20 New Words with Meaning and Sentences (2024)

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These new and advanced vocabulary words will improve your collection of words in 2024. You can use these English vocabulary words in your routine conversation. You can also download a pdf of this lesson at the end.

New Words with Meanings and Sentences

Here is the list of 20 advanced English vocabulary words with their meanings and example sentences.

  1. Perceive: (See with eyes) I want to perceive you as good in health.
  2. Quarantine: (a period of isolation) He is in quarantine for 10 days.
  3. Mist: (A finer, less dense form of fog) The morning was enveloped in mist.
  4. Daybed: (A couch that can be made into a bed) She was sitting on the daybed.
  5. Own: (Possession) I will own this house.
  6. Antique: (Belonging to Past) The antique vase was displayed in the museum.
  7. Dismay: (Shock) Aliza was dismayed by his remarks.
  8. Exquisite: (A very good quality) The sculpture was made of exquisite marble.
  9. Inquire: (Asked for information) I inquired about her necklace.
  10. Fragile: (Very fine in texture, easily breakable) The glass figurine was incredibly fragile.
  11. Gaze: (Look steadily) She was gazing at me for no apparent reason.
  12. Articulate: (To speak clearly) He articulated his thoughts eloquently.
  13. Strive: (Effort to achieve) I will strive to achieve this goal.
  14. Interior: (inside something) The interior design was breathtaking.
  15. Enclosure: (a barrier or railing) The garden was surrounded by a wooden enclosure.
  16. Fascination: (a strong desire to know) His speech sparked a deep fascination in the audience.
  17. Depart: (go away from) She was hesitant to depart from the city she loved.
  18. Glimmer: (shines faintly with a wavering light) A hint of smile glimmered on her face.
  19. Equitable: (treating people equally without discrimination) His policies are known for being equitable.
  20. Aspire: (desire for achievement) I aspire to become a doctor.

New Words For Everyday Use

These words might reflect emerging technologies, cultural shifts, or new concepts in various fields. Here’s a speculative list of the daily use new and advanced words that you can use in your routine conversation that could be significant in 2024:

Food and Cuisine Words:

  1. Gastrocrafting: (Art of creating artistic, high-quality food)
  2. Nutriomics: (Study of nutrients and their effects)
  3. EthnoCuisine: (Fusion of traditional ethnic recipes with modern cooking)
  4. Plant-based Artisanal: (Handcrafted food from plant sources)
  5. FlavorScape: (Landscape of complex flavors in a dish)
  6. EcoGastronomy: (Eco-friendly and sustainable cooking practices)
  7. Fermentology: (Science of fermentation in food)
  8. FoodPrint: (Carbon footprint of producing specific foods)
  9. AquaCuisine: (Cooking predominantly with seafood and aquatic plants)
  10. Biogenic Diet: (Diet based on life-promoting foods)
  11. Gastronutrition: (Combining gastronomy and nutrition science)
  12. Hyperlocal Eating: (Consuming foods grown extremely locally)
  13. Molecular Gastronomy: (Science of physical and chemical cooking processes)
  14. Culinary Upcycling: (Reusing food waste in creative ways)
  15. AgriLab Grown: (Food products grown in agriculture labs)
  16. Microbiotic Cooking: (Cooking focused on gut health)
  17. Virtual Cuisine: (Food experiences in virtual reality)
  18. Climate Kitchen: (Kitchen practices reducing environmental impact)
  19. Sensory Dining: (Eating experiences that engage all senses)
  20. NeuroNourishment: (Food designed to enhance brain function)

Fashion and Lifestyle Words:

  1. EcoCouture: (Environmentally sustainable high fashion)
  2. WearTech: (Wearable technology in clothing)
  3. Biodesign Fashion: (Fashion using biologically inspired designs)
  4. Virtual Runway: (Fashion shows in virtual reality)
  5. RecycloWear: (Clothing made from recycled materials)
  6. Fashionomics: (Economic study of the fashion industry)
  7. Ethical Threads: (Clothing made under fair labor practices)
  8. AeroDynamic Wear: (Clothing designed for aerodynamic efficiency)
  9. Smart Fabrics: (Materials that respond to environmental changes)
  10. UrbanUtility Gear: (Fashionable, practical urban living wear)
  11. NanoFashion: (Clothing using nanotechnology)
  12. Sartorial Tech: (Integration of technology into bespoke tailoring)
  13. Climate Adapt Wear: (Clothing designed for changing climates)
  14. Augmented Accessories: (Accessories enhanced with AR technology)
  15. Cultural Fusion Wear: (Clothing blending different cultural styles)
  16. Hybrid Textiles: (Combining natural and synthetic fibers innovatively)
  17. Digital Drapery: (Clothing designs created and displayed digitally)
  18. Zero-Waste Wardrobe: (Clothing made with minimal waste)
  19. Sustainable Style: (Fashion that focuses on sustainability)
  20. Flexi-Fashion: (Adaptive clothing for diverse body types)

Environmental Words:

  1. Climate Resilience: (Ability to adapt to climate change impacts)
  2. EcoRestoration: (Restoring damaged ecological systems)
  3. Bioremediation: (Use of living organisms to treat pollution)
  4. Green Infrastructure: (Eco-friendly public facility solutions)
  5. Carbon Sequestration: (Capturing and storing atmospheric CO2)
  6. Biodiversity Mapping: (Charting species diversity in areas)
  7. EcoInnovation: (Inventions improving environmental health)
  8. Water Footprint: (Measure of water usage impact)
  9. Renewable Integration: (Incorporating renewable resources into daily use)
  10. Sustainability Metrics: (Measuring environmental sustainability)
  11. EcoBehaviorism: (Study of behaviors impacting the environment)
  12. Green Urbanism: (Eco-friendly city planning and living)
  13. Ecosystem Valuation: (Monetary worth of ecosystems)
  14. Climate Adaptation Strategies: (Plans for adapting to climate change)
  15. Environmental Forensics: (Investigating environmental damages)
  16. BioDiversity Conservation: (Protection of diverse life forms)
  17. EcoPsychology: (Study of human-nature relationship)
  18. Green Energy Tech: (Technology for sustainable energy)
  19. WasteStream Reduction: (Decreasing waste production)
  20. EcoGovernance: (Environmental management and policy)

Economic and Business Words:

  1. Circular Economy: (System reducing waste through reuse)
  2. Predictive Analytics: (Using data to forecast trends)
  3. Gig Economy: (Market of short-term contracts or freelance work)
  4. Blockchain Logistics: (Using blockchain in supply chain management)
  5. Disruptive Innovation: (Innovation that changes industry standards)
  6. Fintech Revolution: (Changes in financial services through technology)
  7. Consumer Analytics: (Studying consumer behavior and trends)
  8. Digital Assets: (Non-tangible assets in digital form)
  9. Market Globalization: (Integration of markets across the world)
  10. Corporate Sustainability: (Business focus on environmental responsibility)
  11. Agile Management: (Adaptive and flexible business management)
  12. Brand Activism: (Companies taking stands on social issues)
  13. Economic Decarbonization: (Reducing carbon footprint in economics)
  14. Collaborative Consumption: (Sharing access to products or services)
  15. AI Optimization: (Using AI for business efficiency)
  16. Ethical Investment: (Investing in socially responsible ventures)
  17. Smart Contracts: (Automated, blockchain-based contracts)
  18. Data Commodification: (Treating data as a valuable commodity)
  19. Virtual Workforce: (Employees working in virtual environments)
  20. Supply Chain Innovation: (New methods in supply chain management)

Crypto-Related Words:

  1. Blockchain Ecosystem: (The complex network of blockchain technology)
  2. Cryptonomics: (Economics of cryptocurrencies)
  3. Tokenization: (Conversion of assets into digital tokens)
  4. DeFi (Decentralized Finance): (Financial services on blockchain without intermediaries)
  5. CryptoMining: (Process of validating and recording blockchain transactions)
  6. Smart Ledger: (Enhanced blockchain ledger with additional features)
  7. Digital Wallet: (Software for storing digital currencies)
  8. NFT (Non-Fungible Token): (Unique digital asset representing ownership)
  9. Ledger Security: (Protecting blockchain ledgers from unauthorized access)
  10. Cryptocurrency Exchange: (Platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies)
  11. Token Economy: (Economic system based on digital tokens)
  12. Blockchain Transparency: (Visibility of transactions on the blockchain)
  13. Decentralized Autonomy: (Self-governing systems in blockchain)
  14. Crypto Arbitrage: (Profiting from price differences in different markets)
  15. Initial Coin Offering (ICO): (Fundraising via cryptocurrency sales)
  16. Crypto Regulation: (Legal framework for cryptocurrency operations)
  17. Blockchain Scalability: (Enhancing blockchain for larger operations)
  18. Digital Currency: (Electronic form of monetary value)
  19. Crypto Liquidity: (Ease of converting cryptocurrency to cash)
  20. Immutable Transactions: (Transactions that cannot be altered)

Political and Legal Words:

  1. Digital Sovereignty: (Control over digital assets and information)
  2. E-Governance: (Government processes conducted electronically)
  3. Legal Tech: (Technology used in legal services)
  4. Policy Analytics: (Data analysis for policy making)
  5. Cyber Diplomacy: (Handling international relations in cyberspace)
  6. Legislative Forecasting: (Predicting future legal trends)
  7. Social Equity: (Equal opportunities for all social groups)
  8. Environmental Jurisprudence: (Legal aspects of environmental issues)
  9. Political Crowdsourcing: (Gathering political opinions online)
  10. Human Rights Advocacy: (Promoting and protecting human rights)
  11. International Arbitration: (Resolving disputes between countries)
  12. Civic Tech: (Technology that enables civic engagement)
  13. Electoral Analytics: (Analyzing data for political campaigns)
  14. Legislative Transparency: (Openness in law-making processes)
  15. Digital Legislation: (Laws for the digital age)
  16. Political Asymmetry: (Imbalance in political power)
  17. Public Sector Innovation: (New approaches in government services)
  18. Juridical Ethics: (Ethical considerations in legal practices)
  19. Governance Algorithms: (Algorithms for decision-making in governance)
  20. International Compliance: (Adhering to international laws)

Health and Wellness Words:

  1. Telemedicine: (Providing health care remotely via technology)
  2. Biomedical Engineering: (Combining engineering principles with medical sciences)
  3. Genomic Medicine: (Personalized medicine based on genetic information)
  4. Mental Fitness: (Maintaining psychological well-being)
  5. Nutrigenomics: (Study of nutrition on gene expression)
  6. Holistic Health: (Approach focusing on overall well-being)
  7. Digital Therapeutics: (Health treatments using digital technology)
  8. Lifestyle Medicine: (Using lifestyle interventions to treat diseases)
  9. Precision Medicine: (Tailoring healthcare to individual characteristics)
  10. Wellness Tech: (Technology aimed at improving health and well-being)
  11. Immunotherapy: (Treatment that uses the body’s immune system)
  12. Ecotherapy: (Healing through interaction with nature)
  13. Mindfulness Practice: (Techniques for mental well-being through awareness)
  14. Gerontechnology: (Technology designed for the elderly)
  15. Biohacking: (DIY biology for personal health improvement)
  16. Virtual Health Assistants: (AI-powered assistants for health management)
  17. Neuroplasticity Training: (Exercises to enhance brain’s adaptability)
  18. Epigenetic Therapy: (Treatment that affects gene expression)
  19. Health Informatics: (Managing healthcare through information technology)
  20. Regenerative Medicine: (Repairing or replacing damaged cells and tissues)

Tech Related Terms

  1. Cyberterraforming: (Creating digital environments) – “The company specializes in cyberterraforming for virtual reality experiences.”
  2. Neurosync: (Synchronization of brain waves with technology) – “Neurosync devices are revolutionizing the way we interact with computers.”
  3. GreenTech: (Environmentally friendly technology) – “GreenTech solutions are crucial for sustainable development.”
  4. Biofabrication: (Creating materials from biological processes) – “Biofabrication has led to breakthroughs in medical tissue engineering.”
  5. Quantumnet: (Quantum internet technology) – “Quantumet promises unprecedented data security and speed.”
  6. AI Ethics Officer: (A professional role) – “More companies are hiring AI Ethics Officers to ensure responsible AI development.”
  7. Climavest: (Investment focused on climate change) – “Climavest initiatives are gaining popularity among environmentally conscious investors.”
  8. Vocalprint ID: (Voice recognition identity verification) – “Vocalprint ID is now a standard security feature in smartphones.”
  9. SpaceXploration: (Space exploration, especially commercial) – “SpaceXploration is becoming a competitive industry.”
  10. Healthstream: (Continuous health monitoring system) – “The Healthstream device monitors vital signs 24/7.”
  11. GenEdit: (Gene editing technology) – “GenEdit techniques are controversial yet promising in curing genetic diseases.”
  12. Roboethics: (Ethical framework for robots) – “Universities are now offering courses in Roboethics.”
  13. Plastiphobia: (Fear of plastic pollution) – “Plastiphobia is driving the demand for biodegradable materials.”
  14. Infodemic: (Overwhelming amount of information) – “The pandemic of misinformation led to the term ‘infodemic’.”
  15. Ecoanxiety: (Anxiety about environmental damage) – “Ecoanxiety is increasingly common among young people.”
  16. Cryptoeconomy: (Economic systems based on cryptocurrency) – “The rise of the cryptoeconomy poses new challenges for regulators.”
  17. Telepresence Robot: (Remote-controlled, mobile video chat robots) – “Telepresence Robots are changing remote work.”
  18. Microbiome Diet: (Diet based on gut health) – “The Microbiome Diet is the latest trend in nutrition.”
  19. Solarpunk: (A movement focused on envisioning a positive future with sustainable technology) – “Solarpunk art depicts green, vibrant futures.”
  20. Mindgaming: (Gaming using brain-computer interfaces) – “Mindgaming is the next frontier in immersive gaming experiences.”

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20 New Words with meaning and sentences

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