1000 Synonyms Words List in English with Infographics and PDF

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1000 Synonyms Words List in English!

What are Synonyms in English?

Synonyms are the words with same meaning, there are hundred of synonyms of a single word. Below is the list of 1000 Common English synonyms.

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1000 Synonyms Words List in English

Words Synonyms Words Synonyms
Abandon Desert, forsake Adherent Follower, disciple
Alleviate Abate, relieve After Following, next
Compress Abbreviate, shrink Subsequent Following, succeeding, latter
Offensive Abhorrent, obnoxious Prohibit Forbid, bar, restrict
Abolish Abrogate, annual Front Fore
Hasty Abrupt, impetuous Alien Foreigner, outsider
Genuine Absolute, factual Paramount Foremost, eminent
Lavish Abundant, excessive Always Forever
Approve Accept, ratify, endorse Creation Formation, foundation
Obtain Access, inherit Past Former, previous, preceding
Celebrated Acclaimed, lionized Abjure Forsake, renounce
Achieve Accomplish, attain Urchin Foundling, orphan
Liable Accountable, bound Break Fracture, burst
Authentic Accurate, credible Delicate Fragile, dainty
Correct Accurate, right, proper Flimsy Frail, fragile, delicate
Invective Accusation, censure Frigid Freezing, frosty
Gain Acquire, obtain, receive Sociable Friendly, cordial, gregarious
Busy Active, engaged Afraid Frightened, scared
Reason Acumen, bounds Startled Frightened, shocked
Cunning Acute, smart Hideous Frightful, shocking
Axiom Adage, truism Jovial Frolicsome, cheerful
Confess Admit, acknowledge Thrifty Frugal, prudent
Honor Adoration, reverence Fertile Fruitful, productive
Bold Adventurous Barbarous Frustrate, perplex
Calamity Adversity, misfortune Frenzy Fury, rage
Concur Agree, cooperate Profit Gain, earnings, benefit
Consent Agree, permit Masculine Gallant, strapping
Concord Agreement, accord Catholic Generic, liberal
Accord Agreement, harmony Courtesy Generosity, reverence
Help Aid, assist Intrinsic Genuine, fundamental
Identical Alike, duplicate Generous Giving, selfless, big hearted
Mitigate Alleviate, relieve Morose Gloomy, sullen, moody, glum
Insinuate Allude, hint Polite Gracious, refined, courteous
Bewitching Alluring, charming Hold Grasp, grip, retain
Generosity Altruism, bounty Serious Grave, solemn, pensive
Constantly Always, continually Maximum Greatest, uppermost, highest
Eternal Always, perpetual, everlasting Mourn Grieve, lament, bemoan
Rectify Amend, remedy Adult Grown up
Plentiful Ample, enough, abundant Innocent Guiltless, blameless
Sufficient Ample, enough, adequate Convenient Handy, accessible
Abundant Ample, sufficient Glad Happy, pleased, delighted
Recreation Amusement, pleasure, pastime Molest Harass, tease
Comical Amusing, funny, humorous Difficult Hard, challenging
Furious Angry, enraged, infuriated Misfortune Hardship, catastrophe, mishap
Irritate Annoy, agitate, provoke Acrimony Harshness, bitterness
Rescind Annul, abrogate Despise Hate, detest, loathe
Hostile Antagonistic, aggressive, militant Grudge Hatred, aversion
Tenement Apartment, digs Pompous Haughty, arrogant
Morbid Appalling, awful, ghastly Arrogant Haughty, stuck up
Evident Apparent, obvious, clear Risky Hazardous, perilous, chancy
Mollify Appease, assuage Aid Help, assist
Pacify Appease, chasten Beneficial Helpful, useful, advantageous
Seize Apprehend, grab, snatch Repulsive Hideous, offensive, gruesome
Capture Apprehend, seize, arrest Tall High, lofty
Ratify Approve, confirm, endorse Deter Hinder, prevent
Obscure Arcane, vague Encumbrance Hindrance, obstacle
Dry Arid, parched Raise Hoist, elevate
Excite Arouse, provoke, incite Just Honest, impartial
Vain Arrogant, egoistic Fair Honest, just, impartial
Proud Arrogant, elated Reputable Honorable, upstanding, honest
Haughty Arrogant, pompous Optimistic Hopeful, confident
Ambitious Aspiring, driven Immense Huge, enormous
Throng Assembly, crowd Modest Humble, courteous
Trenchant Assertive, forceful Impediment Hurdle, obstruction
Aggressive Assertive, pushy, militant Damage Hurt, impair, harm
Baffle Astound, faze Optimist Idealist
Lure Attract, entice Same Identical, alike, equivalent
Impute Attribute, ascribe Fake Imitation, phony, artificial
Amplify Augment, deepen Gigantic Immense, colossal, enormous
Bleak Austere, blank Stranger Immigrant, guest
Retaliate Avenge, revenge, reciprocate Neutral Impartial, unprejudiced
Conscious Aware, cognizant Unbiased Impartial, unprejudiced, fair
Acumen Awareness, brilliance Obstruct Impede, prevent
Naughty Bad, disobedient, wrong Imminent Impending, brewing
Evil Bad, wrong, wicked Mandatory Imperative, requisite
Noxious Baneful, injurious Rude Impolite, discourteous
Desolate Barren, forsaken Momentous Important, powerful, outstanding
Sterile Barren, impotent Quack Impostor, deceiver
Barrier Barricade, obstacle Captivity Imprisonment, confinement
Bottom Base, foundation Saucy Impudent, insolent
Shy Bashful, timid Flippant Impudent, sassy
Coarse Bawdy, boorish Impetuous Impulsive, rash, reckless
Winsome Beautiful, comely Idle Inactive, lazy
Befogged Becloud, dim Insufficient Inadequate, deficient
Open Begin, unfold, originate Incongruous Inappropriate, absurd
Amateur Beginner, novice Irrelevant Inappropriate, unrelated
Tyro Beginner, riotous Terse Incisive, compact
Birth Beginning Urge Incite, implore
Plausible Believable, reasonable, logical Comprise Include, contain
Benevolent Benign, generous False Incorrect, untrue
Prejudiced Biased, opinionated, influenced Wrong Incorrect, untrue, mistaken
Large Big, massive, huge Add Increase, total
Intolerant Bigoted, prejudiced Fantastic Incredible, outrageous
Denounce Blame, censure, indict Arraign Incriminate, indict
Combine Bled, unite, join Instill Inculcate, inject
Stain Blemish, tarnish Raid Incursion, foray
Candid Blunt, bluff Nonchalant Indifferent, lackadaisical, blaze
Dull Blunt, dreary Nonchalant Indifferent, negligent
Rowdy Boisterous, rambunctious Insolvent Indigent, destitute
Daring Bold, audacious Incompetent Inefficient, unskilled
Confident Bold, undaunted Veteran Ingenious, experienced
Audacity Boldness, courage Internal Inner, inside
Uncouth Boorish, clownish Crazy Insane, daft, mad
Monotonous Boring, tedious dreary, humdrum Batty Insane, silly
Valor Bravery, prowess Propagate Inseminate, fecundate
Courage Bravery, valor Spontaneous Instinctive, automatic, natural
Brittle Breakable, crisp Sporadic Intermittent, scattered
Intelligent Bright, sensible, rational Decipher Interpret, reveal
Compact Bunched, thick Question Interrogate, inquire, ask
Nullify Cancel, annual Sarcastic Ironical, derisive
Frank Candid, straightforward, blunt Impious Irreligious, unholy
Calculating Canny, devious Irrepressible Irresistible, unconfined
Able Capable, qualified Harass Irritate, molest
Competent Capable, qualified Connect Join, link, attach
Negligent Careless, derelict, inattentive Adjunct Joined, added
Destructive Catastrophic, pernicious Mutual Joint, identical
Vigilant Cautious, alert Ecstasy Joy, rapture, elation


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Synonyms Words List in English – Infographic

Synonyms Words List in English

Words Synonyms Words Synonyms
Reluctant Cautious, averse Impartial Just, unbiased
Wary Cautious, circumspect Eager Keen, acquisitive
Deliberate Cautious, intentional Compassion Kindness, sympathy
Conservative Cautious, restrained Wise Knowing, scholarly, smart
Careful Cautious, watchful Yearn Languish, crave
Quit Cease, stop, withdraw Occult Latent, ambiguous
Condemn Censure, denounce Lenient Lax, unrestrained, easy
Remonstrate Censure, protest Depart Leave, exit
Consolidate Centralize, fortify Long Lengthy
Umbrage Chagrin, offense Reduce Lessen, decrease, diminish
Captivate Charm, fascinate Minor Lesser, inferior, secondary
Sacred Cherish, divine Inferior Lesser, substandard
Precious Cherished, valuable, prized Listless Lethargic, tired
Immature Childish, inexperienced Stupor Lethargy, unconsciousness
Gallant Chivalrous, stately Munificent Liberal, hospitable
Fat Chubby, plump, stout Dead Lifeless, deceased
Thick Chunky, massive Enjoy Like, appreciate
Boisterous Clamorous, rowdy Probable Likely, apt, liable
Neat Clean, orderly, tidy Fluid Liquid
Ingenious Clever, creative, original Sluggish Listless, lethargic, inactive
Ascend Climb, escalate Small Little, insignificant, trivial
Camouflage Cloak, disguise Fill Load, pack
Comic Clown, ester Hate Loathe, detest
Awkward Clumsy, uncoordinated Rational Logical, level headed, sensible
Gather Collect, accumulate, compile Dally Loiter, linger
Militant Combative, aggressive, warlike Linger Loiter, prolong
Blend Combine, mix Pretty Lovely, beautiful, attractive
Cozy Comfortable, snug, homey Radiant Luminous, shining, lustrous
Future Coming, tomorrow Liberal Magnanimous, generous
Turmoil Commotion, disturbance, fracas Sublime Magnificent, eminent
Bustle Commotion, tumult Superb Magnificent, exquisite
Lenient Compassionate, merciful Odious Malevolent, obnoxious
Capable Competent, able Vilify Malign, slur, defame
Qualified Competent, suited, capable Synthetic Man made, artificial
Cheap Competitive, inexpensive Imperfect Marred, defective, faulty
Obliging Complaisant, willing Wed Marry, combine
Utterly Completely, entirely Fabulous Marvelous, amazing
Tame Compliant, subdued Miraculous Marvelous, extraordinary
Passive Compliant, submissive, yielding Wonderful Marvelous, incredible, splendid
Confuse Complicate, muddle, jumble Peerless Matchless, unrivalled
Knotty Complicated difficult Cruel Mean, heartless, ruthless
Complex Complicated, intricate Thaw Melt, defrost
Adhere Comply, observe Ominous Menacing, foreboding
Conform Comply, submit Fix Mend, repair
Condense Compress, concentrate Mirth Merriment, fun, laughter
Imperative Compulsory, crucial, mandatory Jolly Merry, jovial, joyful
Friend Comrade, buddy Scrupulous Meticulous, ethical, fastidious
Cover Conceal, hide Painstaking Meticulous, precise, fastidious
Notion Conceit, apprehension Obey Mind, heed, comply
Vanity Conceit, pretension Niggardly Miser, covetous
Possible Conceivable, feasible, plausible Shabby Miserable, impoverished
Care Concern, protection Adversity Misfortune, calamity
Succinct Concise, terse Doubt Mistrust, dispute
Tangible Concrete, definite Sneer Mock, scorn
Vouch Confirm, consent Deride Mock, taunt
Harmony Conformity, amicability Abate Moderate, decrease
Face Confront, meet Humble Modest, unpretentious
Yoke Connect, harness Virtuous Moral, righteous, angelic
Join Connect, unite, link Lament Mourn, grieve
Substantial Considerable, solid Mobile Moveable, changeable
Kind Considerate, tender, thoughtful Fanatical Narrow minded, biased
Fabricate Construct, produce Morbid Nasty, macabre
Confine Contain, enclose, restrain Mischievous Naughty, impish
Defile Contaminate, pollute Good Nice, fine, well behaved
Refute Contradict, dispute Spry Nimble, brisk
Regulate Control, oversee, handle Racket Noise, commotion, disturbance
Persuade Convince, influence Heretic Non conformist, secularist
Temperate Cool, moderate Ridiculous Nonsensical, foolish, preposterous
Chilly Cool, nippy Callous Obdurate, unfeeling
Accurate Correct, right Zig zag Oblique, wayward
Vicious Corrupt, obnoxious Opaque Obscure, murky, unclear
Admonish Counsel, reprove Apparent Obvious, evident
Brave Courageous, bold, heroic Outrage Offence, maltreatment
Valiant Courageous, brave, heroic Obnoxious Offensive, abominable, repulsive
Steep Course, lofty Vulgar Offensive, uncouth, coarse
Gracious Courteous, beneficent Enemy Opponent, foe
Clandestine Covert, fruitive Conflict Oppose, differ, clash
Insane Crazy, deranged, mad Resist Oppose, withstand, defy
Hamstrung Cripple debilitate Ordain Order, impose
Cranky Cross, irritable Average Ordinary, fair
Urgent Crucial, important, imperative Normal Ordinary, typical, usual
Oracular Cryptic, vague Exterior Outside, outer
Shrewd Cunning, craftly Great Outstanding, remarkable
Guile Cunning, deceit Congested Overcrowded, stuffed
Diminish Curtail, lessen, decrease Above Overhead
Conventional Customary, traditional Jubilant Overjoyed, delighted, elated
Prevalent Customary, widespread Exhilarated Overjoyed, ecstatic, elated
Infernal Damned, accursed Progress Pace, betterment
Precarious Dangerous, uncertain, shaky Allay Pacify, soothe
Gloomy Dark, dismal, depressing Full Packed, stuffed
Dawn Daybreak, sunrise Luscious Palatable, delicious
Fatal Deadly, mortal, killing Wan Pale, faded
Knell Death knell, last blow Sycophant Parasite, flatterer
Dispute Debate, oppose Forgive Pardon, excuse, absolve
Subterfuge Deceit, stratagem Absolve Pardon, forgive
Deceit Deception, artifice Fraction Part, portion, segment
Hypocrisy Deception, pharisaic Portion Part, segment, piece
Wane Decline, dwindle Superficial Partial, shallow
Ornamental Decorative, adorned Tranquil Peaceful, composed
Calumny Defamation, aspersion Serene Peaceful, tranquil, calm
Slander Defame, malign Eccentric Peculiar, unusual
Flaw Defect, fault, blemish Odd Peculiar, weird, strange
Justify Defend, exculpate Hazard Peril, danger
Fluctuate Deflect, vacillate Continue Persist, persevere
Tender Delicate, gentle, affectionate Relentless Persistent, merciless, unyielding
Zest Delight, enthusiasm Relevant Pertinent, suitable, apropos
Ecstasy Delight, exultation Upset Perturb, ruffle, agitate
Charming Delightful, appealing, enchanting Peevish Perverse, sullen
Exquisite Delightful, charming, lovely Perverse Petulant, obstinate
Lunacy Delusion, insanity Premeditated Planned, intended, calculated
Fallacy Delusion, mistake Cement Plaster, mortar
Subvert Demolish, sabotage Nice Pleasing, desirable, fine
Contradict Deny, oppose Docile Pliable, pliant
Despair Depression, misery Predicament Plight, dilemma
Offspring Descendant, sibling Chubby Plump, pudgy
Forsake Desert, renounce Venom Poison, malevolence
Barren Desolate, sterile Courteous Polite, civil
Abject Despicable, servile Contaminate Pollute, defile, infect
Deprive Despoil, divest Destitute Poor, penniless
Indigent Destitute, impoverished Certain Positive, sure, definite
Poor Destitute, needy, impoverished Feasible Possible, attainable, practical
Raze Destroy, demolish Adjourn Postpone, recess
Eradicate Destroy, exterminate Strong Powerful, mighty, potent
Efface Destroy, obliterate Epitome Precise, example
Restrain Detain, confine Bind Predicament
Disdain Detest, despise Early Premature, beforetime
Ravage Devastate, ruin, damage Outrageous Preposterous, shocking
Transparent Diaphanous Immunity Prerogative, privilege
Disagree Differ, dispute Save Preserve, conserve, keep
Diverse Different, distinct Beautiful Pretty, attractive, lovely
Timid Diffident, coward Former Previous, earlier
Glory Dignity, renown Before Prior, earlier
Impair Diminish, deteriorate Luxuriant Profuse, abundant
Eclipse Diminution, dimming Numerous Profuse, various
Dwarf Diminutive, petite Taboo Prohibit, ban
Squalid Dirty, filthy Forbid Prohibit, ban, bar
Abash Disconcert, rattle Ban Prohibit, forbid, outlaw
Grisly Disgusting, atrocious Conspicuous Prominent, obvious
Treacherous Dishonest, duplicitous Encourage Promote, support, urge
Knave Dishonest, scoundrel Nimble Prompt, brisk
Dark Dismal, black Successful Propitious, felicitous
Offend Displease, affront, disgust Thrive Prosper, flourish, develop
Resentment Displeasure, wrath Defend Protect, shield
Inclination Disposition, affection Interesting Provocative, engrossing
Contrary Dissimilar, conflicting Antagonize Provoke, embitter
Different Distinct, unlike Chastise Punish, admonish
Prominent Distinguished, eminent Buy Purchase
Separate Divide, segregate, partition Quaint Queer, strange
Give Donate, present, offer Ask Question, inquire
Precarious Doubtful, insecure Rapidity Quickness, velocity
Dubious Doubtful, questionable Calm Quiet, tranquil, still
Empty Drain, unload Stop Quit, cease, terminate
Awful Dreadful, atrocious Fast Rapid, quick, swift
Atrocious Dreadful, contemptible, vile Gorgeous Ravishing, dazzling, stunning


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Infographics – Synonyms words list in English

Synonyms list in english

Words Synonyms Words Synonyms
Terrible Dreadful, horrible, vile Arrive Reach, come
Migrant Drifting, traveling, transient Legible Readable, clear
Jejune Dull, boring Concrete Real, tangible, solid
Blunt Dull, insensitive Censure Rebuke, reprimand
Drab Dull, lifeless Mutinous Recalcitrant, insurgent
Murky Dusky, dreary Retract Recant, withdraw
Impatient Eager, anxious, intolerant Redeem Recover, liberate
Zeal Eagerness, fervor Convalesce Recuperate, recover, heal
Premature Early, hasty Remorse Regret, penitence
Wholehearted Earnest, sincere Kindred Relation, species
Carnal Earthly, fleshly Waive Relinquish, remove
Frugality Economy, providence Exceptional Remarkable, outstanding
Consequence Effect, outcome Dissuade Remonstrate, counsel
Conceit Egotism, immodesty Ruthless Remorseless, inhumane
Fancy Elaborate, ornate, fussy Mend Repair, fix
High Elevated, lofty Taciturn Reserved, silent
Vivid Eloquent, lucid Remnant Residue, piece
Mysterious Elusive, occult, secret Humility Resignation, fawning
Humiliate Embarrass, disgrace, dishonor Defy Resist, challenge
Interesting Enchanting, riveting Immune Resistant, exempt
Permanent Enduring, lasting Reverence Respect, esteem
Foe Enemy, adversary, opponent Rebellious Restless, attacking
Opponent Enemy, rival, foe Suppress Restrain, inhibit, squelch
Active Energetic, animated, lively Hamper Retard, prevent
Colossal Enormous, immense, mammoth Wealth Riches, prosperity, assets
Infuriate Enrage, agitate, provoke Decay Rot, spoil
Allure Entice, fascinate Stimulate Rouse, stir, motivate
Solicit Entreat, implore Regular Routine, customary, steady
Indifferent Equitable, haughty Nervous Ruffled, flustered, perturbed
Quibble Equivocate, prevaricate Demolish Ruin, devastate
Bawdy Erotic, coarse Destroy Ruin, wreck, devastate
Outbreak Eruption, insurrection Rustic Rural, uncivilized
Venerable Esteemed, honored Derogatory Sarcastic, critical
Perpetual Eternal, endless, incessant Contented Satisfied, pleased
Virtue Ethic, morality Keep Save, protect, guard
Moral Ethical, virtuous, righteous Scarce Scanty, rare, sparse
Obvious Evident, apparent Meager Scanty, sparse, poor
Explicit Exact, distinct, unmistakable Scanty Scarce, insufficient
Observe Examine, study, scrutinize Intrigue Scheme, conspiracy
Special Exceptional, notable, particular System Scheme, entity
Surplus Excess, additional, extra Contempt Scorn, disregard
Wield Exert, employ Gaunt Scrawny, skinny, thin
Magnify Expand, enlarge, exaggerate Conscientious Scrupulous, virtuous
Enlarge Expand, magnify Quarantine Seclude, screen
Die Expire, perish Remote Secluded, isolated, distant
Clarify Explain, simplify Independent Self reliant, autonomous
Eloquence Expression, fluency Logical Sensible, sane, rational
Immaculate Exquisite, impeccable Divide Separate, split
Obsolete Extinct, dated, antiquated Detach Separate, unfasten, remove
Outstanding Extraordinary, distinguished Numerous Several, abundant, considerable
Luxurious Extravagant, elegant Drastic Severe, extreme, tough
Extravagant Extreme, excessive, luxurious Vibrate Shake, quiver, tremble
Mediocre Fair, moderate, so so Keen Sharp, poignant
Spurious Fake, counterfeit Brief Short, concise
Fiction Fantasy, untruth, myth Abbreviate Shorten, condense
Intriguing Fascinating, enthralling Yell Shout, shriek
Swift Fast, speedy, hasty Push Shove, propel
Benign Favorable, friendly Reveal Show, disclose, divulge
Least Fewest, minimum, smallest Gaudy Showy, garish, vulgar
Ferocious Fierce, savage, brutal, savage Close Shut, fasten
Conflict Fight, battle, struggle Bashful Shy, timid
Last Final, end Important Significant, meaningful
Best Finest, choice Quiet Silent, hushed, tranquil
Hard Firm, solid, difficult Easy Simple
Adamant Firm, unyielding Classic Simple, typical
Stationary Fixed, immobile, firm Ability Skill, aptitude
Impulsive Flaky, impetuous Proficient Skilled, adept, competent
Pamper Flatter, indulge Scrawny Skinny, gaunt, spindly
Perfect Flawless, accurate Lax Slack, careless
Pertness Flippancy, impudence Loose Slack, limp
Baroque Florid, gilt Servile Slavish, docile
Abound Flourish, proliferate Dormant Sleeping, inactive
Perturbed Flustered, anxious Slim Slender, thin, svelte
Considerate Thoughtful, sympathetic, mindful Smooth Slick, glossy, level
Ominous Threatening, menacing Languid Sluggish, apathetic
Prosperous Thriving, successful, flourishing Cry Sob, weep
Prevent Thwart, prohibit, hinder Dirty Soiled, messy
Fatigue Tire, exhaust Lucid Sound, rational
Jaded Tired, exhausted Defray Spend, pay
Weary Tired, fatigued, lethargic Vivacious Spirited, energetic
Patience Tolerance, perseverance Glorious Splendid, magnificent, superb
Placid Tranquil, calm Intermittent Sporadic, periodic
Wile Trickery, artifice Beginning Start, initiate
Trivial Trifling, insignificant Merit Stature, asset
Win Triumph, succeed, prevail Stable Steady, unchanging, settled
Victory Triumph, win, success Cease Stop, discontinue
Frivolous Trivial, unimportant, silly Deposit Store, place
Believe Trust, accept Eccentric Strange, abnormal
Reliable Trustworthy, steadfast, stable Feud Strife, quarrel
Honest Truthful, sincere, frank Strict Stringent, severe, stern
Turbulent Tumultuous, blustering, violent Obstinate Stubborn, adamant
Novice Tyro, beginner Tenacious Stubborn, dodge
Inevitable Unavoidable, ascertained Glut Stuff, satiate
Equivocal Uncertain, hazy Falter Stumble, demur
Wild Uncivilized, savage, reckless Dumb Stupid, dense
Vague Unclear, obscure, indistinct Quell Subdue, reduce
Invincible Unconquerable, impregnable Immerse Submerge, involve
Oblivious Unconscious, preoccupied, dazed Deduct Subtract, remove
Impenitent Uncontrived, obdurate Follow Succeed, trail
Below Under, lower Consecutive Successive, continuous
Comprehend Understand, grasp Enough Sufficient, ample, plenty
Endeavor Undertake, aspire Adequate Sufficient, enough, ample
Hapless Unfortunate, ill fated Zenith Summit, apex
Sad Unhappy, dejected, gloomy Pliable Supple, flexible, compliant
Ignorant Uninformed, unaware Advocate Support, recommend
Stupid Unintelligent, dense, foolish Determined Sure, convinced, resolute
Mean Unkind, malicious, nasty Yield Surrender abdicate
Vacant Unoccupied, empty Intricate Tangled, complicated
Dangerous Unsafe, hazardous, perilous Insipid Tasteless, vapid
New Unused, fresh, modern Moderate Temperate, lenient, medium
Fresh Unused, new Transient Temporal, transitory
Preserve Uphold, guard, save Gentle Tender, mild
Worn Used, impaired, old Sympathy Tenderness, harmony
Handy Useful, convenient, skillful Taut Tense, tight, stiff
Ordinary Usual, average Cease Terminate, desist
Abortive Vain, unproductive Dreadful Terrible, unpleasant
Rout Vanquish, overthrow Gratitude Thankfulness, appreciation
Enormous Vast, immense, colossal Dense Thick, heavy, compressed
Huge Vast, immense, great Judicious Thoughtful, prudent
Malice Vengefulness, grudge Optional Voluntary, elective
Tremble Vibrate Base Vulgar, coarse
Wicked Vicious, immoral Vagrant Wander, roaming
Prudence Vigilance, discretion Feeble Weak, frail
Strenuous Vigorous, laborious Fragile Weak, infirm
Infringe Violate, encroach Dilute Weaken, thin
Frantic Violent, agitated Tedious Wearisome. Irksome
Tumultuous Violent, riotous Peculiar Weird, bizarre
Chaste Virtuous, pure Hospitable Welcoming, cordial, gracious
Broad Wide, expansive Total Whole, entire, complete
Savage Wild, untamed Entirely Wholly, completely, solely
Wilt Wither, perish Sorrow Woe, anguish, grief
Concede Yield, permit Juvenile Young, tender


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Infographics (1000 Synonyms Words List in English)

Synonyms list in english list of same meaning words words with same meaning list of 1000 english synonyms list of 1000 english synonyms 1000 synonyms words list in english


Download this list of useful 1000 synonyms words list PDF (Download PDF)

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