Learn 20 Interesting Approval Expressions

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These expressions are used to show support, endorsement, or admiration. Here are 20 idioms and phrasal verbs that express approval.

Approval Expressions

  1. Give the green light
    Meaning: Approve or allow
    Example: The manager gave us the green light to proceed.
  2. Give a thumbs-up
    Meaning: Approve, usually with a gesture
    Example: The director gave the new proposal a thumbs-up.
  3. Pat on the back
    Meaning: Praise or recognition
    Example: He got a pat on the back for his hard work.
  4. Put one’s stamp of approval on
    Meaning: Give formal approval
    Example: The CEO put his stamp of approval on the project.
  5. Sing someone’s praises
    Meaning: Praise enthusiastically
    Example: The teacher sang her student’s praises to everyone.
  6. Give the nod
    Meaning: Approve or consent
    Example: The committee gave the nod to the proposal.
  7. Seal of approval
    Meaning: Official endorsement or acceptance
    Example: The plan received the boss’s seal of approval.
  8. Give the go-ahead
    Meaning: Give permission to start
    Example: The director gave the go-ahead to launch.
  9. Take one’s hat off to
    Meaning: Admire or respect
    Example: I take my hat off to all healthcare workers.
  10. Sign off on
    Meaning: Approve or authorize
    Example: The principal signed off on the field trip.
  11. Give props to
    Meaning: Acknowledge and praise
    Example: You have to give props to the team.
  12. Look up to
    Meaning: Admire or respect greatly
    Example: The students look up to their mentor.
  13. Shout out
    Meaning: Publicly acknowledge or commend
    Example: I’d like to give a shout out to my team.
  14. Tip one’s hat to
    Meaning: Show respect or admiration
    Example: I tip my hat to the volunteers.
  15. Speak highly of
    Meaning: Praise or commend
    Example: He always speaks highly of his colleagues.
  16. Give credit where credit is due
    Meaning: Praise when deserved
    Example: Let’s give credit where credit is due.
  17. In someone’s good books
    Meaning: Approved or liked by someone
    Example: She worked hard to stay in the boss’s good books.
  18. On the same page
    Meaning: In agreement or alignment
    Example: The team is on the same page about the project.
  19. Thumbs up
    Meaning: Approval or agreement
    Example: The committee gave a thumbs up to the proposal.
  20. In full accord
    Meaning: Fully agree or approve
    Example: The board is in full accord with the decision.

approval expressions

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