Phrasal Verbs for Nature (Describe Nature)

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When exploring or discussing the natural world, phrasal verbs can help describe phenomena more vividly and accurately. Whether you’re hiking, gardening, or simply enjoying the outdoors, these 20 phrasal verbs for nature will enhance your vocabulary and improve your communication.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Nature:

  1. Blow over
  2. Break out
  3. Dry up
  4. Freeze over
  5. Warm up
  6. Cool down
  7. Die out
  8. Spring up
  9. Branch out
  10. Flood in
  11. Pour down
  12. Cloud over
  13. Grow up
  14. Grow out of
  15. Fall off
  16. Fall apart
  17. Wash away
  18. Drop off
  19. Spread out
  20. Pick up

Phrasal Verbs With Nature And Their Meanings

Blow over

Meaning: To pass without causing significant damage.

Example: The storm blew over without causing too much destruction.

Break out

Meaning: To start suddenly, usually referring to natural disasters.

Example: A wildfire broke out in the forest last night.

Dry up

Meaning: To become completely dry due to a lack of water.

Example: The river dried up after the prolonged drought.

Freeze over

Meaning: To become covered with ice.

Example: The lake froze over during the winter.

Warm up

Meaning: To become warmer.

Example: The weather usually starts to warm up in early spring.

Cool down

Meaning: To become cooler.

Example: It cools down quickly in the evenings.

Die out

Meaning: To become extinct or disappear gradually.

Example: Many plant species have died out due to deforestation.

Spring up

Meaning: To appear or develop quickly.

Example: New flowers have sprung up all over the field.

Branch out

Meaning: To expand into new areas of interest or activity.

Example: The oak tree branched out in all directions.

Flood in

Meaning: To enter a place in large numbers or quantities.

Example: The rain flooded in through the broken windows.

Pour down

Meaning: To rain heavily.

Example: It’s pouring down outside, so we better stay in.

Cloud over

Meaning: To become cloudy.

Example: The sky clouded over just before the rain started.

Grow up

Meaning: To develop from a young age to adulthood.

Example: The young plants have grown up quickly in the warm weather.

Grow out of

Meaning: To become too big for something, usually clothing.

Example: The saplings grew out of their small pots.

Fall off

Meaning: To decrease or drop in number or quality.

Example: The number of bees has fallen off due to pesticide use.

Fall apart

Meaning: To disintegrate or break into pieces.

Example: The old treehouse fell apart in the storm.

Wash away

Meaning: To be carried away by water.

Example: The strong currents washed away the sandcastle.

Drop off

Meaning: To decrease gradually.

Example: The temperature drops off sharply after sunset.

Spread out

Meaning: To extend over a large area.

Example: The roots of the tree spread out underground.

Pick up

Meaning: To increase or improve.

Example: The wind is starting to pick up, so hold onto your hat!


Phrasal Verbs for Nature

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