Vocabulary for IELTS: List of Cambridge vocabulary with meanings

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Vocabulary for IELTS! Here is the list of IELTS vocabulary words. These words are very helpful for preparation of IELTS exam. You can use these imortant and basic vocabulary words in your daily conversation and writings. Moreover you can DOWNLOAD PDF of vocabulary for IELTS list at the end.

Vocabulary for IELTS  with Meanings

Vocabulary for IELTS list

Abbreviate <<>> Shorten
Ability <<>> Skill
Above <<>> Overhead
Adamant <<>> Unyielding
Aggressive <<>> Pushy
Amateur <<>> Novice
Antagonize <<>> Provoke
Arrive <<>> Reach
Ask <<>> Question
Average <<>> Ordinary
Backbone <<>> Spine
Bad (not good) <<>> Poor
Ballot <<>> Poll
Ban <<>> Outlaw
Barren <<>> Infertile
Bashful <<>> Timid
Beginning <<>> Initiate
Believable <<>> Plausible
Believe <<>> Trust
Belly <<>> Stomach
Below <<>> Under
Bid <<>> Tender
Bizarre <<>> Weird
Blameless <<>> Innocent
Brief <<>> Short
Broad <<>> Wide
Busy <<>> Working
Buy <<>> Purchase
Certain <<>> Positive
Chubby <<>> Plump
Close <<>> Near
Close <<>> Shut
Comprehend <<>> Understand
Compress <<>> Squeeze
Concrete <<>> Real
Conflict <<>> Oppose
Conflict <<>>  Struggle
Conform <<>> Submit
Confuse <<>>  Muddle
Dally <<>> Loiter
Dally <<>> Loiter
Damage <<>> Impair
Dangerous <<>> Unsafe
Dash <<>> Sprint
Dead <<>> Lifeless
Decay <<>> Rot
Deceptive <<>> Misleading
Deduct <<>> Subtract
Defend <<>> Protect
Defy <<>> Resist
Deliberate <<>> Planned
Divide <<>> Separate
Docile <<>> Tame
Dormant <<>> Sleeping
Dreadful <<>> Terrible
Early <<>> Premature
Easy <<>> Simple
Eccentric <<>> Peculiar
Ecstasy <<>> Joy
Encourage <<>> Promote
Enemy <<>> Opponent
Enjoy <<>> Like
Enormous <<>> Vast
Enough <<>> Sufficient
Entirely <<>> Wholly
Especially <<>> Particularly
Exactly <<>> Precisely
Exceptional <<>> Remarkable
Exhilarated <<>> Overjoyed
Exterior <<>> Outside
Fabulous <<>> Marvelous
Fake <<>> Imitation
Fantastic <<>> Incredible
Fast <<>> Rapid
Fatigue <<>> Tire
Feasible <<>> Possible
Feeble <<>> Weak
Fill <<>> Load
Fix <<>> Mend
Flippant <<>> Impudent
Fluid <<>> Liquid
Follow <<>> Succeed
Forbid <<>> Prohibit
Forgive <<>> Pardon
Former <<>> Previous

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vocabulary for ielts list

vocabulary for ielts list

List of Vocabulary for IELTS

Fraction <<>> Part
Gaudy <<>> Showy
Gaunt <<>> Scrawny
Generous <<>> Lavish
Gentle <<>> Tender
Genuine <<>> Real
Gigantic <<>> Immense
Gigantic <<>> Immense
Gloomy <<>> Sullen
Glorify <<>> Praise
Gratitude <<>> Thankfulness
Gratuity <<>> Tip
Great <<>> Outstanding
Grief <<>> Sorrow
Handy <<>> Useful
Handy <<>> Useful
Hate <<>> Loathe
Healthy <<>> Strong
Heinous <<>> Monstrous
Hesitate <<>> Pause
Holy <<>> Religious
Homeopathy <<>> Treatment method
Hone <<>> Polish
Honest <<>> Truthful
Hospitable <<>> Welcoming
Hot <<>> Warm
Hue and cry <<>> Uproar
Huge <<>> Vast
Humble <<>> Modest
Humid <<>> Wet
Hydra <<>> Problem
Hypothermia <<>> Low body temperature
Idealist <<>> Romantic
Ilk <<>> Type
Imam <<>> Leader
Impediment <<>> Obstruction
Impending <<>> Imminent
Impetuous <<>> Impulsive
Impetus <<>> Momentum
Impinge <<>> Intrude
Implacable <<>> Pitiless
Importune <<>> Pester
Imprecation <<>> Malediction
Impregnable <<>> Unassailable
Improvise <<>> Manage
Inanity <<>> Stupidity
Incarnate <<>> Personified
Incentive <<>> Inducement
Incisive <<>> Keen
Inculcate <<>> Instill
Indigent <<>> Poor
Ineradicable <<>> Permanent
Inertia <<>> Inactivity
Inquisition <<>> Inquiry
Jackknife <<>> Pocket knife
Jargon <<>> Slang, lingo
Jejune <<>> Irreverent
Jell <<>> Take shape
Jeopardy <<>> Threat
Jeremiad <<>> Tirade
Jettison <<>> Throw away
Jihad <<>> War
Jingoism <<>> Patriotism
Jubilant <<>> Overjoyed
Judicial <<>> Legal
Judicious <<>> Sensible
Juncture <<>> Stage
Junket <<>> Jaunt
Junta <<>> Military rule
Justify <<>> Validate
Juxtapose <<>> Put together
Kayak <<>> Outrigger
Kelp <<>> Seaweed
Kill <<>> Murder
Kin <<>> Relative
Kindergarten <<>> Nursery
King <<>> Ruler
Kit <<>> Tools
Knell <<>> Sound
Know <<>> Recognize
Kunzite <<>> Transparent hem
Lacking <<>> Missing
Leading <<>> Main

vocabulary for ielts list (2)

ielts vocabulary

List of IELTS Vocabulary

Legible <<>> Readable
Legitimate <<>> Valid
Lenient <<>> Lax
Ligament <<>> Tendon
Lipid <<>> Oils
Lissome <<>> Lithe
Listless <<>> Lethargic
Litter <<>> Waste
Logical <<>> Sensible
Long <<>> Lengthy
Loose <<>> Slack
Magnum <<>> Large bottle
Maneuver <<>> Tactic
Manifestation <<>> Symptom
Maverick <<>> Unconventional
Mean <<>> Represent
Medley <<>> Mixture
Memento <<>> Keepsake
Mentor <<>> Teacher
Metabolism <<>> Reactions
Militate <<>> Oppose
Minatory <<>> Menacing
Mirth <<>> Laughter
Misanthropy <<>> Unfriendliness
Monolithic <<>> Monumental
Montage <<>> Mixture
Mosaic <<>> Montage
Mosey <<>> Stroll
Myriad <<>> Numberless
Nadir <<>> Pit
Napkin <<>> Serviette
Nary <<>> Neither
Nee <<>> Need
Neutral <<>> Impartial
New <<>> Modern
Nexus <<>> Link
Nice <<>> Pleasing
Niche <<>> Role
Nobility <<>> The aristocracy
Non sequitur <<>> Response
Nonchalant <<>> Lackadaisical
Noon <<>> Midday
Normal <<>> Usual
Nugatory <<>> Worthless
Numerous <<>> Many
Obdurate <<>> Stubborn
Object <<>> Thing
Oblique <<>> Indirect
Oblivious <<>> Unconscious
Obnoxious <<>> Repulsive
Obsolete <<>> Out of date
Obstinate <<>> Stubborn
Odd <<>> Peculiar
Off-season <<>> Low season
Ominous <<>> Menacing
Opaque <<>> Solid
Opaque <<>> Unclear
Open <<>> Originate
Optional <<>> Voluntary
Ordinary <<>> Usual
Outrageous <<>> Shocking
Passive <<>> Yielding
Past <<>> Preceding
Patience <<>> Perseverance
Permanent <<>> Lasting
Perpetual <<>> Incessant
Persuade <<>> Influence
Plausible <<>> Logical
Portion <<>> Piece
Possible <<>> Plausible
Precarious <<>> Shaky
Precious <<>> Prized
Prejudiced <<>> Influenced
Preserve <<>> Save
Prevalent <<>> Widespread
Probable <<>> Liable
Prompt <<>> Punctual
Prosperous <<>> Thriving
Quacking <<>> Shake
Quadriceps <<>> Muscle of thigh
Quaestor <<>> Officer
Quaffs <<>> Slurp
Quagmire <<>> Swamp
Quails <<>> Shrink
Quake <<>> Tremble
Quartz <<>> Mineral
Queasy <<>> Sick

ielts vocabulary

ielts vocabulary Vocabulary words for IELTS

Queen <<>> Royalty
Queries <<>> Interrogation
Quests <<>> Search
Queue <<>> Row
Quicker <<>> Quicker
Quiet <<>> Peaceful
Quiet <<>> Silent
Quietly <<>> Quietly
Quintessential <<>>  Model
Quit <<>> Withdraw
Quoted <<>> Repeat
Radiant <<>> Joyful
Rakish <<>> Stylish
Rapport <<>> Link
Raze <<>> Ruin
Recapitulate <<>> Repeat
Reciprocal <<>> Inverse
Reclamation <<>> Retrieval
Rectify <<>> Put right
Rectify <<>> Put right
Regime <<>> Rule,
Renege <<>> Revoke
Renovate <<>> Modernize
Resonance <<>> Timbre
Restitution <<>> Reimbursement
Resuscitate <<>> Save
Riff <<>> Jazz
Robust <<>> Strong
Sagacity <<>> Prudence
Sagacity <<>> Prudence
Sampler <<>> Needle work
Sanctity <<>>  Sacredness
Sanguine <<>> Positive
Sarong <<>>  Miniskirt
Satiate <<>> Slake
Satire <<>>  Lampoon
Scam <<>>  Swindle
Sceptic <<>> Skeptic
Scruple <<>> Regret
Scuttle <<>> Spoil
Sec <<>> Second
Segment <<>> Slice
Seminary <<>> Institution
Taboo <<>> Unthinkable
Tactile <<>> Perceptible
Tchotchkes <<>> Trifle
Telepathy <<>> Sixth sense
Therapeutic <<>> Remedial
Thrive <<>> Prosper
Titan <<>> Reputation
To deduce <<>> To infer
To establish <<>> To set up
To evaluate <<>> To assess
To grab <<>> To seize
To grouse <<>> To grumble
To narrate <<>> To relate
To nominate <<>> To appoint
To operate <<>> To function
Torpid <<>> Lazy
Tranquil <<>> Restful
Transient <<>> Passing
Transmute <<>> Transform
Treacly <<>> Syrupy
Triage <<>> Sorting
Trilogy <<>> Triplet
Trundle <<>> Push
Unbiased <<>> Impartial
Undergird <<>> Support
Undulate <<>> Wavy
Undulating <<>> Rolling
Unearth <<>> Locate
Uneducated <<>> Unlettered
Unregenerate <<>> Obstinate
Untimely <<>> Inopportune
Untouchable <<>> Unpronounceable
Untoward <<>> Untoward
Untried <<>> New
Upbringing <<>> Rearing
Upchuck <<>> Sick
Update <<>> Modify
Upend <<>> Position
Upset <<>> Perturb
Urbane <<>> Stylish
Urgent <<>> Imperative
Vague <<>> Unclear
Vale <<>> Valley

ielts vocabulary

IELTS vocabulary list

Vanquish <<>> Subdue
Vegetate <<>> Stagnate
Vendetta <<>> Revenge
Venerable <<>> Revered
Venomous <<>> Lethal
Verve <<>> Vigor
Viability <<>> Possibility
Vicious <<>> Malicious
Victory <<>> Success
Virago <<>> Strong woman
Virulent <<>> Potent
Vista <<>> View
Vituperative <<>> Scathing
Vociferous <<>> Raucous
Wadi <<>> Stream
Walk <<>> Stroll
Wan <<>> Pale
Weary <<>> Lethargic
Well mannered <<>> Polite
Well timed <<>> Timely
Whiplash <<>> Lash of whip
Wholehearted <<>> Sincere
Wild <<>> Reckless
Win <<>> Prevail
Win <<>> Succeed
Winner <<>> Victor
Wise <<>> Smart
Woman <<>> Lady
Wonderful <<>> Splendid
Worn <<>> Old
Write <<>> Record
Wrong <<>> Mistaken
Wry <<>> Misdirecting
Xanadu <<>> Luxury
Xanthate <<>> Salt
Xanthe <<>> Termagant
Xanthic <<>> Light
Xanthic <<>> Yellowish
Xanthippe <<>> Termagant
Xanthoma <<>> Skin disease
X-Division <<>> Separation
Xenogeny <<>> Tocology
Xenografts <<>> Transplant
Xenophobia <<>> Social phobia
Xiphoid <<>> Sword-shaped
Xylems <<>> Woody plant
Xyloid <<>> Wooden
Xyloid <<>> Woody
Xylol <<>> Solvent
Xylophones <<>> Percussion instrument
Xylose <<>> Sugar
Yachter <<>> Jack
Yack <<>> Prattle
Yearbook <<>> Record
Yell at <<>> Scold
Yesterday <<>> Last day
Yodel <<>> Sing
Z score <<>> Standard score
Zaftig <<>> Rubenesque
Zaman <<>> Monkey pod
Zander <<>> Pike-perch
Zebra crossing <<>> Pedestrian crossing
Zeitgeisty <<>> Trendy
Zeppelin <<>> Rigid airship
Zero in <<>> Range in
Zero point <<>> Nothing
Zilch <<>> Nil
Zillion <<>> Ordinal
Zinc vitriol <<>> White vitriol
Zip <<>> Postal code


ielts vocabulary (2)

Download PDF

You can DOWNLOAD PDF of vocabulary for IELTS list in Cambridge English.


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