20 Binomial Expressions with “or”

Binomial expressions with “or” are commonly used pairs of words connected by “or” to express alternatives or choices. Here are 20 such expressions with their meanings and example sentences.

1. Give or take

Meaning: Approximately
Example: The journey will take five hours, give or take.

2. Hit or miss

Meaning: Unpredictable
Example: The weather here is hit or miss.

3. Now or never

Meaning: Urgent decision
Example: It’s now or never; let’s buy the tickets.

4. Sink or swim

Meaning: Succeed or fail
Example: It’s a sink or swim situation for the new team.

5. Take it or leave it

Meaning: Accept or refuse
Example: This is my final offer; take it or leave it.

6. All or nothing

Meaning: Complete commitment
Example: It’s all or nothing in this championship game.

7. Win or lose

Meaning: Regardless of outcome
Example: Win or lose, we will celebrate together.

8. Make or break

Meaning: Critical moment
Example: This exam could make or break your career.

9. Yes or no

Meaning: Simple decision
Example: Just give me a yes or no answer.

10. More or less

Meaning: Approximately
Example: The project is more or less completed.

11. Do or die

Meaning: Crucial effort
Example: This is a do or die match for the team.

12. Dead or alive

Meaning: Any condition
Example: The wanted poster says dead or alive.

13. Safe or sorry

Meaning: Cautious approach
Example: It’s better to be safe or sorry later.

14. Sooner or later

Meaning: Eventually
Example: Sooner or later, they will find the truth.

15. Give or take

Meaning: Approximately
Example: It costs $50, give or take a few dollars.

16. Heaven or hell

Meaning: Afterlife choices
Example: Some believe in heaven or hell after death.

17. Move it or lose it

Meaning: Act quickly
Example: Move it or lose it, we’re closing soon!

18. Black or white

Meaning: Clear choice
Example: This issue isn’t black or white, it’s complex.

19. Win or lose

Meaning: Outcome irrespective
Example: Win or lose, we gave it our best shot.

20. Right or wrong

Meaning: Moral judgment
Example: It’s a question of right or wrong, not preference.

Binomial Expressions with or

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