Phrasal Verbs Related To Health

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Phrasal verbs play a crucial role in describing various aspects of health. They often convey meanings that aren’t immediately obvious from the individual words. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 20 phrasal verbs related to health to help you effectively describe different health-related situations.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs related to Health:

  1. Break out
  2. Come down with
  3. Fight off
  4. Get over
  5. Throw up
  6. Pass out
  7. Pull through
  8. Burn out
  9. Work out
  10. Warm up
  11. Cool down
  12. Take care of
  13. Cut down on
  14. Put on
  15. Take off
  16. Check up on
  17. Cut out
  18. Lie down
  19. Build up
  20. Stick to

Health Related Phrasal Verbs With Their Meanings & Examples

Break out

Meaning: To suddenly develop a rash or skin condition.

Example: She broke out in a rash after eating peanuts.

Fight off

Meaning: To try to overcome an illness or infection.

Example: I’m trying to fight off this cold before the weekend.

Come down with

Meaning: To become sick with an illness.

Example: I think I’m coming down with the flu.

Get over

Meaning: To recover from an illness or difficult experience.

Example: It took him a few weeks to get over his bronchitis.

Throw up

Meaning: To vomit.

Example: She threw up after eating the spoiled food.

Pass out

Meaning: To lose consciousness.

Example: He passed out from dehydration after the marathon.

Pull through

Meaning: To survive a serious illness or injury.

Example: The doctors were worried, but he managed to pull through.

Burn out

Meaning: To become very tired and unable to work due to stress.

Example: She burned out after working non-stop for several months.

Work out

Meaning: To exercise to improve fitness and health.

Example: He works out at the gym every morning.

Warm up

Meaning: To do light exercises to prepare the body for a workout.

Example: Make sure to warm up before lifting heavy weights.

Cool down

Meaning: To do light exercises after a workout to relax the body.

Example: Cooling down with a short walk after running is important.

Take care of

Meaning: To look after one’s health or well-being.

Example: You need to take care of yourself during flu season.

Cut down on

Meaning: To reduce the consumption of something.

Example: I need to cut down on sugar to improve my health.

Put on

Meaning: To gain weight.

Example: He put on weight after recovering from his illness.

Take off

Meaning: To lose weight.

Example: She took off several pounds with regular exercise.

Check up on

Meaning: To monitor someone’s health condition.

Example: The doctor will check up on your recovery next week.

Cut out

Meaning: To eliminate something from one’s diet or lifestyle.

Example: He was advised to cut out fried foods from his diet.

Lie down

Meaning: To recline and rest.

Example: You should lie down if you’re feeling dizzy.

Build up

Meaning: To increase strength or health gradually.

Example: She is building up her stamina through regular swimming.

Stick to

Meaning: To maintain a plan or routine consistently.

Example: It’s important to stick to your exercise routine.

Phrasal Verbs Related To Health

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