20 Expressions with “Decisions” in English

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Making decisions is a crucial part of daily life. Understanding idioms and phrasal verbs involving “decisions” can enhance your communication skills. Here are 20 useful expressions with “decisions” that will help you convey your thoughts more effectively.

1. Call the Shots

Meaning: Make the decisions.

Example: She always calls the shots at work.

2. Make Up One’s Mind

Meaning: Decide on something.

Example: He finally made up his mind.

3. On the Fence

Meaning: Undecided.

Example: I’m still on the fence about it.

4. Bite the Bullet

Meaning: Decide to do something difficult.

Example: She bit the bullet and moved away.

5. At a Crossroads

Meaning: Facing a crucial decision.

Example: He’s at a crossroads in his career.

6. Snap Decision

Meaning: Quick decision.

Example: She made a snap decision to leave.

7. Take the Plunge

Meaning: Commit to a decision.

Example: They took the plunge and got married.

8. Sit on the Fence

Meaning: Avoid making a decision.

Example: He sits on the fence too often.

9. In Two Minds

Meaning: Unsure about a decision.

Example: She’s in two minds about moving.

10. Weigh the Pros and Cons

Meaning: Consider advantages and disadvantages.

Example: He weighed the pros and cons before deciding.

11. Jump to Conclusions

Meaning: Decide without enough information.

Example: Don’t jump to conclusions so quickly.

12. Call it a Day

Meaning: Decide to stop working.

Example: They called it a day at 6 PM.

13. Cross the Rubicon

Meaning: Make an irreversible decision.

Example: She crossed the Rubicon with that choice.

14. Play It by Ear

Meaning: Decide as you go.

Example: Let’s play it by ear and see.

15. On the Horns of a Dilemma

Meaning: Facing two difficult choices.

Example: He’s on the horns of a dilemma now.

16. Pull the Trigger

Meaning: Make a final decision.

Example: They finally pulled the trigger on the deal.

17. Put One’s Foot Down

Meaning: Make a firm decision.

Example: She put her foot down on the issue.

18. Leave It Up in the Air

Meaning: Delay making a decision.

Example: They left it up in the air for now.

19. Have Second Thoughts

Meaning: Reconsider a decision.

Example: He’s having second thoughts about it.

20. Mull Over

Meaning: Think deeply about a decision.

Example: She mulled over the job offer carefully.

Expressions with Decisions

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