Phrasal Verbs for Homework

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Mastering phrasal verbs is crucial for effective communication, especially when it comes to discussing homework. These versatile combinations of verbs and prepositions or adverbs help convey meanings that are otherwise difficult to express. Here’s a list of 20 phrasal verbs that you can use to talk about your homework.

Here is the list of 20 Phrasal Verbs with Homework:

  1. Look up
  2. Write down
  3. Cross out
  4. Fill in
  5. Hand in
  6. Hand out
  7. Check over
  8. Do over
  9. Go over
  10. Make up
  11. Get through
  12. Catch up
  13. Give out
  14. Look over
  15. Back up
  16. Break down
  17. Sum up
  18. Turn in
  19. Work on
  20. Think over

Phrasal Verbs With Homework And Their Meanings

Look up

Meaning: To find information in a reference book or online.

Example: I had to look up several words in the dictionary for my essay.

Cross out

Meaning: To draw a line through incorrect information.

Example: I crossed out the wrong answers before rewriting them.

Write down

Meaning: To put information on paper.

Example: The teacher told us to write down the key points from the lecture.

Fill in

Meaning: To complete a form or document.

Example: Please fill in the blanks on this worksheet.

Hand in

Meaning: To submit homework or assignments to a teacher.

Example: Don’t forget to hand in your essays by Friday.

Hand out

Meaning: To distribute papers or assignments to others.

Example: The teacher handed out the homework for the weekend.

Check over

Meaning: To review or examine something carefully.

Example: Make sure you check over your answers before submitting your homework.

Do over

Meaning: To redo or complete something again.

Example: The teacher asked me to do over my essay because it was incomplete.

Go over

Meaning: To review or examine something in detail.

Example: Let’s go over the homework together before the test.

Make up

Meaning: To complete work that was missed due to absence.

Example: I need to make up the homework I missed last week.

Get through

Meaning: To complete an assignment or task successfully.

Example: I hope I can get through this math homework tonight.

Catch up

Meaning: To reach the same standard as others by working harder.

Example: She’s trying to catch up on all the homework she missed.

Give out

Meaning: To distribute or assign tasks to others.

Example: The teacher will give out the homework instructions tomorrow.

Look over

Meaning: To review or inspect something quickly.

Example: Can you look over my essay before I submit it?

Back up

Meaning: To make a copy of files or data.

Example: It’s important to back up your assignments in case of computer failure.

Break down

Meaning: To divide information into smaller, manageable parts.

Example: Let’s break down the project into simpler tasks.

Sum up

Meaning: To summarize or give a brief overview of something.

Example: At the end of your essay, make sure you sum up your main points.

Turn in

Meaning: To submit or deliver an assignment.

Example: I need to turn in my research paper by Monday.

Work on

Meaning: To focus on or improve something.

Example: I need to work on my science project this weekend.

Think over

Meaning: To consider something carefully before making a decision.

Example: I need to think over the topic before starting my essay.

Phrasal Verbs for Homework

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