50 Verb Forms V1 V2 V3 List, Three Verb Forms

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50 Verb Forms V1 V2 V3 List, Three Verb Forms! Verbs are one of the most important aspects of a language, and they can be used in a variety of ways. In this blog post, we will take a look at 50 verb forms that you may come across in your studies.

Verb Forms V1 V2 V3

50 Verb Forms V1 V2 V3 List

V1 V2 V3
Stare Stared Stared
Avoid Avoided Avoided
Exchange Exchanged Exchanged
Greet Greeted Greeted
Incise Incised Incised
Recur Recurred Recurred
Summon Summoned Summoned
Warn Warned Warned
Adjust Adjusted Adjusted
Cease Ceased Ceased
Decrease Decreased Decreased
Moult Moulted Moulted
Oppress Oppressed Oppressed
Smell Smelt Smelt
Sting Stung Stung
Cure Cured Cured
Diminish Diminished Diminished
Grade Graded Graded
Implore Implored Implored
Pour Poured Poured
Spill Spilt Spilt
Swot Swotted Swotted
Cope Coped Cope
Drink Drank Drunk
Dry Dried Dried
Make Made Made
Rebuild Rebuilt Rebuilt
Scab Scabbed Scabbed
Smile Smiled Smiled
Convict Convicted Convicted
Educate Educated Educated
Hurl Hurled Hurled
Phone Phoned Phoned
Satiate Satiated Satiated
Slit Slit Slit
Collapse Collapsed Collapsed
Confess Confessed Confessed
Crowd Crowded Crowded
Punish Punished Punished
Reuse Reused Reused
Squeeze Squeezed Squeezed
Type Typed Typed
Apply Applied Applied
Contract Contracted Contracted
Found Founded Founded
Relate Related Related
Sate Sated Sated


V1 V2 V3
Whip Whipped Whipped
Destroy Destroyed Destroyed
Govern Governed Governed
Leap Leapt Leapt
Milk Milked Milked
Retain Retained Retained
Shirk Shirked Shirked
Store Stored Stored
Dispose Disposed Disposed
Idealize Idealized Idealized
Keep Kept Kept
Miss Missed Missed
Rattle Rattled Rattled
Sanctify Sanctified Sanctified
Vary Varied Varied
Create Created Created
Engrave Engraved Engraved
Hang Hung Hung
Leave Left Left
Rub Rubbed Rubbed
Satirise Satirised Satirised
Wear Wore Worn
Abide Abode Abode
Drop Dropped Dropped
Ignite Ignited Ignited
Prepare Prepared Prepared
Promise Promised Promised
Thank Thanked Thanked
Come Came Come
Die Died Died
Enter Entered Entered
Imagine Imagined Imagined
Mould Moulded Moulded
Say Said Said
Weigh Weighed Weighed
Cost Cost Cost
Cry Cried Cried
Forbid Forbade Forbidden
Remove Removed Removed
Shut Shut Shut
Stretch Stretched Stretched
Display Displayed Displayed
Dream Dreamt Dreamt
Float Floated Floated
Ring Rang Rung
Sail Sailed Sailed
Tempt Tempted Tempted
Uproot Uprooted Uprooted
Convene Convened Convened
Counsel Counselled Counselled
Foretell Foretold Foretold
Omit Omitted Omitted
Opt Opted Opted
Screw Screwed Screwed
Stimulate Stimulated Stimulated
Arrest Arrested Arrested
Guess Guessed Guessed
Indulge Indulged Indulged
Pray Prayed Prayed
Proceed Proceeded Proceeded
Stink Stank Stunk
Talk Talked Talked
Bid Bid Bid
Breed Bred Bred
Curve Curved Curved
Remain Remained Remained
Scarp Scarped Scarped
Stem Stemmed Stemmed
Audit Audited Audited
Guard Guarded Guarded
Latch Latched Latched
Mash Mashed Mashed
Neglect Neglected Neglected
Sashay Sashayed Sashayed
Sling Slung Slung
Bereave Bereft Bereft
Corrupt Corrupted Corrupted
Encroach Encroached Encroached
Implicate Implicated Implicated
Misuse Misused Misused
Slam Slammed Slammed
Utter Uttered Uttered
Bid Bade Bidden
Constitute Constituted Constituted
Fax Faxed Faxed
Kick Kicked Kicked
Mean Meant Meant
Savor Savored Savored
Trust Trusted Trusted
Carve Carved Carved
Glance Glanced Glanced
Google Googled Googled
Look Looked Looked
Shine Shone Shone
Strew Strewed Strewn
Wax Waxed Waxed
Agree Agreed Agreed
Eat Ate Eaten
Bring Brought Brought
Sash Sashed Sashed
Thrive Throve Thriven
Turn Turned Turned
Become Became Become
Burn Burnt Burnt
Dash Dashed Dashed
Resell Resold Resold
Satisfy Satisfied Satisfied
Thump Thumped Thumped
Vomit Vomited Vomited
Behold Beheld Beheld
Dedicate Dedicated Dedicated
Fish Fished Fished
Initiate Initiated Initiated
Ply Plied Plied
Point Pointed Pointed
Sway Swayed Swayed
Connect Connected Connected
Endorse Endorsed Endorsed
Forlese Forlore Forlorn
Overtake Overtook Overtaken
Practise Practised Practised
Stride Strode Stridden
Broadcast Broadcast Broadcast
Clean Cleaned Cleaned
Differ Differed Differed
Impinge Impinged Impinged
Pat Patted Patted
Soar Soared Soared
Start Started Started
Capture Captured Captured
Deprive Deprived Deprived
Ill-treat Ill-treated Ill-treated
Obey Obeyed Obeyed
Remake Remade Remade
Search Searched Searched
Taste Tasted Tasted
Arise Arose Arisen
Converse Conversed Conversed
Hew Hewed Hewn
Occupy Occupied Occupied
Pass Passed Passed
Sterilize Sterilized Sterilized
Tell Told Told
Arrange Arranged Arranged
Eye Eyed Eyed
Lade Laded Laden
Replace Replaced Replaced
Sneeze Sneezed Sneezed
Use Used Used
View Viewed Viewed
Absorb Absorbed Absorbed
Consecrate Consecrated Consecrated
Explore Explored Explored
Inflate Inflated Inflated
Rely Relied Relied
See Saw Seen
Vex Vexed Vexed
Climb Climbed Climbed
Contend Contended Contended
Laugh Laughed Laughed
Modify Modified Modified
Notify Notified Notified
Send Sent Sent
Snatch Snatched Snatched
Abate Abated Abated
Classify Classified Classified
Divide Divided Divided
Insult Insulted Insulted
Regard Regarded Regarded
Scale Scaled Scaled
Welcome Welcomed Welcomed
Crush Crushed Crushed
Disobey Disobeyed Disobeyed
Humiliate Humiliated Humiliated
Innovate Innovated Innovated
Sew Sewed Sewn
Smooth Smoothed Smoothed
Weep Wept Wept
Act Acted Acted
Belong Belonged Belonged
Exclaim Exclaimed Exclaimed
Infest Infested Infested
Limp Limped Limped
Order Ordered Ordered
Shape Shaped Shaped
Bear Bore Born
Course Coursed Coursed
Input Input Input
Polish Polished Polished
Sadden Saddened Saddened
Spit Spat/spit Spat/spit
Subtract Subtracted Subtracted
Bury Buried Buried
Cough Coughed Coughed
Enlarge Enlarged Enlarged
Inquire Inquired Inquired
Mark Marked Marked
Sleep Slept Slept
Smite Smote Smitten
Alight Alit Alit
Awake Awoke Awoken
Empower Empowered Empowered
Illuminate Illuminated Illuminated
Resemble Resembled Resembled
Swing Swung Swung
Tread Trod Trodden
Befall Befell Befallen
Cook Cooked Cooked
Fulfil Fulfilled Fulfilled
Impose Imposed Imposed
Preserve Preserved Preserved
Provide Provided Provided
Terminate Terminated Terminated
Crash Crashed Crashed
Endanger Endangered Endangered
Glow Glowed Glowed
Lift Lifted Lifted
Pause Paused Paused
Shake Shook Shaken
Stitch Stitched Stitched
Canvass Canvassed Canvassed
Contradict Contradicted Contradicted
Encircle Encircled Encircled
Increase Increased Increased


V1 V2 V3
Manage Managed Managed
Sag Sagged Sagged
Spend Spent Spent
Chase Chased Chased
Develop Developed Developed
Land Landed Landed
Leer Leered Leered
Rend Rent Rent
Scald Scalded Scalded
Spread Spread Spread
Astonish Astonished Astonished
Follow Followed Followed
Grip Gripped Gripped
Knit Knit Knit
Preset Preset Preset
Spring Sprang Sprung
Tax Taxed Taxed
Burst Burst Burst
Explain Explained Explained
Forecast Forecast Forecast
Match Matched Matched
Mix Mixed Mixed
Salvage Salvaged Salvaged
Shun Shunned Shunned
Compare Compared Compared
Co-operate Co-operated Co-operated
Import Imported Imported
Lose Lost Lost
Partake Partook Partaken
Sniff Sniffed Sniffed
Be (am,are) Was / were Been
Crave Craved Craved
Flash Flashed Flashed
Insure Insured Insured
Obstruct Obstructed Obstructed
Propose Proposed Proposed
Scorch Scorched Scorched
Stoop Stooped Stooped
Chew Chewed Chewed
Hatch Hatched Hatched
Inspire Inspired Inspired
Lie Lay Lain
Oblige Obliged Obliged
Savvy Savvied Savvied
Secure Secured Secured
Cast Cast Cast
Correct Corrected Corrected
Grow Grew Grown
Move Moved Moved
Please Pleased Pleased
Stir Stirred Stirred
Coo Cooed Cooed
Gain Gained Gained
Impede Impeded Impeded
Prescribe Prescribed Prescribed
Smother Smothered Smothered
Support Supported Supported
Undo Undid Undone
Conduct Conducted Conducted
Download Downloaded Downloaded
Inscribe Inscribed Inscribed
Permit Permitted Permitted
Retch Retched Retched
Suppose Supposed Supposed
Waylay Waylaid Waylaid
Argue Argued Argued
Correspond Corresponded Corresponded
Dump Dumped Dumped
Inspect Inspected Inspected
Peep Peeped Peeped
Stress Stressed Stressed
Terrify Terrified Terrified
Consent Consented Consented
Drag Dragged Dragged
Evaporate Evaporated Evaporated
Inhale Inhaled Inhaled
Merge Merged Merged
Rot Rotted Rotted
Suffer Suffered Suffered
Confiscate Confiscated Confiscated
Continue Continued Continued
Hush Hushed Hushed
Implode Imploded Imploded
Roll Rolled Rolled
Understand Understood Understood
Upset Upset Upset
Bust Bust Bust
Dye Dyed Dyed
Hinder Hindered Hindered
Kneel Knelt Knelt
Pull Pulled Pulled
Scold Scolded Scolded
Swear Swore Sworn
Bleed Bled Bled
Fix Fixed Fixed
Idolize Idolized Idolized
Nap Napped Napped
Plot Plotted Plotted
Sip Sipped Sipped
Surge Surged Surged
Ache Ached Ached
Discover Discovered Discovered
Grind Ground Ground
Imprint Imprinted Imprinted
Love Loved Loved
Reset Reset Reset
Spell Spelt Spelt
Blow Blew Blown
Console Consoled Consoled
Expect Expected Expected
Optimize Optimized Optimized
Pollute Polluted Polluted
String Strung Strung
Tear Tore Torn
Address Addressed Addressed
Challenge Challenged Challenged
Extend Extended Extended
Imitate Imitated Imitated
Rewind Rewound Rewound
Surpass Surpassed Surpassed
Waste Wasted Wasted
Confine Confined Confined
Consider Considered Considered
Curb Curbed Curbed
Sentence Sentenced Sentenced
Value Valued Valued
Wave Waved Waved
Beautify Beautified Beautified
Donate Donated Donated
Gash Gashed Gashed
Nourish Nourished Nourished
Paint Painted Painted
Spoil Spoilt Spoilt
Surround Surrounded Surrounded
Dress Dressed Dressed
Fold Folded Folded
Hurry Hurried Hurried
Live Lived Lived
Shorten Shortened Shortened
Weave Wove Woven
Buzz Buzzed Buzzed
Harm Harmed Harmed
Hit Hit Hit
Reach Reached Reached
Sit Sat Sat
Throw Threw Thrown
Verify Verified Verified
Beat Beat Beaten
Drill Drilled Drilled
Envy Envied Envied
Introduce Introduced Introduced
Lick Licked Licked
Sample Sampled Sampled
Vie Vied Vied
Accompany Accompanied Accompanied
Conspire Conspired Conspired
Jump Jumped Jumped
Progress Progressed Progressed
Prohibit Prohibited Prohibited
Transfer Transferred Transferred
Transform Transformed Transformed
Betray Betrayed Betrayed
Drive Drove Driven


V1 V2 V3
Guide Guided Guided
Indent Indented Indented
Question Questioned Questioned
Sell Sold Sold
Tee Teed Teed
Draw Drew Drawn
Hide Hid Hidden
Illustrate Illustrated Illustrated
Print Printed Printed
Saponify Saponified Saponified
Watch Watched Watched
Work Worked Worked
Blur Blurred Blurred
Crib Cribbed Cribbed
Expand Expanded Expanded
Learn Learnt Learnt
Mistake Mistook Mistaken
Offset Offset Offset
Sight Sighted Sighted
Beg Begged Begged
Consign Consigned Consigned
Earn Earned Earned
Own Owned Owned
Sanction Sanctioned Sanctioned
Shrink Shrank Shrunk
Copy Copied Copied
Feed Fed Fed
Identify Identified Identified
Imperil Imperilled Imperilled
Like Liked Liked
Pout Pouted Pouted
Slink Slunk Slunk
Carry Carried Carried
Comment Commented Commented
Give Gave Given
Inlay Inlaid Inlaid
Operate Operated Operated
Run Ran Run
Trample Trampled Trampled
Admit Admitted Admitted
Bash Bashed Bashed
Fan Fanned Fanned
Lean Leant Leant
Listen Listened Listened
Reply Replied Replied
Sort Sorted Sorted
Call Called Called
Contain Contained Contained
Gainsay Gainsaid Gainsaid
Pluck Plucked Plucked
Renew Renewed Renewed
Tap Tapped Tapped
Attract Attracted Attracted
Dig Dug Dug
Forgive Forgave Forgiven
Ignore Ignored Ignored
Scabble Scabbled Scabbled
Separate Separated Separated
Try Tried Tried
Attack Attacked Attacked
Clothe Clad Clad
Horrify Horrified Horrified
Receive Received Received
Return Returned Returned
Tree Treed Treed
Cut Cut Cut
Detect Detected Detected
Fight Fought Fought
Redo Redid Redone
Retire Retired Retired
Spray Sprayed Sprayed
Trap Trapped Trapped


Verb Form V1 V2 V3 V1 V2 V3 V1 V2 V3 Verb Forms Verb Forms

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