500+ Vocabulary Words for IELTS | Download PDF

Vocabulary Words for IELTS! Here is the list of 500+ IELTS vocabulary words. These vocabulary words are very useful in IELTS and TOFEl. You can improve your English writings and speaking by using these IELTS vocabulary words. You can DOWNLOAD PDF of 500+ IELTS vocabulary words at the end.

IELTS Vocabulary

Vocabulary Words for IELTS

A narrative <<>> A story
Abandon <<>> Desert
Able <<>> Capable
Abundant <<>> Ample
Accurate <<>> Correct
Achieve <<>> Accomplish
Active <<>> Energetic
Adamant <<>> Firm
Afraid <<>> Frightened
After <<>> Following
Aid <<>> Assist
Always <<>> Forever
Ambitious <<>> Driven
Apparent <<>> Evident
Approve <<>> Accept
Arrogant <<>> Haughty
Artificial <<>> Fake
Atrocious <<>> Dreadful
Authentic <<>> Genuine
Awful <<>> Dreadful
Awkward <<>> Clumsy
Backside <<>> Bottom
Barren <<>> Infertile
Beautiful <<>> Attractive
Beginning <<>> Initiate
Bendy <<>> Flexible
Beneficial <<>> Helpful
Beneficiant <<>> Generous
Best <<>> Finest
Birth <<>> Beginning
Blameless <<>> Innocent
Blend <<>> Combine
Bloodless <<>> Cold
Bottom <<>> Base
Brave <<>> Courageous
Break <<>> Fracture
Care <<>> Concern
Careful <<>> Cautious
Cease <<>> Discontinue
Charming <<>> Delightful
Chilly <<>> Cool
Clarify <<>> Explain
Coarse <<>> Bumpy
Colossal <<>> Enormous
Combine <<>> Blend
Comical <<>> Amusing
Competent <<>> Capable
Competent <<>> Capable
Complete <<>> Conclude
Complex <<>> Complicated
Concur <<>> Agree
Condemn <<>> Censure
Condense <<>> Concentrate
Confess <<>> Admit
Confine <<>> Contain
Damage <<>> Hurt
Damage <<>> Impair
Daring <<>> Bold
Daybreak <<>> Dawn
Decontrol <<>> Deregulate
Dedicated <<>> Committed
Defective <<>> Faulty
Delicate <<>> Fragile
Demolish <<>> Destroy
Denounce <<>> Blame
Different <<>> Distinct
Difficult <<>> Hard
Dry <<>> Arid
Dubious <<>> Doubtful
Empty <<>> Drain
Enlarge <<>> Expand
Enormous <<>> Huge
Equity <<>> Fairness
Essential <<>> Fundamental
Eternal <<>> Always
Everlasting <<>> Eternal
Evident <<>> Apparent
Evil <<>> Bad, wrong, wicked
Excite <<>> Arouse
Explicit <<>> Exact
Exquisite <<>> Delightful
Extravagant <<>> Extreme
Face <<>> Confront
Fair <<>> Honest
Fake <<>> Imitation

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ielts vocabulary (2)

ielts vocabulary (3)

ielts vocabulary (4)

List of IELTS vocabulary words

Fancy <<>> Elaborate
Fantastic <<>> Incredible
Fat <<>> Chubby
Fatal <<>> Deadly
Ferocious <<>> Fierce
Fertile <<>> Fruitful
Fiction <<>> Fantasy
Flaw <<>> Defect
Flimsy <<>> Frail
Flippant <<>> Impudent
Foe <<>> Enemy
Frank <<>> Candid
Frenzy <<>> Fury
Gain <<>> Acquire
Gala <<>> Festal
Gallant <<>> Audacious
Gallant <<>> Chivalrous
Gather <<>> Collect
Generous <<>> Giving
Genius <<>> Brilliance
Gigantic <<>> Immense
Gigantic <<>> Immense
Give <<>> Donate
Grant <<>> Accord,
Grasping <<>> Greedy
Grateful <<>> Appreciative
Gratis <<>> Free of charge
Gravestone <<>> Headstone
Hard <<>> Firm
Hector <<>> Bully
Help <<>> Aid
Herculean <<>> Formidable
Hermetic <<>> Airtight
Hiatus <<>> Gap
High <<>> Elevated
Hold <<>> Grasp
Hostile <<>> Antagonistic
Humane <<>> Gentle
Humiliate <<>> Embarrass
Hypertension <<>> High blood pressure
Ichor <<>> Fluid
Illicit <<>> Illegal
Immobilize <<>> Halt
Impending <<>> Imminent
Impetuous <<>> Impulsive
Impinge <<>> Intrude
Impugn <<>> Censure
Impute <<>> Attribute
Incentive <<>> Inducement
Inculcate <<>> Instill
Inertia <<>> Inactivity
Infallible <<>> Foolproof
Inordinate <<>> Excessive
Inquisition <<>> Inquiry
Inscrutable <<>> Enigmatic
Inter <<>> Bury
Jaded <<>> Fed up
Jealous <<>> Envious
Jig <<>> Dance
Jitney <<>> Autobus
Jocular <<>> Funny
Jocund <<>> Gay
Joist <<>> Beam
Journeyman <<>> Artisan
Joust <<>> Dispute
Joy <<>> Delight
Jubilee <<>> Anniversary
Juggernaut <<>> Idol
Keen <<>> Eager
Keep <<>> Hold
Ketchup <<>> Gravy
Key <<>> Cue
Kick <<>> Give up
Kid <<>> Child
Kidnap <<>> Capture
Kind <<>> Helpful
Kitchen <<>> Cookhouse
Kneel <<>> Bow down
Knife <<>> Cutter
Knit <<>> Fasten
Knob <<>> Grip
Knock <<>> Censure
Knotty <<>> Complex
Knowledge <<>> Awareness
Kopje <<>> Hill

ielts vocabulary (5)

ielts vocabulary (6)

ielts vocabulary

IELTS vocabulary words

Kotow <<>> Grovel
Kowtow <<>> Genuflect
Kudos <<>> Applause
Lament <<>> Grieve
Large <<>> Big
Last <<>> Final
Last <<>> Final
Least <<>> Fewest
Lethal <<>> Deadly
Ligature <<>> Binder
Lineage <<>> Ancestry
Lion’s share <<>> A big share
Liturgy <<>> Holy sacrament
Livid <<>> Furious
Lodestar <<>> Guiding
Loopy <<>> Crazy
Lucidity <<>> Fluency
Lulu <<>> Beauty
Lure <<>> Attract
Luxurious <<>> Extravagant
Mandala <<>> Figure
Manicured <<>> Cut fingernail
Mansard <<>> Hip roof
Matriculation <<>> Admission
Mausoleum <<>> Catacomb
Melange <<>>  Blew
Menial <<>> Boring
Mesa <<>> Flat tableland
Mesmerize <<>> Captivate
Microcosm <<>> Example
Mote <<>> Blot
Muse <<>> Consider
Naked <<>> Bare
Nameless <<>> Anonymous
Necessary <<>> Essential
Neologism <<>> Coinage
Neutral <<>> Impartial
Nibelung <<>> Evil family having hoard of gold
Nightfall <<>> Dusk
Nip and tuck <<>> Close, near
Non-stop <<>> Continuous
Noted <<>> Famous
Notwithstanding <<>> However,
Nuance <<>> Fine distinction
Obey <<>> Comply
Obligatory <<>> Compulsory
Oblique <<>> Indirect
Observe <<>> Examine
Obsolete <<>> Extinct
Offend <<>> Disgust
Omnipotent <<>> All-powerful
Onslaught <<>> Ambush
Opponent <<>> Enemy
Optimistic <<>> Hopeful
Organic <<>> Biological
Ornament <<>> Decoration
Outside <<>> External
Outstanding <<>> Distinguished
Painstaking <<>> Fastidious
Peculiar <<>> Bizarre
Perfect <<>>  Accurate
Perpetual <<>> Incessant
Persuade <<>> Influence
Plentiful <<>> Abundant
Pliable <<>> Compliant
Poor <<>> Destitute
Prejudiced <<>> Influenced
Premature <<>> Hasty
Premeditated <<>> Calculated
Pretty <<>> Attractive
Prevent <<>> Hinder
Profit <<>> Benefit
Proud <<>> Arrogant
Quadrant <<>> Fourth
Quagmire <<>> Bog
Quainter <<>> Charming
Qualified <<>> Capable
Quantum <<>> Amount
Quarter <<>> District
Queries <<>> Interrogation
Querulous <<>> Difficult
Question <<>>  Ask
Quick <<>>  Fast
Quite <<>> Fairly/ pretty
Quorum <<>>  Assemblage

vocabulary words for ielts (2)

vocabulary words for ielts (3)

Common IELTS vocabulary words

Rapacious <<>> Grasping
Reactionary <<>> Back looking
Reactionary <<>> Back looking
Reciprocal <<>> Inverse
Reclusive <<>> Ascetic
Red herring <<>> Deviation
Regnant <<>> Authority
Relegate <<>> Consign
Relief <<>> Assistance
Remedial <<>> Curative
Resound <<>> Boom
Retrench <<>> Cut back
Roil <<>> Agitate
Ruddy <<>> Glowing
Sampan <<>> Boat
Sanatorium <<>> Clinic
Sciatica <<>> Backache
Score <<>> Get
Scorn <<>> Disrespect
Scot work <<>> Chores
Scrutinize <<>> Examine
Sear <<>> Flame
Sedate <<>> Cool
Seder <<>> Ceremonial dinner
Sediment <<>> Dregs
Seminary <<>> Institution
Sensibility <<>> Awareness
Septic <<>> Diseased
Serendipity <<>> Chance
Talk turkey <<>> Get to point
Tank <<>> Container
Tariff <<>> Excise
Taxidermy <<>> Artistry
Temperance <<>> Control
Tenacious <<>> Firm
Tessellate <<>> Form mosaic pattern
Tipping point <<>> Change
Total <<>> Complete
Totem <<>> Experiment
Traction <<>> Footing
Transcend <<>> Exceed
Trepidation <<>> Apprehension
Trifle <<>> Drop
Trifle <<>> Drop
Unbiased <<>> Impartial
Uncanny <<>> Creepy
Unduly <<>> Excessively
Undying <<>> Deathless
Unease <<>> Disquiet
Untimely <<>> Inopportune
Untiring <<>> Energetic
Untold <<>> Boundless
Upcoming <<>> Approaching
Urban <<>> Citified
Urgent <<>> Imperative
Vacant <<>> Empty
Valedictory <<>> Farewell speech
Vascular <<>> Conduction
Venality <<>>  Corruption
Veneer <<>> Finish
Ventricle <<>> Chamber
Veracity <<>> Authenticity
Vertex <<>> Apogee
Vintage <<>> Classic
Viticulture <<>> Grape growing
Voguism <<>> Acceptance
Voracious <<>> Hungry
Voraciousness <<>> Hunger
Vortex <<>> Current
Want <<>> Desire
Warranty <<>> Guarantee
Weak <<>> Feeble
Wealth <<>> Assets
Wheedle <<>> Charm
Wonderful <<>>  Amazing
Woof <<>> Filling
Wunderkind <<>> Genius
Xavier <<>> Francisco
Xebecs <<>> Clippers
Xenial <<>> Friendly
Xenodochy <<>> Hospitality
Xenophobic <<>> Disease
Xeric <<>> Dry
Xerothermic <<>> Desertic

vocabulary words for ielts (4)

Difficult IELTS vocabulary words

Xeroxing <<>> Duplicator
Xmas <<>> Christmas
Xylene <<>> Dissolver
Yacht <<>> Boat
Yackety-yak <<>> Chatter
Yahoo <<>> Bumpkin
Yak <<>> Blab
Yank <<>> Drag
Yap <<>> Barking
Yard sale <<>> Garage sale
Yardstick <<>> Average
Yaw <<>> Curve
Yawn <<>> Bore
Yearlong <<>> Annual
Yeasty <<>> Frothy
Yelp <<>> Bawl
Yenta <<>> Gossiper
Yet <<>> After all
Y-fronts <<>> Briefs
Yip <<>> Cry
Yokel <<>> Bucolic
Young <<>> Blooming
Young bird <<>> Fledgling
Youthful <<>> Active
Yowl <<>> Bellow
Yowling <<>> Caterwauling
Yo-yo <<>> Alternate
Zamboni <<>> Ice resurfacer
Zany <<>> Goofball
Zany <<>> Humourless
Zazaki <<>> Dimli
Zeal <<>> Fire
Zealotry <<>> Fanatism
Zealous <<>> Greedy
Zealously <<>> Eagerly
Zelkova <<>> Caucasian elm
Zephyr <<>> Breeze
Zerogon <<>> Apeirogon
Zest <<>> Flavor
Zesty <<>> Hot
Zigadene <<>> Death camas
Zinc oxide <<>> Chinese white
Zincous <<>> Hurry


vocabulary words for ielts


You can DOWNLOAD PDF of  500+ Vocabulary words for IELTS List.

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