V1 V2 V3 Forms of 200 Words, Regular and Irregular Verbs

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In the English language, there are three different verb forms that can be used to indicate action. These forms are known as the V1, V2, and V3 forms.

The V1 form is used to indicate the present tense, the V2 form is used to indicate the past tense, and the V3 form is used to indicate the future tense.

Each of these forms has its own set of rules regarding how it should be conjugated.

For regular verbs, the V1, V2, and V3 forms are simply the base form of the verb with -ed added for regular past tense verbs (e.g., work-worked-will work).

However, for irregular verbs, the forms are more complicated and often have multiple spellings (e.g., run-ran-run).

In addition to the three main verb forms, there are also a number of auxiliary verbs that can be used to modify the meaning of a sentence. The most common auxiliary verbs are have, be, and do.

V1 V2 V3
Animate Animated Animated
Cling Clung Clung
Distribute Distributed Distributed
Imprison Imprisoned Imprisoned
Patch Patched Patched
Shave Shove Shaven
Steal Stole Stolen
Celebrate Celebrated Celebrated
Exclude Excluded Excluded
Immure Immured Immured
Relax Relaxed Relaxed
Scant Scanted Scanted
Swallow Swallowed Swallowed
Sweep Swept Swept
Attend Attended Attended
Deny Denied Denied
Gag Gagged Gagged
Pardon Pardoned Pardoned
Refuse Refused Refused
Strain Strained Strained
Bat Batted Batted
Choose Chose Chosen
Construe Construed Construed
Kiss Kissed Kissed
Prove Proved Proved
Study Studied Studied
Triumph Triumphed Triumphed
Assort Assorted Assorted
Buy Bought Bought
Hoax Hoaxed Hoaxed
Multiply Multiplied Multiplied
Nod Nodded Nodded
Sparkle Sparkled Sparkled
Box Boxed Boxed
Converge Converged Converged
Hold Held Held
Impel Impelled Impelled
Murmur Murmured Murmured
Shoe Shod Shod
Yell Yelled Yelled
Cash Cashed Cashed
Crack Cracked Cracked
Flee Fled Fled
Inaugurate Inaugurated Inaugurated
Moan Moaned Moaned
Plan Planned Planned
Signify Signified Signified
Complain Complained Complained
Depend Depended Depended
Fry Fried Fried
Mow Mowed Mown
Organize Organized Organized
Snap Snapped Snapped
Supply Supplied Supplied
Apologize Apologized Apologized
Damp Damped Damped
Ferry Ferried Ferried
Infringe Infringed Infringed
Migrate Migrated Migrated
Sneak Sneaked Sneaked
State Stated Stated
Abash Abashed Abashed
Colour Coloured Coloured
Handle Handled Handled
Lead Led Led
Magnify Magnified Magnified
Review Reviewed Reviewed
Split Split Split
Announce Announced Announced
Construct Constructed Constructed
Dare Dared Dared
Open Opened Opened
Place Placed Placed
Steep Steeped Steeped
Bang Banged Banged
Deal Dealt Dealt
Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
Preside Presided Presided
Rule Ruled Ruled
Teach Taught Taught
Bow Bowed Bowed
Free Freed Freed


V1 V2 V3
Infuse Infused Infused
March Marched Marched
Pacify Pacified Pacified
Saunter Sauntered Sauntered
Shit Shit Shit
Catch Caught Caught
Glitter Glittered Glittered
Justify Justified Justified
Originate Originated Originated
Roar Roared Roared
Shear Shore Shorn
Take Took Taken
Believe Believed Believed
Calculate Calculated Calculated
Frame Framed Framed
Insert Inserted Inserted
Prefer Preferred Preferred
Select Selected Selected
Surmise Surmised Surmised
Convince Convinced Convinced
Fail Failed Failed
Forsake Forsook Forsaken
Impair Impaired Impaired
Request Requested Requested
Smash Smashed Smashed
Toss Tossed Tossed
Cleave Clove/cleft Cloven/cleft
Disturb Disturbed Disturbed
Grab Grabbed Grabbed
Injure Injured Injured
Need Needed Needed
Scowl Scowled Scowled
Bite Bit Bitten
Bear Bore Borne
Damage Damaged Damaged
Moo Mooed Mooed
Ooze Oozed Oozed
Scat Scatted Scatted
Signal Signalled Signalled
Build Built Built
Check Checked Checked
Count Counted Counted
Owe Owed Owed
Qualify Qualified Qualified
Seek Sought Sought
Swell Swelled Swollen
Assert Asserted Asserted
Chat Chatted Chatted
Flap Flapped Flapped
Nurse Nursed Nursed
Sack Sacked Sacked
Seat Seated Seated
Zinc Zincked Zincked
Ask Asked Asked
Corrode Corroded Corroded
Hope Hoped Hoped
Impeach Impeached Impeached
Recite Recited Recited
Tie Tied Tied
Tremble Trembled Trembled
Cover Covered Covered
Finish Finished Finished
Hustle Hustled Hustled
Opine Opined Opined
Read Read Read
Recast Recast Recast
Thrust Thrust Thrust
Approve Approved Approved
Conserve Conserved Conserved
Erase Erased Erased
Obtain Obtained Obtained
Respect Respected Respected
Scar Scarred Scarred
Behave Behaved Behaved
Delete Deleted Deleted
Knock Knocked Knocked
Part Parted Parted
Scrawl Scrawled Scrawled
Step Stepped Stepped
Translate Translated Translated
Admire Admired Admired
Fizz Fizzed Fizzed
Inflect Inflected Inflected
Output Output Output
Race Raced Raced
Set Set Set
Succeed Succeeded Succeeded
Control Controlled Controlled
Fill Filled Filled
Kill Killed Killed
Pretend Pretended Pretended
Save Saved Saved
Stay Stayed Stayed
Sweat Sweat Sweat
Fall Fell Fallen
Hop Hopped Hopped
Hug Hugged Hugged
Overflow Overflowed Overflowed
Recognize Recognized Recognized
Slim Slimmed Slimmed
Solicit Solicited Solicited
Accept Accepted Accepted
Afford Afforded Afforded
Break Broke Broken
Praise Praised Praised
Restrain Restrained Restrained
Soothe Soothed Soothed
Suck Sucked Sucked
Direct Directed Directed
Enlighten Enlightened Enlightened
Indicate Indicated Indicated
Motivate Motivated Motivated
Ponder Pondered Pondered
Shed Shed Shed
Survive Survived Survived
Caress Caressed Caressed
Force Forced Forced
Rest Rested Rested
Salve Salved Salved
Stop Stopped Stopped
Urge Urged Urged
Go Went Gone
Applaud Applauded Applauded
Conclude Concluded Concluded
Contrast Contrasted Contrasted
Inherit Inherited Inherited
Melt Melted Melted
Resist Resisted Resisted
Subscribe Subscribed Subscribed
Consist Consisted Consisted
Favour Favoured Favoured
Hum Hummed Hummed
Immolate Immolated Immolated
Preach Preached Preached
Strike Struck Struck/stricken
Train Trained Trained
Decide Decided Decided
Gaze Gazed Gazed
Inculcate Inculcated Inculcated
Occur Occurred Occurred
Repair Repaired Repaired
Seize Seized Seized
Withdraw Withdrew Withdrawn
Boast Boasted Boasted
Creep Crept Crept
Invite Invited Invited
Mew Mewed Mewed
Produce Produced Produced
Scatter Scattered Scattered
Shock Shocked Shocked
Blush Blushed Blushed
Compete Competed Competed
Derive Derived Derived
Integrate Integrated Integrated
Rush Rushed Rushed
Walk Walked Walked
Wring Wrung Wrung
Bet Bet Bet
Conquer Conquered Conquered
Forget Forgot Forgotten
Impart Imparted Imparted
Notice Noticed Noticed
Speed Sped Sped
Tend Tended Tended
Change Changed Changed
Dive Dived Dived
Faint Fainted Fainted
Implant Implanted Implanted
Meet Met Met
Present Presented Presented
Speak Spoke Spoken
Desire Desired Desired
Determine Determined Determined
Freeze Froze Frozen
Share Shared Shared
Spin Span/spun Spun
Vanish Vanished Vanished
Wake Woke Woken
Appear Appeared Appeared
Convey Conveyed Conveyed
Face Faced Faced
Induce Induced Induced
Prevent Prevented Prevented
Rise Rose Risen
Tire Tired Tired
Contribute Contributed Contributed
Digest Digested Digested
Endure Endured Endured
Leak Leaked Leaked
Put Put Put
Suggest Suggested Suggested
Typeset Typeset Typeset
Banish Banished Banished
Consort Consorted Consorted
Inflame Inflamed Inflamed
Sabotage Sabotaged Sabotaged
Sow Sowed Sowed
Worry Worried Worried
Yield Yielded Yielded
Bend Bent Bent
Confuse Confused Confused
Connote Connoted Connoted
Play Played Played
Sally Sallied Sallied
Sing Sang Sung
Wind Wound Wound
Close Closed Closed
Dim Dimmed Dimmed
Heave Hove Hove
Infect Infected Infected
Light Lit Lit
Repeat Repeated Repeated
Skid Skidded Skidded
Bless Blessed Blessed
Exist Existed Existed
Fetch Fetched Fetched
Pay Paid Paid
Push Pushed Pushed
Scrub Scrubbed Scrubbed
Submit Submitted Submitted
Convert Converted Converted
Cycle Cycled Cycled
Form Formed Formed
Mind Minded Minded
Sacrifice Sacrificed Sacrificed
Scarify Scarified Scarified
Win Won Won
Charge Charged Charged
Cheer Cheered Cheered
Declare Declared Declared
Sap Sapped Sapped
Seem Seemed Seemed
Travel Travelled Travelled
Water Watered Watered
Bray Brayed Brayed
Hiss Hissed Hissed
Ingest Ingested Ingested
Prosecute Prosecuted Prosecuted
Shoot Shot Shot


V1 V2 V3
Write Wrote Written
Yawn Yawned Yawned
Blossom Blossomed Blossomed
Cower Cowered Cowered
Empty Emptied Emptied
Purify Purified Purified
Quarrel Quarrelled Quarrelled
Think Thought Thought
Worship Worshipped Worshipped
Contrive Contrived Contrived
Fit Fit/fitted Fit/fitted
Help Helped Helped
Impress Impressed Impressed
Observe Observed Observed
Scare Scared Scared
Zoom Zoomed Zoomed
Allow Allowed Allowed
Answer Answered Answered
Find Found Found
Persuade Persuaded Persuaded
Renounce Renounced Renounced
Report Reported Reported
Touch Touched Touched
Cause Caused Caused
Delay Delayed Delayed
Fancy Fancied Fancied
Note Noted Noted
Quit Quit Quit
Stand Stood Stood
Collect Collected Collected
Encourage Encouraged Encouraged
Inject Injected Injected
Matter Mattered Mattered
Rain Rained Rained
Regret Regretted Regretted
Treasure Treasured Treasured
Advise Advised Advised
Complete Completed Completed
Know Knew Known
Paste Pasted Pasted
Resolve Resolved Resolved
Sever Severed Severed
Test Tested Tested
Click Clicked Clicked
Cross Crossed Crossed
Immerse Immersed Immersed
Let Let Let
Lie Lied Lied
Protect Protected Protected
Shout Shouted Shouted
Dip Dipped Dipped
Fling Flung Flung
Improve Improved Improved
Maintain Maintained Maintained
Nail Nailed Nailed
Saddle Saddled Saddled
Ski Skied Skied
Add Added Added
Decorate Decorated Decorated
Disuse Disused Disused
Last Lasted Lasted
Plead Pled Pled
Realize Realized Realized
Violate Violated Violated
Chip Chipped Chipped
Flop Flopped Flopped
Happen Happened Happened
Invent Invented Invented
Marry Married Married
Slide Slid Slid/slide
Sprout Sprouted Sprouted
Decay Decayed Decayed
Escape Escaped Escaped
Hypnotize Hypnotized Hypnotized
Include Included Included
Perish Perished Perished
Sass Sassed Sassed
Stick Stuck Stuck
Board Boarded Boarded
Constrain Constrained Constrained
Detach Detached Detached
Lend Lent Lent
Participate Participated Participated
Saturate Saturated Saturated
Sob Sobbed Sobbed
Achieve Achieved Achieved
Chide Chid Chid/chidden
Contest Contested Contested
Imply Implied Implied
Reduce Reduced Reduced
Wander Wandered Wandered
Whisper Whispered Whispered
Beseech Besought Besought
Dine Dined Dined
Have Had Had
Join Joined Joined
Measure Measured Measured
Nip Nipped Nipped
Show Showed Shown
Acquire Acquired Acquired
Describe Described Described
Hear Heard Heard
Kid Kidded Kidded
Offer Offered Offered
Press Pressed Pressed
Stray Strayed Strayed
Breathe Breathed Breathed
Clutch Clutched Clutched
Dwell Dwelt Dwelt
Inform Informed Informed
Rob Robbed Robbed
Saw Sawed Sawn
Wend Went Went
Boil Boiled Boiled
Consult Consulted Consulted
Discuss Discussed Discussed
Recollect Recollected Recollected
Rid Rid Rid
Wet Wet Wet
Begin Began Begun
Cool Cooled Cooled
Dazzle Dazzled Dazzled
Inhabit Inhabited Inhabited
Recall Recalled Recalled
Shiver Shivered Shivered
Swim Swam Swum
Approach Approached Approached
Feel Felt Felt
Fly Flew Flown
Sink Sank Sunk
Solve Solved Solved
Strive Strove Striven
Bind Bound Bound
Contemn Contemned Contemned
Grant Granted Granted
Imbibe Imbibed Imbibed
Shatter Shattered Shattered
Slip Slipped Slipped
Wed Wed Wed
Crackle Crackled Crackled
Do Did Done
Get Got Got
Install Installed Installed
Mislead Misled Misled
Scam Scammed Scammed
Wish Wished Wished
Choke Choked Choked
Dance Danced Danced
Hunt Hunted Hunted
Impend Impended Impended
Salute Saluted Saluted
Scream Screamed Screamed
Treat Treated Treated
Congratulate Congratulated Congratulated
Disappear Disappeared Disappeared
Hate Hated Hated
Illumine Illumined Illumined
Plod Plodded Plodded
Slay Slew Slain
Survey Surveyed Surveyed
Compel Compelled Compelled
Frighten Frightened Frightened
Heal Healed Healed
Lay Laid Laid
Reflect Reflected Reflected
Ride Rode Ridden
Want Wanted Wanted
Brush Brushed Brushed
Express Expressed Expressed
Hurt Hurt Hurt
Refer Referred Referred
Scan Scanned Scanned

V1 V2 V3V1 V2 V3 list

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