Luck Expressions: Mater these Amazing Expressions

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Are you searching for ways to wish someone good luck or describe a lucky streak? Dive into this collection of 30 popular luck expressions, where you’ll find phrases like “Break a leg” and “Hit the jackpot” that will help you speak the language of fortune fluently!

Good luck

Meaning: Wishing someone success or positive outcomes.

Example: Good luck with your new job!

Touch wood

Meaning: To prevent misfortune by touching wood.

Example: Our holiday plans are going smoothly, touch wood.

Best of luck

Meaning: Wishing someone success.

Example: Best of luck with your presentation!

May the odds be ever in your favor

Meaning: Hoping for favorable chances.

Example: May the odds be ever in your favor at the competition.

Have a lucky streak

Meaning: Experiencing a series of good fortune.

Example: You’ve won three games in a row! You’re on a lucky streak.

Luck be with you

Meaning: Wishing someone to be fortunate.

Example: Luck be with you on your travels!

Cross your fingers

Meaning: To hope for good luck.

Example: I’ll cross my fingers for your interview tomorrow.

Blow on the dice

Meaning: A superstition for good luck, especially in gambling.

Example: Before rolling the dice, he asked his partner to blow on them for good luck.

Hit the jackpot

Meaning: To be extremely successful or fortunate.

Example: Landing that job means you’ve hit the jackpot!

Have a charmed life

Meaning: To lead a life full of good luck and fortune.

Example: Despite all odds, she seems to lead a charmed life.

May fortune smile upon you

Meaning: Wishing someone to be lucky.

Example: May fortune smile upon you at the tournament.

Pot of gold

Meaning: A substantial and desirable prize.

Example: Winning that scholarship was like finding a pot of gold.

A lucky charm

Meaning: An object believed to bring good luck.

Example: She carries a rabbit’s foot as her lucky charm.

Born under a lucky star

Meaning: To be naturally fortunate.

Example: He was born under a lucky star and always lands on his feet.

Roll the dice

Meaning: To take a chance.

Example: Sometimes you just have to roll the dice and see what happens.

Play your cards right

Meaning: Make the correct decisions to achieve success.

Example: If you play your cards right, you could secure that promotion.

Fortune favors the bold

Meaning: Brave actions are often rewarded.

Example: Fortune favors the bold, so go after that business opportunity.

Stroke of luck

Meaning: An unexpected but fortunate event.

Example: Finding that wallet on the street was a stroke of luck.

On a roll

Meaning: Experiencing a series of successes.

Example: He’s won three contracts this week; he’s really on a roll.

Lucky break

Meaning: An unexpected opportunity that leads to success.

Example: Landing that interview was a lucky break.

Beginner’s luck

Meaning: Unexpected success at the first attempt.

Example: He won the poker game on his first try – talk about beginner’s luck!

Fortunate accident

Meaning: A surprising but positive result of an accident.

Example: Their encounter was a fortunate accident that led to their collaboration.

Against all odds

Meaning: Achieving something despite difficulties.

Example: Against all odds, she finished the marathon.

In luck

Meaning: In a fortunate position or situation.

Example: You’re in luck, the last ticket is still available!

Get lucky

Meaning: To unexpectedly find success.

Example: He got lucky and won the lottery on his first attempt.

Find a needle in a haystack

Meaning: To achieve something extremely difficult.

Example: Getting that internship was like finding a needle in a haystack.

Luck Expressions

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