Learn 20 Interesting Love Expressions

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These love expressions are used to convey feelings of affection, passion, and infatuation. Here’s a collection to help you express love beautifully.

Love Expressions

  1. Fall head over heels
    • Meaning: Completely in love with someone.
    • Example: He fell head over heels for her.
  2. Be smitten with
    • Meaning: Deeply in love with someone.
    • Example: She’s smitten with her new boyfriend.
  3. Puppy love
    • Meaning: Immature or adolescent love.
    • Example: They share a sweet puppy love.
  4. Love at first sight
    • Meaning: Instant, immediate love.
    • Example: It was love at first sight for them.
  5. The apple of one’s eye
    • Meaning: Someone very precious or loved.
    • Example: His daughter is the apple of his eye.
  6. Sweet on
    • Meaning: Have a crush on someone.
    • Example: He’s sweet on his classmate.
  7. Go steady
    • Meaning: Date someone regularly and exclusively.
    • Example: They’ve been going steady for two years.
  8. Carry a torch for
    • Meaning: Have unrequited love for someone.
    • Example: He’s still carrying a torch for her.
  9. Pop the question
    • Meaning: Propose marriage to someone.
    • Example: He popped the question at the beach.
  10. Tie the knot
  • Meaning: Get married to someone.
  • Example: They’re ready to tie the knot.
  1. Match made in heaven
  • Meaning: Perfectly suited romantic pair.
  • Example: They are a match made in heaven.
  1. Two peas in a pod
  • Meaning: Two very similar people.
  • Example: They’re like two peas in a pod.
  1. Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve
  • Meaning: Show one’s emotions openly.
  • Example: He wears his heart on his sleeve.
  1. Take one’s breath away
  • Meaning: Cause awe or admiration.
  • Example: Her beauty takes his breath away.
  1. Be the one and only
  • Meaning: Be someone’s sole love interest.
  • Example: She is his one and only.
  1. Head over heels in love
  • Meaning: Completely in love with someone.
  • Example: They are head over heels in love.
  1. Be the love of one’s life
  • Meaning: Be the greatest love for someone.
  • Example: He is the love of her life.
  1. Hook up with
  • Meaning: Form a romantic relationship.
  • Example: He hooked up with his college friend.
  1. Be an item
  • Meaning: Be in a romantic relationship.
  • Example: They have been an item since last year.
  1. Sweep off one’s feet
  • Meaning: Make someone fall in love quickly.
  • Example: She swept him off his feet.

love expressions

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