20 Idioms Related to the New Year

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As we bid farewell to one year and welcome another, the New Year isn’t just a time for celebration but also for reflecting, setting new goals, and embracing change. Idioms related to the New Year often encapsulate these themes of renewal and future optimism. Whether you’re crafting a toast or penning a greeting card, these 20 New Year-related idioms will help you express the spirit of new beginnings and shared hopes for the future in a colorful and culturally rich way.

Idioms Related to the New Year

1. Out with the old, in with the new

Meaning: Replace old things or habits with new ones.

Example: This year, it’s out with the old, in with the new—starting with my car.

2. Turn over a new leaf

Meaning: Start anew, improve oneself.

Example: He’s turned over a new leaf this year with his health.

3. New year, new me

Meaning: Embarking on a transformation at the New Year.

Example: She declared, “New year, new me,” and enrolled in cooking classes.

4. Ring in the new year

Meaning: Celebrate the beginning of the New Year.

Example: They rang in the new year with fireworks and music.

5. Fresh start

Meaning: A new beginning.

Example: The New Year is all about giving ourselves a fresh start.

6. Year in, year out

Meaning: Continuously over several years.

Example: Year in, year out, we go to the beach for New Year’s.

7. The first step is the hardest

Meaning: Beginning a new effort is often the most difficult part.

Example: I started learning Spanish—after all, the first step is the hardest.

8. Start with a clean slate

Meaning: Begin again without considering past problems.

Example: This year, we start with a clean slate and no grudges.

9. Resolutions to keep

Meaning: Commitments made at the New Year that one intends to keep.

Example: Her resolutions to keep included more family time.

10. Turn the page

Meaning: Move from one part of life or thought to another.

Example: It’s time to turn the page on last year’s difficulties.

11. Out with the old

Meaning: Get rid of old things or ideas.

Example: We’re doing a big clean—out with the old!

12. The countdown begins

Meaning: The period leading up to an important event.

Example: The countdown begins for our New Year’s Eve party.

13. Strike up the band

Meaning: Start the music or celebration.

Example: At midnight, strike up the band!

14. New year’s resolution

Meaning: A commitment made for the New Year to improve oneself.

Example: His New Year’s resolution is to read more books.

15. Midnight approaches

Meaning: An event or moment is getting close.

Example: Midnight approaches; get ready to cheer!

16. Drop the ball

Meaning: Make an error; often related to New Year’s Eve in Times Square.

Example: Let’s hope I don’t drop the ball on my resolution this year.

17. Pop the cork

Meaning: Open a bottle of champagne, typically in celebration.

Example: When the clock strikes twelve, we’ll pop the cork!

18. The party’s over

Meaning: Celebration has ended or reality sets back in.

Example: After the holidays, it’s back to work—the party’s over.

19. Make a toast

Meaning: Raise a glass to honor or celebrate.

Example: Let’s make a toast to health and happiness!

20. Auld Lang Syne

Meaning: The song traditionally sung at New Year’s to remember old friendships.

Example: We always sing “Auld Lang Syne” at midnight.

Idioms Related to the New Year

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