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1000 Synonyms for IELTS PDF! When it comes to the IELTS test, one of the most important things is to have a good understanding of synonyms. In this lesson, we will provide you with a list of synonyms that are commonly used on the IELTS test. By knowing these synonyms, you will be able to improve your score on the IELTS exam. Below is the list of synonyms for IELTS. Learn these important synonyms and must Download this useful synonyms for ielts in PDF.

Synonyms for IELTS

Below is the list of Important synonyms for IELTS:

List of Important Synonyms for IELTS

  • Versatile – all rounder
  • High – elevated, lofty
  • Surge – powerful rush of something
  • Yield – produce, bear, provide
  • Counsel – advise
  • Couch potato – who watches lot of TV
  • Deter – hinder, prevent
  • Tall – high, lofty
  • Minor – lesser, inferior, secondary
  • Tenets – on rent
  • Temper – mental state
  • Proud – arrogant, elated
  • Temper – Mood
  • Divide – separate, split
  • Brave – courageous, bold
  • Temporary – Transitory
  • Remote – secluded, isolated, distant
  • Tender – soft
  • Collect – Gather
  • Becoming – Fitting
  • Sure – Certain
  • Posture – way/position of body
  • Delicate – fragile, dainty
  • Possibility – Opportunity
  • Bias – Revoke
  • Possess – own
  • Intellectual – Mental
  • Podium – lecture stand
  • Subtle – little
  • Dumb – stupid, dense
  • Amicable – helpful
  • Plunge – to fall
  • Plume – soft

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Important Synonyms for IELTS

1000 Synonyms Words for IELTS

  • Stroll/wander – to roam around
  • Pluck – to break something
  • Handy – useful, convenient, skillful
  • Strangle – stuck somewhere
  • Pinnacle – at the top
  • Fraction – part, portion, segment
  • Perfect – Flawless
  • Overlook – Miss
  • Admit – Confess
  • Straits – bankrupt
  • Outskirts – city’s outer area
  • Center – Middle
  • Outraged – very upset
  • Outgoing – Friendly
  • Approve – accept
  • Ornament – Decoration
  • Old – Mature
  • Adversity – difficulty
  • Stop – Cease
  • Insufficient – Inadequate
  • Ort – used
  • Prompt – punctual, timely
  • Comical – amusing, funny
  • Outrageous – preposterous, shocking
  • Dispute – debate, oppose
  • Worn – used, impaired, old
  • Instructions – Directions
  • Skeptical – doubtful
  • Instinct – inner ability
  • Disclose – Reveal
  • Taut – tense, tight, stiff
  • Amateur – beginner
  • Inferior – lesser, substandard
  • Fat – chubby, plump, stout
  • Inspect – Examine
  • Sustain – to remain
  • Viable/feasible – possible
  • Tiny – Small
  • Sociable – friendly, cordial, gregarious
  • Odd – Strange
  • Insomnia – sleeplessness
  • Sincere – Honest
  • Inroads – affect
  • Beautiful – Pretty
  • Innocent – Harmless
  • Obsession – desire to have something
  • Ingenious – clever, creative, original
  • Informal – Casual
  • Simultaneously – together
  • Infect – Contaminate
  • Brave – Bold
  • Small – little, insignificant, trivial
  • Significant – Meaningful
  • Infamous – Notorious
  • Dire need – huge need for something
  • Sightseeing – to explore places
  • Same – identical, alike, equivalent
  • Defy – resist, challenge
  • Accurate – correct
  • Blank – Empty
  • Shrine – holy place
  • Shiver – tremble
  • Sheer – very high amount of something
  • Select – Choose
  • Dilemma – state of confusion
  • Quit – cease, stop, withdraw
  • Before – prior, earlier
  • Inevitable – unstoppable
  • Cranky – cross, irritable
  • Away – Absent
  • Near – Close
  • Rookies – less experienced
  • Rock – Stone
  • Chiefly – Mainly
  • Robust – strong
  • Stupid – unintelligent, dense, foolish
  • Reluctant – unwilling, hesitant
  • Industrious – hard working
  • Adamant – firm
  • Bashful – shy, timid
  • Angry – Mad
  • Rich – Wealthy
  • Inconsiderate – Thoughtless
  • See – Look
  • Retrograde – moving backwards
  • Rest – Relax
  • Reluctant – hesitant
  • Blanket ban – complete ban on something
  • Scribble – to write fast
  • Retrieve – to take back

List of Synonyms for IELTS

Bruise  scratch
Deteriorate  something gets worse
Obsolete  extinct, dated, antiquated
Interesting  provocative, engrossing
Least  fewest, minimum, smallest
Weary  tired, fatigued, lethargic
Respond  Reply
Resilient  to resist
Raise  Lift
Scared  Afraid
Sack  big bag
Quite  Fairly
Quake  Tremble
Safe  Secure
Provide  Supply
Portion  part, segment, piece
Prevail  which remains
Sad  Unhappy
Detain  punishment
Necessary  Essential
Meager  scanty, sparse, poor
Sacked  to throw out
Nausea  sick feeling
Mysterious  elusive, occult, secret
Rude  Impolite
Prodding  encourage
Destiny  Fate
Symbolize  Represent
Desperate  fanatic/extremist
Urgent  crucial, important
Roster  schedule
Prestigious  very important
Dawn  sun rise
Remark  Comment
Disagree  differ, dispute
Premises  area
Gaudy  showy, garish, vulgar
Below  under, lower
Native  area in which one is born
Complex  complicated
Dash  Sprint
Beginning  start, initiate
Native  Local
Praise  Compliment
Blend  combine, mix
Curse  to bane someone
Conflict  fight, battle, struggle
Normal  ordinary, typical, usual
Murals  huge paintings
Mum  be quiet
Frivolous  trivial, unimportant, silly
Patriotic  one who loves his nation
Perception  Insight
Anxious  nervous
Mug up  to cram something
Movie  Film
Reliant  dependent
Chatter box  excess talkative
Stoic  patient
Stiff  firm/hard
Identical  alike, duplicate
Steady  Firm
Sorrow  woe, anguish, grief
Spill  for liquid
Calm  quiet, tranquil
Complete  Total
Terrible  dreadful, horrible, vile
Benevolent / magnanimous  kindhearted
Specimen  example
Mirth  merriment, fun, laughter
Souvenir  memento
Spend thrift  who spends lot of money
Slim  Sender
Sleepy  Drowsy
Incarnation  birth
Important  Significant
Impartial  Neutral
Impact  Affect
Luxurious  extravagant, elegant
Bread and butter  livelihood
Optional  voluntary, elective
Immediate  Instantly
Imitate  to copy
Break  fracture, burst
Imitate  Mimic
Adroit  expert
Assault  attack
Strict  stringent, severe, stern
Jubilant  overjoyed, delighted, elated
Strong  powerful, mighty, potent
Amount  Quantity
Generous  giving, selfless, big-hearted
Ordinary  usual, average

Important Synonyms for IELTS

Illusion  mirage
Ill  Sick
Hint  Tip
Poor  destitute, impoverished
Help  Assist
Hazard  Danger
Havoc  lots of trouble
Enjoy  like, appreciate
Abstraction  to deduct
Hard  Difficult
Timid  nervous
Happily  Fortunately
Obey  mind, heed, comply
Handsome  Good Looking
Handover  to give
Dirty  soiled, messy (Dirty Synonym)
Use  Utilize
Crazy  insane, daft, mad
Belly  Stomach
Fiction  fantasy, untruth, myth
Halt  stop
Betray  to fraud someone
Gloomy  hazy or blur
Retaliate  avenge, revenge, reciprocate
Glitter  Sparkle
Glimpse  a brief look
Mean  unkind, malicious, nasty
Answer  Response
Ravage  devastate, ruin, damage
Glare  stare in an angry way
Amiable  friendly
Clarify  explain, simplify
Buy  purchase
Diverse  different, distinct
Aggressive  assertive
Think  Ponder
Extempore  speak without rehearsal
Add  increase
Exempt  except that
Exit  Leave
Talk  Speak
Shrewd  clever, cunning, crafty
Exemplary  extra ordinary
Execute  to start
Except  Apart From
Exaggerate  over pound
Compassion  ready to serve
Evil  Bad
Exactly  Precisely
Enormous  Huge
Emphatically  forcefully
Elitist  choosy or selective
Elite  most talented
Elevate  Raise
Elevate  lift
Racket  noise, commotion, disturbance
Eager  Keen
Dusk  sun set
Drab  dull
Correct  accurate, right
Descendent  next generation
Chaos  noisy situation
Candid  straight forward
Vague  unclear, obscure, indistinct
Deduct  subtract, remove
Part  Section
Close  Shut
Tandem  work together
Demeanor  behavior / character
Tavern  pub
Overwhelmed  very happy with something
Coy  shy
Tap  to stroke something
Virtuous  moral, righteous, angelic
Bucket  Pail
Daring  bold, audacious
Delicate  Fragile
Deliberate  something planned
Swift  fast and smooth
Deliberate  Planned
Dedicated  Committed

Most Common Synonym Words For IELTS

Deceased  dead
Dearth/scarcity  lack of something
Awful  dreadful, atrocious
Mischievous  naughty, impish
Overturned  upside down
Oversee  Supervise
Daybreak  Dawn
Nonchalant  indifferent, blase
Correct  Right
Suggest  Propose
Nurture  to develop something
Enlarge  expand, magnify
Collision  collide
Contrary  opposite
Contrary  Opposite
Behoove  merit
Contemporary  modern
Dull  blunt, dreary
Strenuous  vigorous, laborious
Numerous  Many
Great  outstanding, remarkable
Rejuvenate  refresh
Regret  Remorse
Nuisance  disturbance
Begin  Commence
Constraint  limitation / compulsion
Thrive  prosper, flourish, develop
Considerate  Thoughtful
Congested  tight area
Repulsive  hideous, offensive, gruesome
Baby  Infant
Conform  comply, submit
Notify  Inform
Big  Large
Achieve  accomplish
Confuse  Mixed Up
Noon  Midday
Niche  identity
Reputable  honorable, upstanding, honest
Nice  Pleasant
Sluggish  listless, lethargic, inactive
Confine  Restrict
New  Recent
Alike  Same
Negligible  very small
Liable  responsible
Lethargic  weak
Charismatic  having magical powers
Courage  bravery, valor
Observe  examine, study, scrutinize
Lethal  Deadly
Agility  quickness
Beg  Implore
Abode  place where you live
Ample/myriad of/ numerous  lots of
Moist  wet
Antique  old item
Chubby  plump, pudgy
Future  coming, tomorrow
Infuriate  enrage, agitate, provoke
Compress  to press
Authentic  genuine
Believe  trust, accept
Join  connect, unite, link
Modern  Contemporary
Allow  Permit
Learn  Memorize
Broad  Wide
Destitute  poor, penniless
Adequate  sufficient
Kind  Benevolent
Easy  simple (Easy Synonym)
Humiliate  embarrass, disgrace, dishonor
Kid  Child
Vacant  unoccupied, empty
Joy  Delight
Gaunt  scrawny, skinny, thin
Job  Work
Meeting  Assembly
Maybe  Perhaps
Mate  friend
Mansion  very big bungalow
Misery  Distress
Confine  contain, enclose
Abroad  Overseas
Encourage  promote, support, urge
Malfunction  any failure in machinery
Choosy  Picky
Change  Transform
Surplus  excess, additional, extra
Make  Build
Miser  one who doesn’t spend much
Attire  Dress
Minnow/Nano  very small
Beneficial  helpful, useful
Maintain  Preserve
Yell  Shout
Withstand  Resist
Long  lengthy
Assets  earnings
Bottom  base, foundation
Irrelevant  inappropriate, unrelated
Miniature  very small
Maiden  something to do at first
Abandon/Abort  to leave something
Mad  Crazy
Ignore  Snub
Idiot box  TV
Jolly  merry, jovial, joyful
Mild  Gentle
Berserk  gone mad
Hurry  Rush
Humiliate  hit below the belt
Humble  polite
Huge  Enormous
Serene  peaceful, tranquil, calm
Hop  to jump a bit
Reveal  show, disclose, divulge
Home sickness  person who can’t live away
Ambience  environment
Hire  to recruit
Hallucination  mirage
Defend  protect, shield
Hall  Corridor
Alteration  change
Gut feeling  inner voice
Mesmerize  hypnotize
Arrive  reach
Guilt  regret
Raze  destroy, demolish
Appreciation  to applaud one’s effort

Useful Synonyms for IELTS

Grumble  Grouse
Awful  Terrible
Grim  sounding very serious
Grab  Seize
Moderate  temperate, lenient, medium
Stable  steady, unchanging, settled
Despise  hate, detest, loathe
Brief  short, concise
Mentor  guide
Good  Fine
Lucid  Clear
Blunder  a very big mistake
Militant  combative, aggressive, warlike
Glossy  shiny
Function -Operate  
Ambitious  aspiring
Loyal  who doesn’t back stab
Docile  tame, gentle
Thrifty  economical, frugal, prudent
Fun -Entertaining  
Agree  Consent
Fuddy-duddy  old fashioned
Coarse  bumpy, rough
Gain  acquire, obtain
Furious  angry, enraged, infuriated
Freak  insane
Wisecrack  joke
Smooth  slick, glossy, level
Fragile  week
Renew  Resume
Receive  Get
Victory  triumph, win, success
Wrong  incorrect, untrue, mistaken
Loyal  Faithful
Annoy  to disturb someone
Want  Desire
Fatal  deadly, mortal, killing
Fortunate  Lucky
Close  near, imminent
Intolerant  bigoted, prejudiced
Special  exceptional, notable, particular
Resist  oppose, withstand, defy
Loving  Fond
Formerly  Previously
Magnify  expand, enlarge, exaggerate
Loo  toilet
Innocent  guiltless, blameless
Lots  Many
Loiter  to roam around without aim
Voluntary  willingly
Waiver  to cut off
Active  energetic
Candy  Sweets
Calamity  Disaster
Violent  forceful
Real  Genuine
Forbid  to deny
Fluke  bi-chance
Little  Small
Blot/stigma  black spot (disgrace)
Fast  Quick
Listen  Hear
Dubious  doubtful, questionable
Connect  join, link, attach
Jealous  Envious
Far flung  very far away
Verdict  result
Jaw dropper  stunned
Astonishing  surprising
Invoice  Bill
Invincible  unconquerable
Inventory  Stock
Cruel  mean, heartless
Fantastic  Great
Vendor  who sells commodities
Invade- attack  
Intrude  trespass
Famous  Renowned
False  Untrue
Trivial  unimportant
Try  Attempt
Trustworthy  Reliable
Tranquility  mental peace
Transform  Convert
Fair  Unbiased
Face lift  to modify something
Intimate  inform
Naughty  bad, disobedient, wrong
Eye opener  show reality
Extra  Additional
Evaluate  Assess
Vast  Huge
Acquit  to release
Enormous  vast, immense, colossal
Vary  Differ
Vanquish  Conquer
Uncooked  Raw
Under  Below
Ethical  genuine
Eternal  never ending
Tender  delicate, gentle, affectionate
Vague  Indistinct
Unfortunate  Unlucky
Wardrobe  cupboard
Uncommon  Unusual
Escalate  increase
Epitome  best possible
Envy  to have something same what others
Envisage  imagine it’s true
Entrepreneur  own businessman
Enquire  Investigate
Disgrace  Shame
Discount  Reduction
Weak  Feeble
Usually  Generally
Humble  modest, unpretentious
Ask  Inquire
Intend  Mean
Fast  rapid, quick, swift
Ratify  approve, confirm, endorse
Curb  to control
Glad  Happy
Courteous  polite, civil
Get  Receive
Gesture  actions we use while speaking
Serious  grave, solemn, pensive
Garbage  Trash
Valiant  courageous, brave, heroic

Another List of Synonyms for IELTS

Funny  Amusing
Bizarre  Weird
Blossom  to grow
Frigid  freezing, frosty
Flippant  excess talkative
Beautiful  pretty, attractive
Cunning  Clever
Logical  sensible, sane, rational
Flinches  demerit
Vibes  signals
Fatigue  tire, exhaust
Flaw  mistake
Determined  sure, convinced
Ambition  dreams
Fire  to throw out of job
Finish  Complete
Crumble  something breaks in small pieces
Fetch  to get
Immaculate  spotless, pure
Chilly  cool, nippy
Passion  hunger to achieve something
Ferry  boat
Fill  load, pack
Always  forever
Reliable  Dependable
Best  finest, choice
Keep  save, protect, guard
Allure  attract
Tangible  concrete, definite
Birth  beginning
Aid  help
Accord  Agreement
Particular  Specific
Fate  destiny
Fatal  dangerous
Polite  gracious, refined, courteous
Push  shove, propel
Intelligent  Smart

Infographics – List of Synonyms for IELTS

useful synonyms for IELTS

useful synonyms for IELTS

synonyms for IELTS

synonyms for IELTSsynonyms for IELTS

useful synonyms for IELTS important synonyms for IELTS important synonyms for IELTS

synonyms for IELTS 1000 synonyms for IELTS

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