Phrasal Verbs for Commuting

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Mastering phrasal verbs is crucial for understanding and effectively communicating during your daily commute. These combinations of verbs with prepositions or adverbs often have meanings different from the individual words. Here’s a list of 20 phrasal verbs that are commonly used while commuting, making your travel interactions smoother and more comprehensible.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Commuting:

  1. Get on
  2. Get off
  3. Pick up
  4. Drop off
  5. Run into
  6. Head for
  7. Pull in
  8. Pull out
  9. Stop by
  10. Drop by
  11. Catch up
  12. Hold up
  13. Hurry up
  14. Slow down
  15. Speed up
  16. Cut off
  17. Pull over
  18. Turn back
  19. Break down
  20. Switch over

Phrasal Verbs With Commuting And Their Meanings

Get on

Meaning: To board a bus, train, or other transportation.

Example: We got on the bus just before it departed.

Get off

Meaning: To leave a bus, train, or other transportation.

Example: He got off the train at the central station.

Pick up

Meaning: To collect someone in a vehicle.

Example: I’ll pick you up from the office at 6 PM.

Drop off

Meaning: To leave someone at a particular location.

Example: Can you drop me off at the nearest subway station?

Run into

Meaning: To meet someone unexpectedly.

Example: I ran into an old friend while commuting to work.

Head for

Meaning: To move towards a specific direction or destination.

Example: After work, she headed for the train station.

Pull in

Meaning: To arrive at a station or designated stop.

Example: The train pulled in right on time.

Pull out

Meaning: To depart from a station or stop.

Example: The bus pulled out before I could board.

Stop by

Meaning: To visit briefly or casually.

Example: I usually stop by the coffee shop on my way to work.

Drop by

Meaning: To visit someone informally and without an appointment.

Example: Feel free to drop by my office anytime.

Catch up

Meaning: To reach the same level or point as others.

Example: He had to catch up with the bus after he was delayed.

Hold up

Meaning: To delay or stop progress.

Example: Traffic was held up due to an accident on the highway.

Hurry up

Meaning: To do something faster or with more urgency.

Example: Hurry up, or we’ll miss the next train!

Slow down

Meaning: To reduce speed.

Example: The driver was told to slow down as he approached the school zone.

Speed up

Meaning: To increase speed.

Example: The bus driver sped up to make it through the traffic light.

Cut off

Meaning: To interrupt someone’s path while driving.

Example: That taxi just cut me off on the roundabout!

Pull over

Meaning: To move to the side of the road and stop.

Example: The police signaled for the driver to pull over.

Turn back

Meaning: To return to a previous location or direction.

Example: We had to turn back because of the heavy traffic.

Break down

Meaning: When a vehicle stops working due to a mechanical issue.

Example: Our car broke down on the way to work this morning.

Switch over

Meaning: To change from one mode of transport or route to another.

Example: We switched over to the subway after realizing the bus was delayed.

Phrasal Verbs for Commuting

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