Phrasal Verbs for Relationships (Save Your Love)

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Relationships form an integral part of our lives, and phrasal verbs are often used to describe various aspects of them. Whether it’s building new connections or navigating through challenges, these 20 phrasal verbs will help you express your thoughts and experiences in relationships more effectively.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs for Relationships:

  1. Get along
  2. Get over
  3. Make up
  4. Break up
  5. Fall out
  6. Drift apart
  7. Hook up
  8. Go out
  9. Grow apart
  10. Hit on
  11. Chat up
  12. Settle down
  13. Fall for
  14. Split up
  15. Come over
  16. Ask out
  17. Make out
  18. Get together
  19. Patch up
  20. Cheat on

Phrasal Verbs for Relationships And Their Meanings

Get along

Meaning: To have a friendly relationship.

Example: I’m glad you and my cousin get along so well.

Get over

Meaning: To recover from an emotional upset.

Example: It took her months to get over the breakup.

Make up

Meaning: To reconcile after a disagreement.

Example: After their argument, they made up and became friends again.

Break up

Meaning: To end a romantic relationship.

Example: They decided to break up after five years together.

Fall out

Meaning: To have a disagreement that damages a relationship.

Example: They fell out over a financial issue.

Drift apart

Meaning: To slowly become less close to someone.

Example: Over the years, they drifted apart due to their busy schedules.

Hook up

Meaning: To engage in a casual romantic or sexual relationship.

Example: They hooked up at a party last weekend.

Go out

Meaning: To date someone regularly.

Example: They’ve been going out for about six months now.

Grow apart

Meaning: To become less close as the relationship progresses.

Example: After they started college, they grew apart.

Hit on

Meaning: To show romantic interest in someone.

Example: He tried to hit on her at the bar, but she wasn’t interested.

Chat up

Meaning: To talk to someone in a friendly or flirtatious way.

Example: He chatted her up at the networking event.

Settle down

Meaning: To start living a stable life, typically by getting married or starting a family.

Example: They want to settle down and have children soon.

Fall for

Meaning: To develop romantic feelings for someone.

Example: She fell for him the moment they met.

Split up

Meaning: To end a romantic relationship.

Example: They decided to split up after trying to make things work.

Come over

Meaning: To visit someone at their home.

Example: Why don’t you come over tonight for dinner?

Ask out

Meaning: To invite someone on a date.

Example: He asked her out to the movies this weekend.

Make out

Meaning: To kiss passionately.

Example: They were making out on the couch all night.

Get together

Meaning: To start a romantic relationship.

Example: They got together after meeting through mutual friends.

Patch up

Meaning: To fix a relationship after a disagreement.

Example: They managed to patch up their relationship after a rough patch.

Cheat on

Meaning: To be unfaithful to a partner.

Example: She found out that he had been cheating on her for months.

Phrasal Verbs for Relationships

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