1000 Vocabulary Words for IELTS A-Z (2024)

The Top 1000 Words You Need To Know for the IELTS! These Words are Most Important for the IELTS and we have selected these words based on the previous IELTS tests with experience and expert guides.

The list covers vocabulary appropriate to the A2 level, and some Advance to basic IELTS vocabulary words, that are very important for you if you are a beginner in IELTS preparation.

We Have Provided the pdf of this IELTS Vocabulary at the end of this lesson, don’t forget to download that.

Vocabulary Words for IELTS

1000 Vocabulary Words for IELTS

Here is the list of 1000 Vocabulary Words for Ielts with their meanings.

Words Meanings
Abecedarian Beginner
Aberrant Deviant
Aberration Anomaly
Abeyance Suspension
Abhorrent Hateful
Abjure Renounce
Abnegation Self-denial
Abrogate Revoke
Abscond Flee
Abstemious Moderate
Abstruse Obscure
Accolade Honor
Acerbic Sharp
Acquiesce Comply
Acrimonious Bitter
Acrimony Hostility
Adroit Skillful
Adumbrate Outline
Aesthete Art lover
Aggrandize Enhance
Alacrity Eagerness
Alleviate Relieve
Altruism Selflessness
Altruistic Selfless
Amalgamate Combine
Ambiguous Unclear
Ambivalence Uncertainty
Ameliorate Improve
Amelioration Improvement
Anachronistic Outdated
Anathema Cursed
Anomaly Irregularity
Antediluvian Ancient
Antipathy Hatred
Antiquated Outdated
Antithesis Opposite
Aplastic Without growth
Aplomb Confidence
Apocryphal False
Apostasy Abandonment
Apostate Renegade
Apotheosis Idealization
Apropos Relevant
Arcane Mysterious
Ardent Passionate
Ascetic Self-disciplined
Asperity Harshness
Assiduous Diligent
Astringent Harsh
Atavistic Primitive
Augment Increase
Auspicious Favorable
Avarice Greed
Baleful Harmful
Belie Contradict
Bellicose Aggressive
Belligerent Hostile
Beneficent Generous
Benevolent Kind
Bifurcate Divide
Bombastic Pompous
Bucolic Rural
Cacophonous Discordant
Cacophony Noise
Cajole Persuade
Capacious Spacious
Capitulate Surrender
Capricious Fickle
Capriciousness Unpredictability
Cartography Map-making
Castigate Criticize
Cathartic Cleansing
Chicanery Deception
Chimerical Imaginary
Circumlocution Wordiness
Clandestine Secret
Clandestinity Secrecy
Coalesce Merge
Cogent Convincing
Colloquial Informal
Colloquialism Slang
Colloquy Conversation
Conciliate Pacify
Concomitant Accompanying
Conflagration Fire
Confluence Meeting
Consternation Alarm
Conundrum Puzzle
Convalesce Recover
Copious Abundant
Copiousness Abundance
Corpulence Obesity
Corpulent Overweight
Credence Belief
Credulity Gullibility
Credulous Trusting
Cryptic Enigmatic
Cursory Hasty
Cynosure Center of attention
Debacle Disaster
Debauchery Excessive indulgence
Debilitate Weaken
Decorous Proper
Defenestration Throwing out of a window
Deleterious Harmful
Deleteriousness Harmfulness
Delineate Describe
Demagogue Charismatic leader
Denigrate Criticize unfairly
Denouement Resolution
Deprecate Disapprove
Despondent Hopeless
Desultoriness Lack of purpose
Desultory Random
Diaphanous Transparent
Diaphanousness Transparency
Diatribe Bitter criticism
Dichotomy Division into two parts
Dilapidated Run-down
Dilapidation State of disrepair
Discomfit Embarrass
Disingenuous Insincere
Disparate Different
Disseminate Distribute
Draconian Harsh


Words Meanings
Ebullience Enthusiasm
Ebullient Overflowing with enthusiasm
Ebullition Outburst of emotion
Echelon Level of authority or rank
Eclectic Diverse
Edifice Building
Effervescent Bubbly
Efficacious Effective
Effulgent Shining brightly
Egregious Outstandingly bad
Eloquent Expressive in speech
Elucidate Clarify
Elucidation Clarification
Emaciate Become thin
Emollient Soothing
Emolument Compensation
Enervate Weaken
Enigmatic Mysterious
Ennui Boredom
Enthrall Captivate
Epiphany Sudden realization
Epistolary Relating to letters
Epitome Perfect example
Equanimity Calmness
Eschew Avoid
Esoteric Obscure
Esotericism Obscure knowledge
Euphemism Mild expression for a harsh one
Exacerbate Worsen
Exacerbation Worsening
Exaltation Elevation
Excoriate Criticize harshly
Exculpate Clear of blame
Exculpation Clearing of blame
Exegesis Interpretation
Exemplar Perfect example
Exonerate Absolve from blame
Exorbitant Excessive
Expeditious Efficient
Expurgate Remove objectionable material
Extemporaneous Impromptu
Facade Front of a building
Facetious Humorous
Facetiousness Humor
Fastidious Meticulous
Fatuous Silly
Fatuousness Foolishness
Feckless Ineffectual
Fecund Fertile
Felicitous Well-suited
Felicitousness Appropriateness
Fervent Passionate
Flabbergast Astonish
Flabbergasted Astonished
Florid Ornate
Floridity Excessive ornamentation
Flummox Confuse
Frivolous Trivial
Garrulity Talkativeness
Garrulous Talkative
Garrulousness Excessive talkativeness
Grandiloquence Pompous speech
Grandiloquent Pompous
Grandiosity Self-importance
Gratuitous Unnecessary
Gregarious Sociable
Gregariousness Sociability
Harangue Long, passionate speech
Harbinger Sign of things to come
Hedonism Pursuit of pleasure
Hedonist Pleasure-seeker
Hegemony Dominance
Histrionic Overly dramatic
Iconoclasm Rejection of traditional beliefs
Iconoclast Rebel against tradition
Idiosyncrasy Unique characteristic
Ignominious Shameful
Illicit Unlawful
Immutable Unchanging
Impecunious Poor
Imperturbable Calm under pressure
Impervious Not affected by
Impetuous Impulsive
Implacable Unforgiving
Ineffability Inexpressibility
Ineffable Indescribable
Inefficacious Ineffective
Inexorability Inability to be persuaded
Inexorable Relentless
Inimical Hostile
Insalubrious Unhealthy
Inscrutable Mysterious
Insidious Treacherous
Insipid Bland
Insipidness Blandness
Intransigence Stubbornness
Intransigent Unyielding
Invective Abusive language
Inveterate Deep-rooted
Irascibility Quick temper
Irascible Easily angered
Juxtapose Place side by side
Juxtaposition Side-by-side placement
Lachrymose Tearful
Laconic Brief in speech
Languid Lacking energy
Languor Laziness
Languorous Relaxed
Lassitude Weariness
Lethargic Sluggish
Litigious Prone to lawsuits
Litigiousness Propensity for litigation
Loquacious Talkative
Lugubrious Mournful
Lugubriousness Excessive mournfulness
Luminous Bright


Words Meanings
Maelstrom Whirlpool
Magnanimity Generosity
Magnanimous Generous
Malevolence Ill will
Malevolent Malicious
Maudlin Sentimental
Maudlinness Excessive sentimentality
Mellifluent Smooth-flowing
Mellifluous Sweet-sounding
Mellifluousness Smoothness and sweetness
Mendacious Dishonest
Mendacity Dishonesty
Meretricious Superficially attractive
Misanthrope Hater of humanity
Misanthropist One who hates humanity
Misanthropy Hatred of humanity
Mitigate Alleviate
Mitigation Alleviation
Mollify Soothe
Moribund Dying
Munificence Generosity
Munificent Very generous
Nebulous Unclear
Nebulousness Lack of clarity
Nefarious Wicked
Nefariousness Wickedness
Nonchalant Casual
Nostalgia Longing for the past
Nostalgic Longing for the past
Obfuscate Confuse
Obfuscation Confusing
Obsequious Obedient
Obsequiousness Obedience
Obstinance Stubbornness
Obstinate Stubborn
Odious Hateful
Odiousness Hatefulness
Omnipotent All-powerful
Onerous Burdensome
Onerousness Burden
Opulent Wealthy
Ostentatious Showy
Palimpsest Manuscript with erased writing
Palliate Alleviate
Panacea Universal remedy
Paradigm Model
Paradigmatic Representing a model
Paradoxical Contradictory
Paragon Model of excellence
Parsimonious Stingy
Parsimoniousness Stinginess
Parsimony Frugality
Penchant Strong liking
Penurious Extremely poor
Penuriousness Extreme poverty
Penury Extreme poverty
Perfidious Treacherous
Perfidiousness Treachery
Perfunctory Done without care
Pernicious Harmful
Perniciousness Harmfulness
Perspicacious Insightful
Perspicacity Insight
Perspicuity Clarity
Petulance Irritability
Petulant Irritable
Platitude Cliché
Plenitude Abundance
Precarious Unstable
Precariousness Instability
Predilection Preference
Prevaricate Evade the truth
Prolific Productive
Prolificacy Productivity
Prolificness High productivity
Propinquity Closeness
Propitious Favorable
Prosaic Ordinary
Puerile Childish
Pugnacious Combative
Pugnaciousness Aggressiveness
Querulous Complaining
Quixotic Idealistic
Quixotism Idealism
Rapacious Greedy
Rapaciousness Greediness
Rapacity Greed
Recalcitrance Stubbornness
Recalcitrant Stubborn
Recidivism Repeated criminal behavior
Redolence Fragrance
Redolent Fragrant
Refulgent Shining brightly
Reprehensibility Blameworthiness
Reprehensible Blameworthy
Reprobate Unprincipled
Resplendence Brilliance
Resplendent Brilliant
Reticence Reserved
Reticent Reserved
Sagacious Wise
Salient Prominent
Salubrious Healthy
Sanguine Optimistic
Sardonic Mocking
Sardonicism Mockery
Scintillate Sparkle
Scintillating Sparkling
Scintillation Sparkle
Sycophancy Flattery
Sycophant Flatterer
Sycophantic Flattering
Taciturn Silent
Taciturnity Silence
Tantamount Equivalent
Tenacious Persistent
Tenebrous Dark
Timorous Fearful
Trepidation Anxiety
Ubiquitous Everywhere
Ubiquitousness State of being everywhere
Ubiquity Omnipresence
Umbrage Offense
Unctuous Oily
Unctuousness Oily quality
Vehemence Intensity
Vehement Passionate
Veracity Truthfulness
Verbose Wordy
Verdant Green
Verisimilitude Appearance of truth
Vicarious Experienced through another
Vicissitude Change in circumstances
Vilify Defame
Visceral Deep emotional
Vitriolic Bitterly critical
Vituperate Verbally abuse
Volatile Unstable
Volatility Unstable nature
Welter Chaos
Xenophobe One who dislikes foreigners
Zealot Fanatic
Zealotry Excessive zeal
Zealousness Enthusiasm

Infographics (Vocabulary words for IELTS with Meanings)

Vocabulary Words for IELTS

List of Vocabulary Words for IELTS

IELTS Vocabulary Words

basic vocabulary for IELTS Vocabulary words for IELTS with meaning 1000 Vocabulary words for IELTS with meaning

Download this list of

1000 Vocabulary words for IELTS in PDF (Download HERE)

Some Premium Tips For IELTS vocabulary!

How can I improve my IELTS vocabulary?

Follow these tips to Improve your IELTS Vocabulary:

  1. Make a good timetable for your study, and learn 10 new important IELTS words every day.
  2. Your first focus is making your own dictionary, putting new words into your own dictionary, and revising them.
  3. You must practice the new words in your friend’s circle.
  4. Try to write something using new words that you learn every day.
  5. Have a significant focus on the IELTS speaking section.

How much vocabulary is enough for IELTS?

As an IELTS Vocabulary learner, you must have a collection of 6000 to 7000 most used vocabulary words. And be focused that these words cover every aspect of nature so that you can speak fluently about any topic.

How can I study for IELTS at home?

That’s the question of every second student preparing for IELTS, I will give you some good tips that will help you and even boost your IELTS preparation at home.

  1. Learn new vocabulary Words Daily (At Least 10)*
  2. Practice these words with your speaking partner or a friend.
  3. Buy Some Good Vocabulary books for IELTS.
  4. To Make your interest, do a bit of case study of some success.
  5. Do a bit of research on IELTS.
  6. Write your new Words in a book. (Save your Vocabulary Collection)
  7. Revise your vocabulary every day.
  8. Join an online IELTS Preparation Program *
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