20 Expressions with the Word “Big”

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Expressions using the word “big” are commonly used in English to convey various meanings and nuances. Understanding these expressions can enhance your communication skills. Here are 15 expressions with “big,” along with their meanings and example sentences.

Expressions with Big

1. Big Deal

Meaning: Something important or significant.
Example: “Winning the award was a big deal.”

2. Big Time

Meaning: To a great extent or degree.
Example: “She messed up big time.”

3. Big Shot

Meaning: An important or influential person.
Example: “He’s a big shot in the company.”

4. Big Break

Meaning: A significant opportunity or success.
Example: “She got her big break in Hollywood.”

5. Big Cheese

Meaning: A powerful or important person.
Example: “The big cheese of the firm will visit today.”

6. Big Mouth

Meaning: Someone who talks too much or reveals secrets.
Example: “Don’t trust him; he’s a big mouth.”

7. Big Picture

Meaning: The overall perspective or situation.
Example: “Focus on the big picture, not details.”

8. Big Heart

Meaning: Kind and generous person.
Example: “She has a big heart and helps everyone.”

9. Big Fish

Meaning: An important or influential person in a small area.
Example: “He’s a big fish in a small pond.”

10. Big Hit

Meaning: Something very successful.
Example: “The new product was a big hit.”

11. Big Idea

Meaning: An important or innovative concept.
Example: “His big idea revolutionized the industry.”

12. Big Ask

Meaning: A difficult or significant request.
Example: “Getting this done on time is a big ask.”

13. Big Bucks

Meaning: A large amount of money.
Example: “He made big bucks in real estate.”

14. Big Apple

Meaning: Nickname for New York City.
Example: “She dreams of living in the Big Apple.”

15. Big Shoes to Fill

Meaning: High expectations to meet.
Example: “Replacing him will be big shoes to fill.”

Expressions with the Word “Big”

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