Welcoming for me.
  27. He will Damage/Hurt your feelings.
  28. The women always Lure/Attract
  29. The Moral/Righteous of that movie was very touching.
  30. Ali is Fair/Honest in his dealings.
  31. He found a Fertile/Fruitful patch of earth.
  32. His achievements are Great/Outstanding.
  33. The company observed Fast/Rapid growth after COVID.
  34. You have to Confess/Admit your fault.
  35. I was feeling bad because that place was Congested/Overcrowded.
  36. She would like to Complete/Conclude this discussion.
  37. I am Concur/Agree to you on this matter.
  38. The package was Large/Big
  39. No one is Inferior/Lesser in intelligence.
  40. She walks Early/Beforetime in the morning.
  41. I was Contented/Satisfied with her actions.
  42. That little girl has Delicate/Fragile
  43. He likes Fatty/Chubby
  44. This man is Impatient/Eager and faces loss.
  45. Your decisions are Immature/Inexperienced.
  46. I’m Conscious/Aware about her father’s health.
  47. That Feeble/Weak girl could not bear the heat stroke.
  48. The oil supply Cease/Stop due to blockage in pipes.
  49. Her baby is very Mischievous/Naughty.
  50. He likes to do something Different/Distinct.
  51. The nuggets are Frigid/Freezing.
  52. She takes Care/Concern of her younger baby.
  53. I would not recommend Enlarge/Expand sized bottles.
  54. Your Resume is Mandatory/Required for this application.
  55. We will Gather/Accumulate in the hall.
  56. The cobbler Mend/Repair my worn shoes.
  57. That was a Jubilant/Overjoyed day for me.
  58. Kindly Connect/Join these wires.
  59. The truck is Empty/Unload you can take it now.
  60. We will Depart/Leave for Netherlands.
  61. My new dress is Cozy/Comfortable and cheap.
  62. I will Give/Donate all my property to poor children.
  63. I have a Mobile/Moveable team for maintenance.
  64. This will Contaminate/Pollute the air.
  65. The bank will Deduct/Subtract some taxes for this transfer.
  66. Your Future/Coming is bright if you work hard.
  67. I am Immune/Resistant to harsh conditions.
  68. The mother Forbid/Prohibit the boy.
  69. Please Forgive/Pardon me!
  70. This season is very Fatal/Deadly and full of disease.
  71. He always speaks Genuine/Authentic and avoid rounding things.
  72. I will Keep/Save your contact for further discussion.
  73. That was a Difficult/Hard time for us.
  74. This piece is Fresh/Unused and you can use it at home.
  75. This property will create Conflict/Fight among brothers.
  76. He is Competent/Capable and a serious man.
  77. I can start this business with Least/Fewest
  78. Everyone becomes Generous/Giving on religious occasions.
  79. God will protect you from Evil/Bad
  80. Adam is an Exceptional/Outstanding student in the class.
  81. His talks seems Dubious/Doubtful to me.
  82. He is on an Important/Significant
  83. I am feeling Fatigue/Tire.
  84. I would like to Enjoy/Like this journey.
  85. He ate pizza with Evident/Apparent
  86. He is very Kind/Considerate and honest.
  87. She cannot complete this task because she is Idle/Inactive.
  88. That moment was Comical/Amusing for me.
  89. The person was lying Dead/Lifeless in front of me.
  90. You birthday is Momentous/Important for me.
  91. I will not Denounce/Blame you for this action.
  92. He is Honest/Sincere and will work for this company.
  93. Your dress is Fabulous/Marvelous.
  94. I’m Humble/Modest to you for this kind favor.
  95. Muslims have Hard/Firm believe in God.
  96. I’m Glad/Happy to announce that.
  97. The Imperative/Mandatory budget disturbed the company.
  98. This statement is False/Incorrect.
  99. It was a Huge/Vast Hall where he organized his marriage ceremony.
  100. The Former/Previous minister allowed the refugees.

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