Learn 20 Interesting Friendship Expressions

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Friendship expressions are used to describe different aspects of relationships, camaraderie, and bonds between friends. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs about friendship.

Friendship Expressions

  1. Get along like a house on fire
    • Meaning: Form a quick, strong friendship.
    • Example: They got along like a house on fire.
  2. Birds of a feather flock together
    • Meaning: Similar people tend to stick together.
    • Example: They’re both artists; birds of a feather.
  3. See eye to eye
    • Meaning: Agree completely.
    • Example: We see eye to eye on this.
  4. Bury the hatchet
    • Meaning: Make peace with a friend.
    • Example: They buried the hatchet after years.
  5. Thick as thieves
    • Meaning: Very close friends.
    • Example: Those two are thick as thieves.
  6. Hit it off
    • Meaning: Immediately become good friends.
    • Example: We hit it off right away.
  7. Speak the same language
    • Meaning: Share similar ideas or views.
    • Example: We speak the same language on music.
  8. Like two peas in a pod
    • Meaning: Very similar in appearance or behavior.
    • Example: They’re like two peas in a pod.
  9. Friends in high places
    • Meaning: Have influential friends.
    • Example: He has friends in high places.
  10. Shoulder to cry on
    • Meaning: Someone who offers emotional support.
    • Example: She was a shoulder to cry on.
  11. Have your back
    • Meaning: Support someone unconditionally.
    • Example: Don’t worry; I’ve got your back.
  12. Through thick and thin
    • Meaning: Support each other in all situations.
    • Example: They’ve been friends through thick and thin.
  13. Go way back
    • Meaning: Know someone for a long time.
    • Example: We go way back to high school.
  14. Fair-weather friend
    • Meaning: Friend only during good times.
    • Example: He’s just a fair-weather friend.
  15. Circle of friends
    • Meaning: Group of close friends.
    • Example: She has a tight circle of friends.
  16. Make friends with
    • Meaning: Become friends with someone.
    • Example: He made friends with his neighbors.
  17. Patch things up
    • Meaning: Resolve issues with a friend.
    • Example: They patched things up after the argument.
  18. Strike up a friendship
    • Meaning: Start a friendship quickly.
    • Example: They struck up a friendship on the plane.
  19. Fall out with
    • Meaning: Stop being friends over a dispute.
    • Example: They fell out over a misunderstanding.
  20. Hang out with
    • Meaning: Spend time socially with friends.
    • Example: I like to hang out with my friends.

friendship expressions

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