Bicycle Parts: 27 Parts of a Bicycle with ESL Picture

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Did you know that a bicycle is made up of 27 different parts? Each part has its own special job that helps you pedal smoothly and steer safely on your adventures. Just like a puzzle, every piece is important and works together to make your ride fun and exciting.

From the big wheels that roll on the ground to the tiny bolts that hold everything together, every part of a bicycle is interesting to learn about. So, get ready to dive into the world of bicycle parts and discover what makes your bike go!

List of Bicycle Parts

  1. Brake cable
  2. Brake lever
  3. Carrier
  4. Chain
  5. Chain wheel
  6. Chainstay
  7. Crank
  8. Down tube
  9. Font brake
  10. Fork
  11. Front fender
  12. Handlebar
  13. Head tube
  14. Headlight
  15. Headset
  16. Hub
  17. Mudguard
  18. Pedal
  19. Rear fender
  20. Rim
  21. Saddle
  22. Seat clamp
  23. Seat stay
  24. Seatpost
  25. Spoke
  26. Tire & tube
  27. Top tube

Bicycle Parts Names and Their Functions

  • Brake Cable: Transmits force to brakes from the lever.
  • Brake Lever: Device the rider squeezes to activate brakes.
  • Carrier: Rack attached to bike for carrying items.
  • Chain: Transfers power from pedals to the wheel.
  • Chain Wheel: The front part of the drivetrain, engages chain.
  • Chainstay: Frame part that holds the rear wheel in place.
  • Crank: Arm that connects pedals to the chainring.
  • Down Tube: Frame part connecting handlebars to the chainset.
  • Front Brake: Device that slows down the front wheel.
  • Fork: Holds the front wheel and allows steering.
  • Front Fender: Prevents mud and water from splashing forward.
  • Handlebar: Steering mechanism for the bicycle.
  • Head Tube: Frame part that holds the front fork.
  • Headlight: Lighting device mounted on the front for visibility.
  • Headset: Bearings that allow smooth steering movement.
  • Hub: Central part of the wheel, connecting to the rim.
  • Mudguard: Protects rider from mud and water spray.
  • Pedal: Platform pushed by the foot to propel the bike.
  • Rear Fender: Prevents mud and water from splashing backward.
  • Rim: Outer edge of the wheel, holds the tire.
  • Saddle: The seat where the rider sits.
  • Seat Clamp: Secures the seatpost at the desired height.
  • Seat Stay: Frame part that supports the rider’s weight.
  • Seatpost: Adjustable tube that holds the saddle.
  • Spoke: Wire connecting the hub to the rim for wheel structure.
  • Tire & Tube: Rubber covering that provides traction and cushioning.
  • Top Tube: Frame part connecting the seat to the handlebars.

Parts of a Bicycle with ESL Picture

Bicycle Parts

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