Learn 20 Interesting Farewell Expressions

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Farewell expressions are used to say goodbye in different situations with a touch of warmth or respect.

Farewell Expressions

  1. Say goodbye
    Meaning: Bid farewell to someone.
    Example: She waved and said goodbye to us.
  2. Wave off
    Meaning: See off by waving.
    Example: They waved off their daughter at the station.
  3. Take leave
    Meaning: Politely depart from someone.
    Example: I took leave of my colleagues.
  4. Sign off
    Meaning: End a communication session.
    Example: The host signed off with a smile.
  5. Bid adieu
    Meaning: Formally say goodbye.
    Example: The ambassador bid adieu to the guests.
  6. Part ways
    Meaning: Separate or go in different directions.
    Example: The friends parted ways after graduation.
  7. Drop out
    Meaning: Withdraw from a group/event.
    Example: He dropped out of the competition.
  8. Log out
    Meaning: Exit from an online account.
    Example: Please log out after your session.
  9. Pack up
    Meaning: Finish and leave the place.
    Example: The crew packed up and went home.
  10. Sign out
    Meaning: Exit a system or building.
    Example: He signed out at the reception desk.
  11. Break up
    Meaning: End a romantic relationship.
    Example: The couple decided to break up.
  12. Head out
    Meaning: Leave for a destination.
    Example: We should head out before sunset.
  13. Call it a day
    Meaning: End work or activity for the day.
    Example: After the meeting, we called it a day.
  14. Take off
    Meaning: Leave a place quickly.
    Example: He took off without saying goodbye.
  15. Exit stage left
    Meaning: Depart discreetly or in a hurry.
    Example: She exited stage left after the performance.
  16. Depart for
    Meaning: Leave for a particular place.
    Example: They departed for Paris early this morning.
  17. Head home
    Meaning: Leave a place to return home.
    Example: It’s late, let’s head home now.
  18. Clock out
    Meaning: Record the time of leaving work.
    Example: Workers clock out at 5 p.m.
  19. Say so long
    Meaning: Bid farewell but not goodbye.
    Example: He said so long and walked away.
  20. Make one’s exit
    Meaning: Leave a place or situation.
    Example: She made her exit after the party.

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