20 Expressions With “Touch” Everyone Should Know

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Touch is a versatile word used in many idiomatic expressions. Understanding these expressions can enhance your communication skills and comprehension. Here are 20 common expressions with “touch” that you should know, along with their meanings and example sentences.

Expressions With Touch

1. Touch Base

Meaning: Make contact
Example: Let’s touch base next week.

2. Touch and Go

Meaning: Uncertain situation
Example: The result was touch and go.

3. Touch Up

Meaning: Improve slightly
Example: She touched up her makeup.

4. Touch a Nerve

Meaning: Cause emotional reaction
Example: His comment touched a nerve.

5. Lose Touch

Meaning: Lose contact
Example: They lost touch after college.

6. In Touch

Meaning: In communication
Example: Stay in touch with me.

7. Out of Touch

Meaning: Not informed
Example: He’s out of touch with reality.

8. Touch Bottom

Meaning: Reach the lowest point
Example: His business touched bottom last year.

9. Touch Wood

Meaning: Hope for luck
Example: I’m healthy, touch wood.

10. Final Touch

Meaning: Finishing detail
Example: Add the final touch to your project.

11. Soft Touch

Meaning: Easy to influence
Example: He’s a soft touch for charities.

12. Magic Touch

Meaning: Special talent
Example: She has a magic touch with plants.

13. Personal Touch

Meaning: Personal detail
Example: Add a personal touch to the gift.

14. Touch on

Meaning: Mention briefly
Example: He touched on the main points.

15. Touch of Class

Meaning: Elegance
Example: The decor added a touch of class.

16. Touch a Chord

Meaning: Evoke emotion
Example: His story touched a chord with us.

17. Touch the Sky

Meaning: Achieve greatness
Example: She felt like she could touch the sky.

18. Touch-and-Feel

Meaning: Interactive
Example: The museum had a touch-and-feel exhibit.

19. Touch of Grey

Meaning: Slightly aged
Example: He has a touch of grey in his hair.

20. Touch and Go

Meaning: Critical situation
Example: The surgery was touch and go.

Expressions With Touch

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