BIG Synonym: 30+ Useful Other Words for BIG

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Welcome to the world of words where “big” is just the beginning! Have you ever wondered how many different ways you can say something is big without using the word “big”? Whether you’re writing a story, doing a school project, or just want to spice up your conversations, there’s a whole universe of words out there waiting for you.

Let’s dive in and explore 60 synonyms for “big” that will make your language more colorful and exciting. Ready to expand your vocabulary? Let’s get started!

Other Words for BIG

Below are useful other words for BIG.

  1. Enormous: The elephant looked enormous standing next to the car.
  2. Gigantic: The gigantic cake was too big to fit through the door.
  3. Huge: The tree in my backyard is so huge, it touches the clouds.
  4. Immense: The ocean is so immense that it seems endless.
  5. Vast: The vast desert stretched out for miles and miles.
  6. Colossal: The colossal mountain towered over the village.
  7. Massive: The massive truck could carry tons of dirt.
  8. Gargantuan: The gargantuan pizza was enough to feed the whole town.
  9. Titanic: The Titanic statue was visible from miles away.
  10. Mammoth: A mammoth stood frozen in the ice, preserved for ages.
  11. Tremendous: The fireworks made a tremendous noise.
  12. Whopping: He caught a whopping fish that broke the record.
  13. Monumental: The monumental task took years to complete.
  14. Giant: Jack climbed the beanstalk to find a giant’s house.
  15. Jumbo: She ordered a jumbo coffee to stay awake.
  16. Mega: The mega mall had every store you could imagine.
  17. Super: He felt super strong after lifting weights.
  18. King-sized: They slept comfortably in a king-sized bed.
  19. Grande: She ordered a grande latte at the coffee shop.
  20. Hefty: The hefty book was difficult to carry around.
  21. Bulky: The bulky package took up the entire trunk.
  22. Broad: The broad river was difficult to cross.
  23. Large: The large pizza was enough for everyone.
  24. Oversized: The oversized shirt looked like a dress on her.
  25. Voluminous: The voluminous dress had layers and layers of fabric.
  26. Sizable: The sizable donation made a big difference.
  27. Expansive: The expansive view from the mountain was breathtaking.
  28. Substantial: The substantial meal left everyone satisfied.
  29. Considerable: The project required a considerable amount of time.
  30. Grand: The grand castle had over a hundred rooms.
  31. Stupendous: The magician’s final trick was truly stupendous.
  32. Prodigious: The prodigious talent of the young musician was undeniable.
  33. Plentiful: The harvest was plentiful this year.
  34. Capacious: The capacious bag could hold all her shopping.
  35. Ample: There was ample space for everyone to sit.
  36. Spacious: The spacious room was perfect for dancing.
  37. Generous: He made a generous slice of cake for each guest.
  38. Hulking: The hulking figure turned out to be a friendly giant.
  39. Extensive: The extensive research covered many topics.
  40. Sweeping: The sweeping landscape took her breath away.
  41. Humongous: The humongous pumpkin won the county fair.
  42. Tower: The tower of books almost reached the ceiling.
  43. Mighty: The mighty river flowed powerfully to the sea.
  44. Epic: The epic journey took them across continents.
  45. Astounding: The astounding size of the universe is hard to comprehend.
  46. Imposing: The imposing statue stood at the city’s entrance.
  47. Lofty: The lofty mountains were covered in snow.
  48. Monstrous: The monstrous waves scared the sailors.
  49. Behemoth: The behemoth of a truck blocked the entire road.
  50. Brobdingnagian: The Brobdingnagian feast was fit for a king.
  51. Herculean: The Herculean effort paid off in the end.
  52. Inordinate: The inordinate amount of candy made the children ecstatic.
  53. Unwieldy: The unwieldy package was hard to maneuver.
  54. Ponderous: The ponderous book took months to read.
  55. Elephantine: The elephantine ship looked like it could carry an army.
  56. Looming: The looming mountains cast shadows over the valley.
  57. Goliath: The Goliath rollercoaster was the park’s main attraction.
  58. Majestic: The majestic eagle soared above the trees.
  59. Formidable: The formidable opponent was tough to beat.
  60. Boundless: The boundless sky stretched on forever.

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