Travel Phrasal Verbs (With Meanings & Examples)

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Understanding phrasal verbs can significantly enhance your ability to communicate effectively while traveling. These combinations of verbs and prepositions or adverbs often carry meanings that are not immediately obvious from the words themselves. Here, we’ve compiled a list of 20 travel-related phrasal verbs that are essential for any traveler to know, making your interactions smoother and more engaging.

Here is the list of 20 Travel Phrasal Verbs:

  1. Check in
  2. Check out
  3. Set off
  4. Take off
  5. Touch down
  6. Get in
  7. Get out
  8. Stop over
  9. Look around
  10. Move on
  11. Head back
  12. Go back
  13. Come back
  14. Pick up
  15. Drop off
  16. Hurry up
  17. Settle in
  18. Look forward to
  19. Pack up
  20. Kick off

Travel Phrasal Verbs With Their Meanings & Examples

Check in

Meaning: To register upon arrival, especially at an airport or hotel.

Example: I need to check in at the hotel as soon as we arrive.

Check out

Meaning: To leave a hotel after paying your bill.

Example: We checked out of the hotel at eleven.

Set off

Meaning: To start a journey.

Example: We set off for the mountains at dawn.

Take off

Meaning: When an aircraft begins its flight.

Example: The plane took off on time despite the bad weather.

Touch down

Meaning: When an aircraft lands.

Example: We finally touched down after a long flight.

Get in

Meaning: To arrive at a destination.

Example: What time will we get in if we leave now?

Get out

Meaning: To exit a vehicle.

Example: Get out of the car and stretch your legs.

Stop over

Meaning: To stay at a place for a short time during a long journey.

Example: We plan to stop over in Paris before heading to Rome.

Look around

Meaning: To explore or visit a place, looking at things of interest.

Example: We looked around the old town for a few hours.

Move on

Meaning: To leave a place and travel to another.

Example: After two days, we moved on to the next city.

Head back

Meaning: To return to the place you started from.

Example: It’s getting late; let’s head back to the hotel.

Go back

Meaning: To return to a place.

Example: I can’t wait to go back to Italy next summer.

Come back

Meaning: To return to a previous location.

Example: When will you come back from your vacation?

Pick up

Meaning: To collect someone or something, often in a vehicle.

Example: I’ll pick you up from the airport at 7 PM.

Drop off

Meaning: To leave someone or something at a specific place and time.

Example: I’ll drop you off at the train station on my way to work.

Hurry up

Meaning: To do something more quickly.

Example: Hurry up or we’ll miss our flight!

Settle in

Meaning: To become comfortable in a new environment.

Example: It took a few days to settle in at the new hotel.

Look forward to

Meaning: To anticipate something eagerly.

Example: I’m looking forward to our trip next week.

Pack up

Meaning: To put your belongings into bags or cases for traveling.

Example: Have you started to pack up for the trip?

Kick off

Meaning: To begin or start something, typically an event or activity.

Example: The festival kicks off with a parade on Friday night.

Travel Phrasal Verbs

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