Learn 20 Interesting Surprise Expressions

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These expressions are used to convey shock, amazement, or disbelief. Discover 20 idioms and phrasal verbs to express surprise effectively.

Surprise Expressions

  1. Blow someone away
    Meaning: Impress someone greatly
    Example: The movie really blew me away.
  2. Take aback
    Meaning: Surprise or shock greatly
    Example: She was taken aback by his proposal.
  3. Knock someone’s socks off
    Meaning: Amaze or astonish someone
    Example: The fireworks will knock your socks off!
  4. Jump out of one’s skin
    Meaning: React strongly due to shock
    Example: He jumped out of his skin when the door slammed.
  5. Blow someone’s mind
    Meaning: Greatly surprise or amaze
    Example: Her performance blew my mind.
  6. Hit like a ton of bricks
    Meaning: Have a sudden, shocking impact
    Example: The news hit him like a ton of bricks.
  7. Raise eyebrows
    Meaning: Cause surprise or mild shock
    Example: His eccentric outfit raised some eyebrows.
  8. Drop a bombshell
    Meaning: Reveal shocking news or information
    Example: She dropped a bombshell about her resignation.
  9. Turn up like a bad penny
    Meaning: Appear unexpectedly, often unpleasantly
    Example: He turned up like a bad penny at the party.
  10. Fall off one’s chair
    Meaning: Be extremely surprised
    Example: I almost fell off my chair when I heard that!
  11. Hit someone for six
    Meaning: Greatly surprise or shock someone
    Example: The unexpected results hit her for six.
  12. Come as a shock
    Meaning: Be surprising and unexpected
    Example: The sudden announcement came as a shock.
  13. Take by surprise
    Meaning: Surprise unexpectedly
    Example: The storm took us by surprise.
  14. Make someone’s jaw drop
    Meaning: Greatly surprise or astonish
    Example: The stunning view made my jaw drop.
  15. Catch off guard
    Meaning: Surprise someone unexpectedly
    Example: The question caught her off guard.
  16. Throw for a loop
    Meaning: Confuse or surprise greatly
    Example: The unexpected twist threw him for a loop.
  17. In for a surprise
    Meaning: About to be surprised
    Example: She was in for a surprise at the party.
  18. Blow out of the water
    Meaning: Surprise or overwhelm greatly
    Example: The team’s performance blew us out of the water.
  19. Pull the rug out from under
    Meaning: Surprise or unsettle suddenly
    Example: The sudden firing pulled the rug out from under her.
  20. Shock to the system
    Meaning: A big, surprising change
    Example: Moving to a new city was a shock to the system.

surprise expressions

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