Telephone Phrasal Verbs In English

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Phrasal verbs related to telephones can help you express yourself more clearly in everyday conversations. They are particularly useful when talking about making or receiving phone calls. Here is a list of 20 essential telephone phrasal verbs that will make your communication smoother and more effective.

Here is the list of 20 Telephone Phrasal Verb:

  1. Call back
  2. Hang up
  3. Pick up
  4. Cut off
  5. Get through
  6. Hold on
  7. Put through
  8. Ring up
  9. Call up
  10. Break up
  11. Dial up
  12. Switch off
  13. Speak up
  14. Listen in
  15. Cut in
  16. Get back to
  17. Hang on
  18. Pass on
  19. Call in
  20. Phone up

Telephone Phrasal Verbs with Their Meanings & Examples

Call back

Meaning: To return a phone call.

Example: I’ll call you back once I’m done with this meeting.

Hang up

Meaning: To end a phone call.

Example: She hung up before I could finish speaking.

Pick up

Meaning: To answer the phone.

Example: Can you pick up the phone? It’s been ringing for a while.

Cut off

Meaning: To interrupt a phone conversation abruptly.

Example: We were cut off when we entered the tunnel.

Get through

Meaning: To successfully connect with someone by phone.

Example: I finally got through to customer service after waiting for 30 minutes.

Hold on

Meaning: To wait on the phone.

Example: Could you hold on for a moment while I check the information?

Put through

Meaning: To connect a caller to another person or department.

Example: Let me put you through to the technical support team.

Ring up

Meaning: To call someone by phone.

Example: I’ll ring up my cousin to see if she can join us.

Call up

Meaning: To phone someone, usually to give them information.

Example: I called up my friend to invite her to the party.

Break up

Meaning: To have poor reception during a phone call, causing interruptions.

Example: Sorry, you’re breaking up. Can you repeat that?

Dial up

Meaning: To make a phone call by dialing a number.

Example: I dialed up the office to report my absence.

Switch off

Meaning: To turn off the phone.

Example: Please switch off your phone before entering the meeting.

Speak up

Meaning: To talk more loudly.

Example: Could you speak up? I can barely hear you.

Listen in

Meaning: To secretly listen to a phone conversation.

Example: He was listening in on our conversation.

Cut in

Meaning: To interrupt someone speaking on the phone.

Example: He cut in while I was explaining the situation.

Get back to

Meaning: To return someone’s call.

Example: I’ll get back to you once I find out more details.

Hang on

Meaning: To wait briefly on the phone.

Example: Hang on a second, I need to grab a pen.

Pass on

Meaning: To convey a message to someone else.

Example: Could you pass on my message to the manager?

Call in

Meaning: To phone your workplace to report absence or give information.

Example: She called in sick today due to a cold.

Phone up

Meaning: To make a phone call.

Example: I’ll phone up my brother later to catch up.

Telephone Phrasal Verbs In English

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