Asking for and Giving Permission in English

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In everyday interactions, knowing how to ask for and give permission is essential for clear and respectful communication. Whether you are in a formal or informal setting, using the appropriate phrases can help you navigate various social and professional situations effectively. This blog post will provide you with 20 ways to ask for permission and 20 ways to give permission in English.

Asking for Permission

  1. May I…?
  2. Can I…?
  3. Could I…?
  4. Is it okay if I…?
  5. Do you mind if I…?
  6. Would it be alright if I…?
  7. Is it all right if I…?
  8. Might I…?
  9. Would you mind if I…?
  10. Can I please…?
  11. Is it permissible for me to…?
  12. May I have your permission to…?
  13. Could I possibly…?
  14. Would it be possible for me to…?
  15. Can I have your okay to…?
  16. Is it acceptable if I…?
  17. Would it be acceptable if I…?
  18. Am I allowed to…?
  19. Could you let me…?
  20. May I be excused to…?

Giving Permission

  1. Yes, you may.
  2. Sure, go ahead.
  3. Of course, you can.
  4. No problem.
  5. Certainly.
  6. Feel free to…
  7. You have my permission.
  8. I don’t mind.
  9. That’s fine.
  10. It’s okay with me.
  11. Go right ahead.
  12. Absolutely.
  13. Yes, that’s fine.
  14. By all means.
  15. Please do.
  16. Yes, you can.
  17. No objections here.
  18. I’m okay with that.
  19. You may.
  20. Yes, it’s alright.

Asking for and Giving Permission

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