Phrasal Verbs for Moving House

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Moving house is often a stressful and complicated process. Understanding key phrasal verbs associated with moving can help you communicate more effectively and make the process smoother. Here’s a collection of 20 phrasal verbs specifically for moving house, helping you express yourself clearly during this significant life event.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs for Moving House:

  1. Pack up
  2. Move out
  3. Move in
  4. Settle in
  5. Clear out
  6. Clean up
  7. Sort out
  8. Throw away
  9. Give away
  10. Box up
  11. Load up
  12. Drop off
  13. Pick up
  14. Put away
  15. Drop by
  16. Look around
  17. Take down
  18. Put up
  19. Come over
  20. Hang up

Phrasal Verbs for Moving House And Their Meanings

Pack up

Meaning: To put belongings into boxes or cases for moving.

Example: We started to pack up our kitchen first.

Move out

Meaning: To leave your current residence and relocate.

Example: They’re planning to move out of their apartment next month.

Move in

Meaning: To start living in a new residence.

Example: They moved in last weekend and are still unpacking.

Settle in

Meaning: To become comfortable in a new home.

Example: It took a few weeks to settle in after moving to the new city.

Clear out

Meaning: To remove unwanted items from a place.

Example: We need to clear out the attic before moving.

Clean up

Meaning: To make a place neat and tidy.

Example: Let’s clean up the garage so it’s ready for the movers.

Sort out

Meaning: To organize or arrange items properly.

Example: We sorted out our books before packing them.

Throw away

Meaning: To discard something as trash.

Example: We threw away old clothes that we no longer wear.

Give away

Meaning: To donate items you no longer need.

Example: We gave away our old furniture to charity.

Box up

Meaning: To pack items into boxes for storage or moving.

Example: They boxed up their books and kitchenware.

Load up

Meaning: To fill a vehicle with items for moving.

Example: We loaded up the moving truck in the morning.

Drop off

Meaning: To leave items at a specific place.

Example: We dropped off some old furniture at the donation center.

Pick up

Meaning: To collect items or people from a place.

Example: I need to pick up some packing supplies.

Put away

Meaning: To store items properly after use.

Example: Make sure to put away all the kitchen utensils after unpacking.

Drop by

Meaning: To visit someone briefly, usually without prior notice.

Example: Our neighbors dropped by to welcome us to the neighborhood.

Look around

Meaning: To explore or inspect a place.

Example: We looked around the new neighborhood before buying the house.

Take down

Meaning: To remove or dismantle something.

Example: We need to take down the pictures from the walls.

Put up

Meaning: To install or hang something.

Example: We put up new curtains in the living room.

Come over

Meaning: To visit someone’s home.

Example: Our friends will come over tomorrow to help us unpack.

Hang up

Meaning: To suspend something from a hook or hanger.

Example: I hung up my coat in the new closet.

Phrasal Verbs for Moving House

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