20 Idioms and Expressions Using the Word “Head”

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The human head is not just a physical body part but a symbol rich with metaphorical meanings. In the English language, the word “head” features in many idioms and expressions, conveying various aspects of thought, leadership, direction, and personality. This blog post explores 20 popular idioms and expressions that use the word “head,” providing clear meanings and straightforward examples for each. Enhance your language skills and discover the figurative power of “head” in everyday expressions.

Idioms and Expressions Using the Word Head

1. Head over heels

Meaning: Deeply in love.

Example: He’s head over heels for her.

2. Off the top of my head

Meaning: Without deep thinking; spontaneously.

Example: I can’t remember off the top of my head.

3. Keep your head

Meaning: Remain calm under pressure.

Example: She kept her head during the crisis.

4. Heads will roll

Meaning: People will be punished or fired.

Example: If this fails, heads will roll.

5. Go over someone’s head

Meaning: To be too complex to understand.

Example: That joke went over my head.

6. Head start

Meaning: An early start that gives an advantage.

Example: He got a head start in the race.

7. Head and shoulders above

Meaning: Much better than.

Example: She is head and shoulders above her peers.

8. Head in the clouds

Meaning: Not paying attention or daydreaming.

Example: He always has his head in the clouds.

9. Bite someone’s head off

Meaning: Respond angrily.

Example: Don’t bite my head off!

10. Over your head

Meaning: Beyond one’s ability to understand.

Example: This math is over my head.

11. Head to head

Meaning: In direct competition.

Example: They went head to head in the finals.

12. Make head or tail of

Meaning: Understand something.

Example: I can’t make head or tail of these instructions.

13. A level head

Meaning: A calm and rational manner.

Example: Keep a level head in emergencies.

14. Put heads together

Meaning: Collaborate to solve a problem.

Example: Let’s put our heads together on this.

15. Turn heads

Meaning: Attract a lot of attention.

Example: Her dress turned heads at the event.

16. Can’t hold a candle to

Meaning: Not compare favorably.

Example: He can’t hold a candle to her.

17. Head up

Meaning: To lead or direct.

Example: She will head up the new project.

18. Knock some sense into your head

Meaning: Try to make someone understand.

Example: He needs someone to knock some sense into his head.

19. Fall head over heels

Meaning: Fall down clumsily.

Example: He fell head over heels on the ice.

20. Out of one’s head

Meaning: Crazy or delirious.

Example: He was out of his head with fever.

Idioms and Expressions Using the Word Head

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