Learn 20 Interesting Apology Expressions

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Apology expressions are used to express regret or sorrow for mistakes and seek forgiveness.

Apology Expressions

  1. Say sorry
    Meaning: Express regret for wrongdoing.
    Example: He said sorry for the broken vase.
  2. Beg pardon
    Meaning: Apologize or ask for forgiveness.
    Example: I beg pardon for my lateness.
  3. Make amends
    Meaning: Try to correct a mistake.
    Example: She made amends by fixing the error.
  4. Own up to
    Meaning: Admit one’s fault or mistake.
    Example: He owned up to his rude behavior.
  5. Take the blame
    Meaning: Accept responsibility for wrongdoing.
    Example: She took the blame for the project failure.
  6. Make a public apology
    Meaning: Apologize openly to the public.
    Example: The actor made a public apology.
  7. Ask for forgiveness
    Meaning: Seek forgiveness for one’s actions.
    Example: He asked for forgiveness from his mother.
  8. Patch things up
    Meaning: Reconcile after a disagreement.
    Example: They patched things up after the argument.
  9. Make peace
    Meaning: Restore friendly relations.
    Example: It’s time to make peace with them.
  10. Atone for
    Meaning: Make amends or compensation.
    Example: He atoned for his past mistakes.
  11. Put things right
    Meaning: Correct an error or situation.
    Example: She tried to put things right.
  12. Express regret
    Meaning: Show remorse for one’s actions.
    Example: The CEO expressed regret for the layoffs.
  13. Eat humble pie
    Meaning: Admit an error and apologize.
    Example: He ate humble pie after the scandal.
  14. Admit fault
    Meaning: Acknowledge a mistake or wrongdoing.
    Example: He admitted fault in the failed plan.
  15. Clear the air
    Meaning: Resolve tension or misunderstanding.
    Example: Let’s clear the air after our fight.
  16. Feel remorse
    Meaning: Experience regret or guilt.
    Example: He felt remorse for his harsh words.
  17. Make a clean breast of
    Meaning: Confess honestly and completely.
    Example: She made a clean breast of her error.
  18. Say mea culpa
    Meaning: Admit fault or guilt.
    Example: He said mea culpa for the oversight.
  19. Swallow pride
    Meaning: Overcome pride and apologize.
    Example: He swallowed his pride and apologized.
  20. Turn over a new leaf
    Meaning: Start afresh with improved behavior.
    Example: She turned over a new leaf after rehab.

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