Call Phrasal Verbs (20 Most Useful Ones)

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Phrasal verbs involving “call” are common in English and can significantly improve your comprehension and fluency. To help you understand and use them effectively, we’ve compiled a list of 20 essential phrasal verbs with “call.” Understanding these will ensure your communication is clear and accurate, whether you’re making a phone call or calling someone out!

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Call:

  1. Call back
  2. Call off
  3. Call on
  4. Call up
  5. Call in
  6. Call for
  7. Call out
  8. Call down
  9. Call around
  10. Call together
  11. Call over
  12. Call into question
  13. Call at
  14. Call away
  15. Call upon
  16. Call forth
  17. Call in sick
  18. Call it a day
  19. Call the shots
  20. Call to mind

Phrasal Verbs With Call And Their Meanings

Call back

Meaning: To return a phone call.

Example: I missed his call, so I need to call him back.

Call off

Meaning: To cancel an event or activity.

Example: They called off the meeting due to bad weather.

Call on

Meaning: To visit someone or ask them to speak.

Example: The teacher called on me to answer the question.

Call up

Meaning: To telephone someone.

Example: I’ll call up my friend and invite him to the party.

Call in

Meaning: To request or summon for assistance.

Example: We had to call in an expert to fix the problem.

Call for

Meaning: To demand or require.

Example: The situation calls for immediate action.

Call out

Meaning: To criticize someone publicly or challenge them.

Example: She called him out for his inappropriate behavior.

Call down

Meaning: To reprimand someone.

Example: The manager called him down for being late to work.

Call around

Meaning: To contact multiple people by phone.

Example: I called around to find the best hotel rates.

Call together

Meaning: To gather people for a meeting or event.

Example: The CEO called the team together to discuss the strategy.

Call over

Meaning: To ask someone to come to your location.

Example: We called our neighbor over for a cup of tea.

Call into question

Meaning: To doubt or challenge the validity of something.

Example: The new evidence called his innocence into question.

Call at

Meaning: To visit a place briefly.

Example: The cruise ship will call at three different ports.

Call away

Meaning: To summon someone to leave a place.

Example: He was called away to attend an urgent meeting.

Call upon

Meaning: To formally invite or request someone to do something.

Example: The principal called upon the students to help with the charity drive.

Call forth

Meaning: To evoke or draw out a reaction.

Example: The leader’s speech called forth strong emotions from the audience.

Call in sick

Meaning: To inform your workplace that you cannot come to work due to illness.

Example: I had to call in sick because I caught a cold.

Call it a day

Meaning: To decide to stop working for the day.

Example: Let’s call it a day and finish the rest tomorrow.

Call the shots

Meaning: To be in charge or make important decisions.

Example: As the project manager, she calls the shots on the team.

Call to mind

Meaning: To remember or recall something.

Example: The old photo called to mind many happy memories.

Call Phrasal Verbs

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