Phrasal Verbs for Job Interviews (Learn & Crack Job)

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Phrasal verbs play a significant role in job interviews, helping to convey professionalism and understanding. These versatile combinations of verbs and prepositions or adverbs can often carry meanings that go beyond their individual words. Here’s a list of 20 phrasal verbs you should know for job interviews.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs for Job Interviews:

  1. Apply for
  2. Fill out
  3. Follow up
  4. Get across
  5. Get through
  6. Go over
  7. Look for
  8. Put across
  9. Show up
  10. Take on
  11. Turn down
  12. Call off
  13. Check up on
  14. Find out
  15. Get ahead
  16. Get into
  17. Keep up with
  18. Run through
  19. Take up
  20. Work out

Phrasal Verbs for Job Interviews And Their Meanings

Get ahead

Meaning: To succeed or make progress in one’s career.

Example: She’s determined to get ahead in her new job.

Follow up

Meaning: To contact someone again after an initial meeting or conversation.

Example: I always follow up with a thank-you email after an interview.

Apply for

Meaning: To submit an application for a job or position.

Example: I’m planning to apply for the marketing position at the new company.

Fill out

Meaning: To complete a form or document with the required information.

Example: Make sure to fill out the job application accurately.

Get across

Meaning: To communicate or express an idea clearly.

Example: I need to get across my skills and experience during the interview.

Get through

Meaning: To successfully complete or pass a difficult situation.

Example: I’m sure I can get through the interview with enough preparation.

Go over

Meaning: To review or examine something carefully.

Example: Let’s go over the job description one more time before the interview.

Look for

Meaning: To search for or seek something.

Example: I’m looking for a job that will challenge my skills.

Put across

Meaning: To communicate or express an idea effectively.

Example: She put across her achievements confidently during the interview.

Show up

Meaning: To arrive or appear at a place.

Example: Make sure to show up early for your interview.

Take on

Meaning: To accept or undertake a job or responsibility.

Example: The company is planning to take on more employees this quarter.

Turn down

Meaning: To reject or refuse an offer or request.

Example: I decided to turn down the job offer because of the low salary.

Call off

Meaning: To cancel something, especially an event or meeting.

Example: They had to call off the interview due to unforeseen circumstances.

Check up on

Meaning: To investigate or verify information about someone.

Example: The recruiter will check up on your references after the interview.

Find out

Meaning: To discover or obtain information.

Example: You should find out more about the company before your interview.

Get into

Meaning: To become involved in a field or profession.

Example: He got into marketing after completing his degree.

Keep up with

Meaning: To stay informed about something.

Example: It’s important to keep up with industry trends.

Run through

Meaning: To practice or review something quickly.

Example: Let’s run through your responses one more time before the interview.

Take up

Meaning: To begin learning or doing something new.

Example: I decided to take up a course in data analytics to improve my skills.

Work out

Meaning: To find a solution or come to a successful conclusion.

Example: I hope everything will work out well in the interview.

Phrasal Verbs for Job Interviews

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