Phrasal Verbs for Clothes (Meanings & Examples)

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Phrasal verbs are essential for mastering everyday English, and they’re particularly useful when talking about clothes. Whether you’re discussing your wardrobe or shopping for new outfits, these combinations of verbs and prepositions will help you communicate more clearly. Here’s a list of 20 phrasal verbs for clothes to help you improve your fluency and understanding.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs for Clothes:

  1. Try on
  2. Take off
  3. Put on
  4. Dress up
  5. Dress down
  6. Button up
  7. Zip up
  8. Slip on
  9. Slip off
  10. Throw on
  11. Hang up
  12. Wear out
  13. Break in
  14. Do up
  15. Roll up
  16. Turn up
  17. Kick off
  18. Tuck in
  19. Get into
  20. Go with

Phrasal Verbs for Clothes And Their Meanings

Try on

Meaning: To put on clothing to see if it fits or suits you.

Example: She went to the fitting room to try on the dress.

Take off

Meaning: To remove an item of clothing.

Example: Please take off your shoes before entering the house.

Put on

Meaning: To wear an item of clothing.

Example: He put on a warm jacket because it was chilly outside.

Dress up

Meaning: To wear elegant or formal clothes.

Example: You don’t need to dress up for the party; it’s very casual.

Dress down

Meaning: To wear less formal clothes than usual.

Example: On Fridays, we can dress down and wear jeans to work.

Button up

Meaning: To fasten all the buttons of a piece of clothing.

Example: It’s cold outside, so make sure you button up your coat.

Zip up

Meaning: To fasten the zipper of a piece of clothing.

Example: Can you help me zip up this dress?

Slip on

Meaning: To put on an item of clothing quickly.

Example: She slipped on a pair of comfortable sneakers.

Slip off

Meaning: To remove an item of clothing quickly.

Example: He slipped off his shoes after a long day at work.

Throw on

Meaning: To put on an item of clothing quickly and carelessly.

Example: I just threw on the first T-shirt I found in my closet.

Hang up

Meaning: To put clothes on a hanger or hook.

Example: Don’t leave your jacket on the chair; please hang it up.

Wear out

Meaning: To become damaged or useless due to repeated use.

Example: I’ve worn out my favorite jeans after wearing them so often.

Break in

Meaning: To wear new shoes or clothes until they become comfortable.

Example: I need to break in my new hiking boots before the trip.

Do up

Meaning: To fasten or secure an item of clothing.

Example: Make sure you do up your coat before heading out.

Roll up

Meaning: To fold or turn the edges of sleeves or pants upwards.

Example: He rolled up his sleeves and got to work.

Turn up

Meaning: To adjust the length of an item of clothing by folding.

Example: She turned up the cuffs of her pants to make them shorter.

Kick off

Meaning: To remove shoes quickly, often without using your hands.

Example: As soon as he got home, he kicked off his sneakers.

Tuck in

Meaning: To place a shirt or blouse inside the waistband of pants or a skirt.

Example: Please tuck in your shirt for the interview.

Get into

Meaning: To put on clothing, often with difficulty.

Example: She struggled to get into her old pair of jeans.

Go with

Meaning: To match or complement an item of clothing.

Example: Does this tie go with my shirt?

Phrasal Verbs for Clothes

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