Phrasal Verbs Related To Family

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Phrasal verbs are crucial when describing family interactions and relationships. By combining verbs with prepositions or adverbs, you can convey specific meanings that make your conversations more natural and engaging. Here’s a list of 20 phrasal verbs related to family that will help you express yourself better.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Family:

  1. Get along with
  2. Grow up
  3. Look up to
  4. Look after
  5. Fall out
  6. Make up
  7. Pass away
  8. Bring up
  9. Run after
  10. Take after
  11. Move out
  12. Move in
  13. Take care of
  14. Split up
  15. Settle down
  16. Come over
  17. Get together
  18. Drift apart
  19. Chip in
  20. Count on

Phrasal Verbs With Family And Their Meanings

Get along with

Meaning: To have a good relationship with someone.

Example: I always get along with my sister despite our differences.

Grow up

Meaning: To mature or become an adult.

Example: He grew up in a small town before moving to the city.

Look up to

Meaning: To admire and respect someone.

Example: I’ve always looked up to my older brother.

Look after

Meaning: To take care of someone or something.

Example: She looks after her grandparents every weekend.

Fall out

Meaning: To have a disagreement that ruins a relationship.

Example: They fell out over money and haven’t spoken since.

Make up

Meaning: To reconcile or resolve a disagreement.

Example: They had a big argument but managed to make up afterward.

Pass away

Meaning: To die, often used to express death politely.

Example: My grandfather passed away peacefully last year.

Bring up

Meaning: To raise a child.

Example: She brought up her children with great care.

Run after

Meaning: To chase or pursue someone or something.

Example: The children ran after their dog in the yard.

Take after

Meaning: To resemble a family member in appearance or behavior.

Example: She takes after her mother in both looks and personality.

Move out

Meaning: To leave one’s home to live elsewhere.

Example: He plans to move out of his parents’ house next year.

Move in

Meaning: To begin living in a new place.

Example: They moved in together after two years of dating.

Take care of

Meaning: To look after someone or something.

Example: She takes care of her younger siblings when her parents are busy.

Split up

Meaning: To end a relationship or marriage.

Example: They decided to split up after many years together.

Settle down

Meaning: To start living a stable life, often by getting married or buying a house.

Example: They bought a house and settled down in the suburbs.

Come over

Meaning: To visit someone at their home.

Example: Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight?

Get together

Meaning: To meet and spend time with family or friends.

Example: We try to get together as a family every Sunday.

Drift apart

Meaning: To slowly become less close over time.

Example: They were best friends in school but have drifted apart since.

Chip in

Meaning: To contribute money or effort to a cause.

Example: The whole family chipped in to buy a gift for Grandma’s birthday.

Count on

Meaning: To rely on or trust someone.

Example: I can always count on my parents for support.

Phrasal Verbs Related To Family

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