Learn 20 Interesting Anger Expressions

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These anger expressions are used to convey feelings of irritation, rage, or frustration. Here’s a collection to help you express anger accurately.

Anger Expressions

  1. Blow a fuse
    • Meaning: Become extremely angry suddenly.
    • Example: He blew a fuse when he lost.
  2. Blow one’s top
    • Meaning: Lose one’s temper quickly.
    • Example: She blew her top when criticized.
  3. Hit the roof
    • Meaning: Become very angry suddenly.
    • Example: Dad hit the roof when he heard.
  4. Fly off the handle
    • Meaning: React angrily without warning.
    • Example: He flew off the handle at work.
  5. See red
    • Meaning: Become extremely angry instantly.
    • Example: She saw red when provoked.
  6. Blow a gasket
    • Meaning: Become extremely angry suddenly.
    • Example: He blew a gasket when scolded.
  7. Drive up the wall
    • Meaning: Annoy someone to the limit.
    • Example: The noise drives me up the wall.
  8. Make one’s blood boil
    • Meaning: Make someone very angry.
    • Example: His arrogance makes my blood boil.
  9. Bite someone’s head off
    • Meaning: Speak angrily to someone.
    • Example: She bit my head off for no reason.
  10. Lose one’s cool
  • Meaning: Fail to remain calm.
  • Example: He lost his cool and yelled.
  1. Rub the wrong way
  • Meaning: Annoy or irritate someone.
  • Example: His behavior rubs me the wrong way.
  1. Up in arms
  • Meaning: Extremely angry and protesting.
  • Example: The staff are up in arms over pay.
  1. Foaming at the mouth
  • Meaning: Very angry, almost furious.
  • Example: He was foaming at the mouth with rage.
  1. Hot under the collar
  • Meaning: Very annoyed or angry.
  • Example: The boss was hot under the collar.
  1. Go bananas
  • Meaning: Become crazy or extremely angry.
  • Example: He went bananas after being insulted.
  1. Go ballistic
  • Meaning: Become very angry suddenly.
  • Example: She went ballistic over the late report.
  1. Pitch a fit
  • Meaning: Throw a tantrum out of anger.
  • Example: The child pitched a fit at the store.
  1. Get one’s goat
  • Meaning: Annoy someone intensely.
  • Example: His arrogance really gets my goat.
  1. Tear one’s hair out
  • Meaning: Get very angry or frustrated.
  • Example: I’m tearing my hair out over this.
  1. Get bent out of shape
  • Meaning: Become very upset or angry.
  • Example: Don’t get bent out of shape over it.

anger expressions

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