50 Examples of Collective Nouns

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A collective noun is a word for a group of specific items, people, or animals. Most Common examples include team, herd, flock, and couple. While most collective nouns are used to describe groups of common objects, you can also use them when referring to unique collections. Here are some interesting ways to use collective nouns in your writing.

You can use collective nouns to add intrigue or mystery to your writing. For example, rather than saying “A group of people was waiting in line,” you could say “A mob was waiting in line.” This small change gives the reader a sense of the situation without providing too much detail.

50 Examples of collective nouns

50 Examples of Collective Nouns

  1. class of students
  2. cloud of dust
  3. cluster of coconuts
  4. colony of badgers
  5. company of actors
  6. hand of bananas
  7. harvest of wheat
  8. heap of rubbish
  9. hedge of bushes
  10. library of books
  11. pack of cards
  12. packet of letters
  13. pair of shoes
  14. party of friends
  15. ream of paper
  16. reel of film
  17. set of clubs
  18. sheaf of grain
  19. stack of wood
  20. string of horses
  21. A string of pearls
  22. stud of horses
  23. swarm of bees
  24. team of oxen
  25. team of players
  26. tribe of natives
  27. troop of scouts
  28. wad of notes
  29. Agenda of tasks
  30. Fitting of sails
  31. Fleet of boats
  32. Fleet of cars
  33. Fleet of vehicles
  34. Flight of stairs
  35. Garland of sonnets
  36. Herd of curlew
  37. Mob of deer
  38. Pack of cards
  39. Pod of birds
  40. Quiver of arrows
  41. Range of mountains
  42. Roll of coins
  43. Rope of onions
  44. Rope of pearls
  45. Rouleau of money
  46. Round of drinks
  47. Serving of spoons
  48. Sloth of bears
  49. A Fleet of ships
  50. A galaxy of stars

Examples of Collective Nouns With Sentences

1- A class of students:

She is in a class of 30 students.

2- A  flock of sheep:

We saw a flock of sheep on the hill.

3- A herd of cows:

The herd of cows was grazing in the meadow.

4- A pride of lions:

We saw a pride of lions on our safari.

5- A school of fish:

The school of fish was swimming in the coral reef.

6- A stack of hay:

There is a stack of hay in the barn.

7- A team of horses:

The team of horses was pulling the wagon.

8- A throng of people:

There was a throng of people at the concert.

9- An array of colors:

The sunset had an array of colors.

10- A bloom of flowers:

There was a bloom of flowers in the garden.

50 Examples Of Collective Nouns In Sentences

  1. A pack of wolves howled in the distance.
  2. The swarm of bees buzzed around the flowers.
  3. Our class is a team of enthusiastic learners.
  4. The herd of elephants grazed peacefully in the savannah.
  5. A flock of birds flew across the sky.
  6. The band of musicians played an energetic melody.
  7. The colony of ants worked together to build their nest.
  8. A group of friends gathered for a picnic in the park.
  9. The fleet of ships sailed towards the horizon.
  10. The pride of lions roared loudly in the wilderness.
  11. A bunch of grapes hung from the vine.
  12. The congregation of worshippers gathered for Sunday service.
  13. A litter of puppies played in the yard.
  14. The team of players scored a winning goal.
  15. A swarm of locusts descended upon the crops.
  16. The herd of cattle grazed peacefully in the field.
  17. A group of tourists explored the ancient ruins.
  18. The pack of hounds eagerly pursued the scent.
  19. The school of fish swam in synchronized patterns.
  20. A hive of bees buzzed around the hive entrance.
  21. The fleet of cars drove along the highway.
  22. A gang of thieves attempted a daring heist.
  23. The pride of peacocks displayed their magnificent feathers.
  24. The team of scientists conducted groundbreaking research.
  25. A colony of penguins huddled together for warmth.
  26. The bouquet of flowers filled the room with fragrance.
  27. A group of children played happily in the park.
  28. The swarm of mosquitoes made the evening unpleasant.
  29. The herd of deer gracefully leaped across the meadow.
  30. A pack of cards was shuffled for the game.
  31. The school of dolphins swam alongside the boat.
  32. A troop of monkeys swung through the trees.
  33. The congregation of birds chirped harmoniously at dawn.
  34. A flock of sheep roamed freely in the pasture.
  35. The parliament of owls perched on the tree branches.
  36. The team of firefighters extinguished the blazing flames.
  37. A colony of bats hung upside down in the cave.
  38. The gaggle of geese honked as they flew overhead.
  39. A group of students studied late into the night.
  40. The fleet of planes landed safely at the airport.
  41. The pack of dogs played joyfully in the dog park.
  42. A herd of buffalo grazed on the grassy plains.
  43. The congregation of trees provided shade on a sunny day.
  44. A swarm of butterflies fluttered among the flowers.
  45. The team of chefs prepared a delicious feast.
  46. A colony of ants scurried across the picnic blanket.
  47. The pod of dolphins leaped out of the water.
  48. A group of volunteers helped clean up the beach.
  49. The flock of seagulls squawked near the shoreline.
  50. A herd of horses galloped across the open field.

Examples of Collective Nouns Examples of Collective Nouns with sentences

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